Dear all,

I’m booking some dates for:


aMUTE (Belgium)

Availability: On request
Territory: Europe

Availability: From May 2015 onwards
Territory: Europe


Availability: from 15th June 2015 onwards
Territory: Europe

Five albums so far and always a different approach of music and its world of sickness.
Jerome gave birth to aMute with the aim of releasing some tunes, playing out some and messing about with mates, and that’s exactly what he did but the project became serious in 2004 with the release of its first critticaly acclaimed album A Hundred Dry Trees. Often compared to the works of Christian Fennesz with a more pop approach, Deuson’s following album The Sea Horse Limbo offered Deuson’s the envy to play Amute as a band. What had to happen happened as in 2009 Infernal Heights For A Drama was born as a band album for which the now then quatuor performed Europe widely.
These years of experience combined with a desire of always reinventing its music led to the release of its more experimental album to date in 2011 : Black Diamond Blues on the Belgian label Humpty Dumpty Records for which he received the « Octave de La Musique 2012 » prize.
2014-2015 marks the return of Jérôme as Amute or aMute with a even more dark album called Savage Bliss on Three:Four Records. The strong sound and bright escape of this new record defines a world on its own and definitive personal style with harder comparison to make. A move in its growing career.
2015 will see Deuson coming with another new album and a live show that may be more visually oriented with the help of the Supersymmetry team.

Born into a world of desolation masked with filthy
illusions, The Scrap Dealers didn’t choose to
exist, they have to deal with it!
Life is hard, dirty and noisy… just like their music
. Do not see here an antidote or any kind of daily
cure. The Scraps simply want to deliver a powerful,
tense and crappy sound…
As a cry of rage, as a desperate stroke, their self
-titled EP « The Scrap Dealers » breaks the ambient
monotony, turns one’s blood to ice, warms up bodies
The seven tracks between shoegaze, noise and psyche
delia inject themselves with a snap! The take-
off is tricky, the landing is softer… and the addic
tion is immediate.

Visual artist and musician.
He lives and works in Zurich (CH).
Luigi Archetti’s artistic work revolves around the interface between art and music, which he aims to make tangible in a variety of ways.
In his installation-based stagings he uses drawing, painting, video and sound to create tense and highly aesthetic spaces and complex reference systems.
The vocabulary of the music manifests itself not only in ideas and the way works are realized, but also in the direct use of objects and concepts from this genre.
Luigi Archetti stages the space as an image carrier in which various impulses – visual and tonal – encounter one another.

I hope to hear from you asap.

All the best.


Some Noise
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5


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