Dear all,

I am booking the following artists: ANDREA BELFI, LA JUNGLE, TRADITION TRIO, WAYNE HORVITZ.


Availability: from early May 2015 onwards
Territory: Europe

LA JUNGLE (Belgique)
Availability: on request
Territory: Europe

TRADITION TRIO (International group)

Availability: 13th, 14th et 16th, 17th May 2015
Territory: Belgium

Availability: 19th or 20th May (also possible on 16th, 17th, 21st May
Territory: Belgium

Andrea Belfi is a drummer, electroacoustic musician and composer. His
projects and collaborations extend to diverse musical fields, from rock
to electroacoustic experimentation, from avant-folk to radical
improvisation, from audio/visual performance to sound installation.

La Jungle, duo with six strings and four barrels in deep trance. Large
primitive pulsions and sweaty dancing around a huge fire in the middle
of the jungle. Two wild savages mix their debacles with few violent
ostinatos. Throbbing shamans voice and overlap guitar riffs are
supported by a wild and oozing drums. Birth June 2013. First LP out in
January 2015 on Rockerill records, Whosbrain Records & Dewane Records.

JOHANNES BAUER is a trombonist unlike any I’ve seen before. A good
deal of what Bauer played were vocalizations and breath sounds
projected through his horn. When he did play notes, they could be
almost too soft too hear or so loud that they splatter against the
back wall and bounce back. At the break, about half the audience left
looking bewildered. The rest of us were really digging the sounds …
from Euro-Improv and the Spirit of Jazz [2] by Bob Pomeroy © 2003
ALAN SILVA is known as one of the most inventive bass players in jazz
and has performed with many of the great names in the world of
avantgarde-jazz, including Cecil Taylor, Sun Ra, Albert Ayler, Sunny
Murray, and Archie Shepp.
Silva performed in 1964’s October Revolution as a pioneer in the free
jazz movement, and for Ayler’s _Live in Greenwich Village_ album. He
has lived mainly in Paris since the early 1970s, where he formed the
Celestial Communication Orchestra, a group dedicated to the
performance of free jazz with various instrumental combinations. [3]
In the 1990s he picked up the electronic keyboard, declaring that his
bass playing no longer surprised him. He has also used the electric
violin and electric sarangi on his recordings. (Wikipedia)
In 1984-5, ROGER TURNER was invited for workshop residences at Alan
Silva’s Institute Art Culture Perception in Paris, where long-term
collaborations with Alan began, culminating in The Tradition Trio with
Johannes Bauer. This group was central to his explorations of forms of
free jazz, an interest that has seen him working with musicians on
both sides of the Atlantic (including Elton Dean, Irene Schweizer,
Cecil Taylor, Roy Campbell, Henry Grimes, The Wardrobe Trio and
Charles Gayle). (Wikipedia)

Wayne Horvitz is a composer, pianist, and electronic musician. He has
performed extensively throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and North
America. He has performed and collaborated with Bill Frisell, Butch
Morris, John Zorn, Robin Holcomb, Fred Frith, Julian Priester, Philip
Wilson, Michael Shrieve, Bobby Previte, Marty Ehrlich, Skerik, William
Parker, Ron Miles, Sara Schoenbeck, Peggy Lee, Steven Bernstein, Briggan
Krauss, and Dylan van der Schyff among others. He has been commissioned
by the NEA, Meet The Composer, Kronos String Quartet, Seattle Chamber
Players, Mary Flagler Cary Trust, PGAFF, BAM and others. Collaborators
include Paul Taylor, Liz Lerman Dance Exchange, Gus Van Sandt and Gordon
Edelstein. He has produced CDs for Eddie Palmieri, Fontella Bass, Robin
Holcomb and Bill Frisell among others. He is the 2001 recipient of the
Seattle Artist Trust Fellowship, 2003 and 2006 recipient of the City of
Seattle Office of Arts and Culture fellowship, 2002 recipient of the
Rockefeller Map Grant for JOE HILL, 16 Actions for Chamber Orchestra,
Voices and Improviser, and the 2008 NEA American Masterpieces grant for
These Hills of Glory for string quartet and improviser. Ensembles
include The President, Pigpen, Zony Mash, The HMP Trio, The New York
Composers Orchestra, The 4 Plus 1 Ensemble, Sweeter Than the Day and The
Gravitas Quartet.

I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.

All the best.


Some Noise
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5


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