Dear all,

I’m booking some dates for: FELIX KUBIN, ARABROT, anbd LYDIA LUNCH/WEASEL WALTER

LYDIA LUNCH/WEASEL WALTER known as Horrible True Confessions (USA)

Availability: from 26th March backwards
Territory: Europe


Availability: From June 2015 onwards
Territory: Belgium

ARABROT (Norway)
Availability: 28th March
Territory: Belgium

Lydia Lunch is passionate, confrontational and bold. Whether attacking
the patriarchy and their pornographic war mongering, turning the sexual
into the political or whispering a love song to the broken hearted, her
fierce energy and rapid fire delivery lend testament to her warrior
She has released too many musical projects to tally, has been on tour
for decades, has published dozens of articles, half a dozen books and
simply refuses to just shut up. Brooklyn’s own Akashic Books have
published her recent anthology Will Work For Drugs, as well as her
outrageous memoir of sexual insanity Paradoxia, A Predator’s Diary,
which has been translated into seven languages. Ms. Lunch has
contributed to their just released The Heroin Chronicles edited by Jerry
In 2012 Rizzoli released her sassy, sexy cookbook The Need To Feed,
proving that even food in the right hands can be a dangerous thing.
Weasel Walter (first name, last name) is a Brooklyn, New York based
multi-instrumentalist, composer and improviser best known for leading
the seminal punk-jazz/no-wave/brutal-prog band The Flying Luttenbachers
between 1991 and 2007 on 16 full-length releases.
Seamlessly uniting the intensity and abstraction of improvised music
with the nihilist aesthetics of extreme rock forms, Walter is committed
to violent momentum, idiomatic unpredictability and rapid articulation.

Felix Kubin (born Felix Knoth, 1969 in Hamburg, West Germany) is an
electronic musician. He has been involved with music since he was 8
years old, when he studied piano, organ and glockenspiel. His youthful
experiments really took off in 1980 when he got a Korg MS-20
synthesizer. His early works have been released under the title The
Tetchy Teenage Tapes of Felix Kubin.[1] During this time he also played
in a punk band Die Egozentrischen 2. In 1987 Felix Kubin co-founded an
experimental noise group Klangkrieg with Tim Buhre. His first solo album
Filmmusik was released in 1998 by Gagarin Records,[2] Kubin’s own label
founded in the same year through which he has gone on to release a
series of albums including the critically acclaimed Matki Wandalki in

Since starting out in 2001, Årabrot’s main core has been Kjetil
Nernes (songwriter, guitar and vocals) and Vidar Evensen (drums and
visuals), and in recent years noise artist Stian Skagen (Electronics)
has been a regular on-and-off member of the band. They have also
collaborated with producers such as Billy Anderson [6] (Melvins
[7], Neurosis [8]), Emil Nikolaisen [9] (Serena-Maneesh [10],
Maribel) and Steve Albini [11](Nirvana [12], Big Black [13], High
on Fire [14]). The first three albums the were released on Norway Rat
Records [15] before they signed to their current home Fysisk Format
[16] with the I Rove [17] EP[2] [18]

I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

All the best.


Some Noise
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5


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