Hello, I’m booking some dates for MARK KOZELEK, TYMSFYH, ROBERT MILLIS and RICHARD DAWSON MARK KOZELEK (USA) Availability: 14th and 15th April Territory: Europe ROBERT MILLIS Availability; 22nd + 23rd May Territory: Belgium RICHARD DAWSON (UK) Availability: Between 5th and 8th May + 10th and 11th Territory: Belgium TYSMFYH (Belgium) Availability; Between 29th May and 6th June Territories: Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France MARK KOZELEK Mark Kozelek (born January 24, 1967) is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist and record producer. He is best known as the vocalist and primary songwriter of both Sun Kil Moon and Red House Painters. TYSMFYH a musical project. Asides their visual work together, they also kept develloping a joint musical project, that they named TYSMFYH. The project TYSMFYH assembeles not only the large musical background of both artists, crossing genres from metal over field recordings to spoken word and noise, but also their love for cinematographic atmospheres. These influences are incorporated by both musicians who create in this project their own morose universe, with lots of tension wich leaves little space for the audience to breathe. RICHARD DAWSON Richard Dawson was, until he appeared at TUSK and Supersonic festivals in 2012, the North East of England’s hidden jewel – a skewed troubadour who sings and plays guitar with a rare intensity and singular style. His voice has been compared to everyone from Tim Buckley to Richard Youngs while his guitar playing recalls Sir Richard Bishop and Zoot Horn Rollo and, combined with the inescapable snare of his lyrics, means surrender to his music is inevitable. He also happens to be hilariously surreal between songs too and we’ve never had such passionate feedback about performances by any artist we’ve worked with as we have with Richard. This year he’s gone from local legend to touring Europe twice, performing at festivals such as Latitude, Supernormal, Incubate and SOY and being lauded by Late Junction, The Wire, The Quietus and many more. It’s too easy to describe any artist as peerless but this time it really is the case. Following the genius of this year’s The Glass Trunk cd, Richard has a new album out in Spring 2014. He’s genuinely one of the most affecting performers you’ll ever see. Stewart Lee in The Sunday Times described The Glass Trunk as « a mesmerising, pungent collection » that « draws out hidden truths in strong bold strokes ». Alex Neilson said in The Wire: “ »This remarkable album packs all these emotions and more into its 19 highly idiosyncratic and imaginative pieces…it’s mingling of the incidental with the testimonial hopes and anxieties of all-but-forgotten people is profoundly affecting. » ROBERT MILLIS Our man Millis is a Climax Golden Twin and a noted curator of globe trotting / time traveling esoterica, amongst other accolades. In the former category, Millis and Jeffery Taylor steadily release some of the most headscratching amalgamations of avant-rock, decontextualized temple music, heightened-state minimalism, and collaged field recordings this side of the Sun City Girls (including the soundtrack to the cult film Session Nine); and in the latter, Millis has published a number of acclaimed anthologies for Sublime Frequencies (Scattered Melodies, This World is Unreal Like a Snake in a Rope, Phi Ta Khon, The Crying Princess, etc.) and Dust-To-Digital (our personal favorite, aptly titled Victrola Favorites). With his fingers in so many jars of jam, it can seem like an uncommon occurrence for Millis to release solo work although he is one to smear his sticky hands all over himself in performance, installation, and collaboration. Thus, The Helen Scarsdale Agency is delighted in presenting his latest opus, Relief. I hope to hear from you asap. Enjoy your week end. All the best. Alain


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