Dear all,

I am booking some dates for the following bands and artists: TREMOR, DEAD FADER, WANDA GROUP, MAHADEV COMETO, THE SPACE LADY, HIGH WOLF

TREMOR (Argentina)
Availability: entre mai et octobre 2016
Territory: Europe

Availability: June, July
Territory: Europe

Availability: On request after the Summertime
Territory: Europe

MAHADEV COMETO + (Switerland)

Availability: From mid September backwards
Territory: Europe

Availability: ???
Territory: Belgium

HIGH WOLF (France)
Availability: Automne 2015
Territory: Belgium

Buenos Aires based “digital folklore” trio Tremor return to the forefront of modern South American music with a brand new album on Nickodemus’ Brooklyn based Wonderwheel Recordings. After playing some of the most important festivals and venues worldwide including Roskilde Festival in Denmark and an official WOMEX showcase, the new album entitled Proa continues Tremor’s use of South American folklore traditions and regional instruments to bridge unexpected genres such as Argentine chacarera and Glitch / digital cumbia and electronic. Digging deeper into their folkloric roots and adding a new element of vocals for the first time, Proa is Tremor evolved: the most organic, psychedelic and visceral release of the trio to date, a release where the lines between traditional and digital are blurred into something completely their own.

A low-key record packed full of the kind of squeaks and groans you’d expect to hear in The Haxan Cloak’s basement, Deaf Arena has been sanded down by Cohen into the faint remains of what was once a collection of songs. Fragments of melodies can just about be heard over jagged skeletal rhythms and tube-damaged detuned synthesizers, and it all holds together remarkably well. It’s not a noise album, it’s definitely not ambient and it’d be a stretch to label it as dance music Cohen takes only the bits of each genre that he needs, and the result is exhilarating.

Slow fizzin’, cryptic tape melt murk from Wanda Group, fresh in with Opal Tapes’ third batch from the brink. Coming from the manhead behind Dem Hunger, who delivered that wicked ‘Caveman Smack’ on Leaving Records, and following a wicked split with Ekoplekz and a C20 for NNA Tapes, it’s his most substantial cassette so far, burrowing deeper into a psychedelic ferric humus to masticate alien melodic minerals and trace elements of microtonal harmonics. It feels barely played, more like it was rubbed onto the spool with pebbles and flotsam then buried in compost for a few weeks before mastering by a deaf worm. Of course, this is all entirely desirable, resulting an intangibly gorgeous and elusive blur of barely-melody and..

Mahadev Cometo consists of Alain Monod aka Al Comet on sitar, and Bertrand Siffert on electronics. As a founding member of The Young Gods Alain helped to reshape the industrial sound of the eighties, and he kept on exploring new distinctive sounds ever since. After a 6 months residency in India in 2011 the combination of sitar and classical Indian ragas with hi tech western electronica became a fact, resulting in a highly psychedelic sound. Today Mahadev Cometo has performed at several shows and festivals in Europe (Boom Festival, Portugal), Nepal (Silence Festival, Kathmandu), and India. Come and take the trip.

If you’re going to call yourself The Space Lady, you better make sure your music sounds like something from another galaxy. In that regard, California-based outsider artist Susan Dietrich has passed with flying colours. Previously little-known beyond a few curious collectors, her frankly bizarre, child-like blends of delay-laden Moogs, folksy vocals, cheap drum machines and copious amounts of reverb are getting a second airing thanks to the efforts of Night School. We should thank them, as The Space Lady’s Greatest Hits is genuinely odd, but strangely addictive. It sounds like the product of too many long acid trips, and features, amongst other gems, an insanely out-there cheap-wave cover of The Sweet’s « Ballroom Blitz ». Inspired strangeness.

World traveler + psychedelic musician High Wolf from France introduces the Experimental World Electro of « Growing Wild », out June 8th 2015 Leaving Records on Vinyl LP, ltd. Cassette (*w exclusive tape-only track), and Digital.
« The sounds are those of a celebration of life and fraternity, the colors are warm like an african dress, feelings are positive and strong, thoughts are accelerating and multiplying the same way the universe is expanding.” -High Wolf

Thanks for reading.

I hope to hear from you soon.

All the best.


Some Noise / Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5 (Wery)


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