Dear all, I’m booking some dates for TALIBAM!, COPPICE and BELCHSINGERSONGGRINDER TALIBAM! (USA) Territory: Europe Availability: Betwwen 2nd June and 6th June COPPICE (USA) Territory: Europe Availability: Between 28th September and 4th October BELCHSINGERSONGGRINDER (The Netherlands) Territory: Europe. Availability: on request from mid May 2014 onwards TALIBAM! Brooklyn duo Talibam! Are previously known for their avant-jazz, experimental rock leanings, ‘Puff Up the Volume’ sees Talibam! Turning their considerable talents towards an album of synth-pop-infused, comedy-soaked ‘No School’ Rap. Having collectively been in bands with members of Battles, TV on the Radio and Grizzly Bear, Matt Mottel and Kevin Shea have joined ‘Brooklyn’s Finest’ and made an album of hook riddled pop star bombast. COPPICE Coppice then are a curious and unusual duo in that they feel as if (to me at least) they exist as some kind of ongoing project that is developing in public, growing outward from a small collection of sounds, instruments and techniques that expand upon one another, building blocks of sound put together in increasingly interesting and complex ways to make new works, dismantled and then rebuilt again. the duo seem to revel in a particular, unusual and recognisable set of sounds they have made their own and its as if they take great joy in moulding these elements over and over again to discover new solutions with them. The results along the journey are all quite fine, but for me at least, it is when viewed as one long and developing body of work Coppice come into their own. BELCHSINGERSONGGRINDER Belchsingersonggrinder is an impressively warped one-man-noise-machine from Holland, who uses live tape manipulation, voice and mangled guitar to make for some very cool Thanks for reading. I hope to hear from you asap. Regards. Alain


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