Dear all,

I am booking to book one date for ZS.


Availability: 10th October 2014

Territory: Belgium


Zs was founded in 2000 by tenor saxophonist and composer Sam Hillmer.
Since the band’s inception ZS has incarnated as everything from a sextet
to a duo, most recently featuring Ben Greenberg (electric guitar), Tony
Lowe (electric guitar), and Ian Antonio (drum set), in addition to
Hillmer’s signature sax ranting. While Zs’ music has been variously
categorized as no-wave, noise, post-minimalist, drone, and psych, it is
primarily concerned with making music that challenges the physical and
mental limitations of both performer and listener. The band has been
heralded by New York Times as « one of the strongest avant-garde bands in
New York. »

I hope to hear from you asap.

Enjoy your week-end.

All the best.




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