First of all. Happy New Year to everyone.


Availability: Between 12th and 23rd April 2016
Territory: Europe

WIEMAN  (Roel Meelkop/Frans de Waard) (The Netherlands)
Availability:  End of May 2016. One off dates are also possible.
Territory: Europe

Availability: 20th, 21st, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th May 2016
Territory: Europe

Availability: Between 18th and 30th April 2016
Territory: Belgium

Availability: April 2016
Territory: Belgium

Their work deals with programmatic, thematically linked concepts. For their first CD, 'The Black And White Album', they used samples from songs with the word 'music'; this CD was released by Symbolic Interaction, who two years later withdrew the release. Later on Zèbra recorded a CD with samples of the work of Joy Division producer Martin Hannett ('Live In Leugen') and a cassette for Dutch label Limbabwe, entirely based on samples from tapes released previously on that label. In 2012, at the Ultra 2012 event, they played a set with samples from former Factory Records act Minny Pops, with the original singer Wally van Middendorp on two songs.

PHILIPPE PETIT loves to play live and onstage uses an amplified wood-tablet, various glass/knives/inflatable balloons, screams in his Kazoo-horn processing in his laptom... Topping it all he plays prepaired vinyls. Assaulting turntables to take advantage of the vinyl material to fondle released sounds, raking the needle across the record's grooves, rubbing their stylus on paper, cardboard, metal to process unusual noises and textures. Dancing... Enjoying to perform and entertain the audience.

Venetian Snares pursues the breakcore dragon into new spaces following the monstrous 'My Love Is A Bulldozer' (2014). Serving more than your recommended yearly allowance of mentallism, 'Your Face' flings us from black midi symphonies in 'Your Face When I Finally' to a gorgeous, beat-less and hyaline reflection in 'Your Face When I Finally (Glass Version)', spinning us thru the LP5-style knots of 'Former Eagle' to hyper hardcore party styles in 'Red Orange 2', and the flipping freakish breakbeat techno of 'Become Magic Dolphins', with a brilliant twist of forward electro pulses and harmonic convolutions recalling Gábor Lázár in 'Misericordia.

Nicholas Currie (born 11 February 1960), more popularly known under the artist name Momus (after the Greek god of mockery), is a Scottish songwriter, author, blogger and former journalist for Wired.
For nearly thirty years he has been releasing, to marginal commercial and critical success, albums on labels in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Japan. In his lyrics and his other writing he makes seemingly random use of decontextualized pieces of continental (mostly French) philosophy, and has built up a personal world he says is "dominated by values like diversity, orientalism, and a respect for otherness." He is fascinated by identity, Japan, Rome, the avant-garde, time travel and sex.

We are Hex Triplets.
This is our apocalyptic project, our "termite" project - we are burrowing into deeper sediments of sound. No more barriers, no bullshit. Mark Morgan says that for him, HT sounds like the dying gasps of a great whale. We'll be completing the album in April and we don't really want to leak anything that we've worked on just yet, but if Europe will trust us, I guarantee she will not be disappointed.
First, there's Balazs Pandi (HU). He plays with Merzbow, Mats Gustafsson, Thurston Moore, Trevor Dunn, Slobber Pup, Venetian Snares, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Zu and, since 2007, To Live and Shave in L.A. The drummer's drummer. Incredible subtlety and propulsive energy. Plus, the super-nicest dude in all of music.
Next, Tim Dahl (US). He performs with Ava Mendoza in Unnatural Ways, and is the leader of Child Abuse. He's also worked with Elliot Sharp, Marc Ribbot, John Zorn, Eugene Chadbourne and many others. He's a member of Lydia Lunch Retrovirus and Teenage Jesus and the Jerks (the 2015 edition). Best bassist in America? Certainly the most ferocious. Great singer too - a black metal-derived grunt that doesn't sound forced or ironic.
Mark Morgan (US) fronted Sightings from 1999-2014. He also plays with Pat Murano (No Neck Blues Band) in Key of Shame, and with former Sightings bassist Richard Hoffman in the group Silk Purse. He's been on several To Live and Shave in L.A. tours and appears on ten of their of our albums. He was named #99 in Spin Magazine's "99 Greatest Guitarists of All Time" feature a few years ago but we all know he should have been much closer to the top of the list. Excellent vocal style - he and Tom have done duo sets and projects previously, once as Maude and again as TSMM.
Lastly, Tom Smith (DE). He's been active in music and production since the mid-1970s. Known primarily as the founder of avant-garde collective To Live and Shave in L.A. who blasted through America and Europe in 2015 with tours and new releases, Tom performed in his first band at the age of 14, and created musique concrete and dub production experiments from 1975-1978. (Some of these recordings will be released on Hanson in 2016.) Since then, he's been in many projects - Boat Of, Peach of Immortality, Velvet Monkeys, Pussy Galore, Ohne, Three Resurrected Drunkards, Sightings/Tom Smith, Merkwürdig Riechen, and, since 2009, a solo career under both his own name and T/SMS. His Karl Schmidt Verlag imprint has issued eleven books and nearly 400 albums since 2008.

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Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
1030 Brussels

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