Booking offer; CAVE

Dear all,

I am booking two dates for CAVE.

CAVE (USA)>*>*

Availability: 23rd + 24th September

Territory: Belgium


Cave is a primarily instrumental psychedelic drone band based in Chicago,
Illinois, composed of keyboardist Rotten Milk, guitarist/organist Cooper
Crain, bassist Dan Browning and drummer Rex McMurry. The band was formed
in Columbia, Missouri in 2006, and has released three full-length albums:
Hunt Like Devil/Jamz (2008), Psychic Psummer (2009) and Neverendless
(2011). Cave has toured widely in North America and Europe, and played the
Pitchfork Music Festival in 2010.[1]
Cave was formed in 2006 as an informal collaborative project by Columbia,
Missouri friends Cooper Crain, Dan Browning, and Rex McMurry, with Chicago
native Rotten Milk. At the time, Crain and McMurry were also members of
the now-defunct Missouri band Warhammer 48K. When Warhammer disbanded in
2008 the four began seriously writing and recording music together. Milk,
49, got his name while Cave was playing a show in Chicago and he spilt
milk on stage. The story goes that Cave rocked the house for so long that
by the time they went to clean the milk, it had already spoiled.[2]

As described by Dusted Magazine, « Cave is primarily an instrumental band,
but its members use their voices as an additional rhythmic element. »[3]
Often referred to as psychedelic drone or « psych collective, » the band’s
style is also heavily influenced by Krautrock. Cave are considered part of
the « Columbia Diaspora », a group of bands with members from Columbia,
Missouri who now reside in Chicago, including Mahjongg and Lazer

In 2008 Cave released their first full-length album Hunt Like Devil/Jamz
on Permanent Records. The following year they released an album on
Important Records, Psychic Psummer, which received a positive review from
Pitchfork Media [5] and was described as « near-perfect » by AV Club.[6] In
2010 they released an EP on Drag City Records, Pure Moods, which was
reviewed favorably by Pop Matters[7] and garnered mixed reviews from Tiny
Mix Tapes[8] and Pitchfork.[9]
Cave’s Pure Moods EP was followed in 2011 by their third full-length
album, Neverendless, which was also very well-received, with Pitchfork
stating that the album introduced a new « feeling of focus and structure in
[Cave’s] music. »[10] Shortly before the album’s release, the band played a
show from the back of a flatbed truck while driving through Chicago,
garnering a glowing feature in the Chicago Reader.[11] Video of Chicago
flatbed truck show can be seen online.
Guitarist/organist Cooper Crain has also released material from his solo
project Bitchin’ Bajas on Permanent Records, and works with other Chicago
bands as an analog recording engin.

I hope to hear from you asap.







Some Noise
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5



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