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Dear all,

I am booking some dates for DIATRIBES and FEMME.

DIATRIBES (Switzerland)

Availability: March 2015
Territories: Belgium, The Netherlands, France

FEMME (France)
Availability: From mid February 2015 onwards…
Territory: Europe

Diatribes, the Geneva based duo, continues his exploration of simplification and rational rituality, and presents a couple of new pieces tighted together by strict sonic or structural principles. Highly detailed textures, repeated gestures, soft tones, febrile pulses and acoustic hyper-sensibility, pushing one step ahead the ideas they’ve exposed in their previous album « Augustus ».
The duo, two improvisors working as complementarity since 2004, after a voracious youth exploring free jazz, noise, musique concrête and free improv, and many collaborations with international musicians such as Magda Mayas, Bertrand Gauguet, Robin Hayward, Dominic Lash, Partick Farmer, Derek Shirley and Hannah Marshall, Barry Guy, Keith Rowe, amongst others, has chosen to focus on a rather introverted process of creation. During the past year they have inte! nsely toured across Europe and beyond. (archive here).
Cyril Bondi and d’incise are both very active in the Swiss experimental scene, leading the Insub Meta Orchestra, a very large ensemble, and created in the INSUB. label, netlabel & association (since 2006, as Insubordinations). Their unstoppable energy led them to build a strong network around these activities. They have other bands together, including Queixas (with Abdul Moimême) and a subbass quartet (with Derek Shirley and Dragos Tara), and other occasional collaborations.
Cyril plays solo and with the post-jazz trio Plaistow and d’incise plays solo, works on electro-acoustic set-ups and compositions, and does graphic designs.

The celebration of electricity – nothing more, nothing less the contradiction between conventions and the updated true concerning electrons displacement field recording from the inside of your integrated circuits the crackling of internal life of your remote control

Please get in touch with me if want to set up a gig for these artists.

Thank you.