Booking Offers: week 9

Dear all,

This week I am booking the following bands and artists: David Thomas and The Two Pale Boys, Pere Ubu Film Unit, Delay Line Memory, Radian, Eugene Chadbourne, Bko Quintet

DELAY LINE MEMORY (The Netherlands)
Availability: 5th and 7th April
Territory: Belgium and France

Availability: Between 26th and 29th May + In Summer till early September + some avails in late October, November
Territory: Belgium, France, Switzerland

Availability: In Summer till early September + some avails in late October, November
Territory: EUROPE

RADIAN (Austria)
Availability: End of November early December 2016
Territory: Belgium

Availability: Between 21st and 26th May 2016
Territory: Europe

Availability: May and June 2016 + November
Territory: Europe

Delay Line Memory is a fully improvised audio-visual interplay between man and machine, in an attempt to find a common language in electronic sound, rhythm and colour.
DLM was conceived by Bas van Koolwijk and is performed either solo or in combination with drums.

David Thomas is the founder of the legendary Pere Ubu, an avant-rock group that’s exerted a huge influence on the way countless bands have approached music since 1975. Formed in 1994, the two pale boys is one of a series of projects that redefine the partnership of voice and instrument in pursuit of a vehicle robust, spontaneous, and parochial enough to speak with the true voice of the human experience. It is urban folk music purged of urbanity, and rooted in the geography of sound.

The Pere Ubu Film Unit performs a live underscore to the 1962 cult B-movie film Carnival Of Souls (Dir. Herk Harvey, 1962, B&W).
The Pere Ubu Film Unit is a subset of the band. It previously performed to the original 3-D version of It Came From Outer Space and X, The Man With X-Ray Eyes. The material composed for the underscore that the Film Group performed in July 2013 was developed into a number of the songs from the Pere Ubu album Carnival of Souls, released in September 2014.

Austrian post-rock/electronic trio Radian use both acoustic and electronic instruments, and the group’s members often play their acoustic instruments in such a rhythmically precise manner that Radian sound more like an electronic act than a band. Bassist John Norman, drummer Martin Brandlmayr, and synth player Stefan Németh formed Radian in Vienna in 1996, although the group did not play its first show until a full year later. Soon after, the Rhiz label released the group’s self-titled EP in Austria. The group’s first full album, TG 11, was released jointly by Rhiz and Mego in 2000. In 2002, Radian traveled to Chicago to record with producer John McEntire, and the Thrill Jockey label released the resulting full-length, rec.extern, later that year. Rec.extern was the first Radian release to receive widespread distribution in the U.S., and in October 2002 the group toured the Northeast and Midwest to support the album. Juxtaposition saw Radian team up with John McEntire again and was released on Thrill Jockey in August of 2004. Németh departed Radian in 2011, replaced by Martin Siewert on guitar and electronics.

n his compulsive own, Eugene Chadbourne (previously the guitarist and leader of Shockabilly) has spewed forth a ceaseless stream of records and cassettes (the latter on his own Parachute label) that easily represent the oddest version of country and folk music ever. While the notable left-winger’s guitar playing is looser than clams, it harbors wildly unique energy. He also plays the electric rake. The North Carolinian is the master of several different voices, some of them deceptively sincere. Harsh, funny, irritating and packed with ideas, Chadbourne often suggests a politically correct.

A fascinating mix of the old and the new
The BKO Quintet was founded during the state of emergency in Mali in 2012. Even though the tracks on the quintet’s album « Bamako Today » feature primarily traditional Malian instruments, the resulting sound is anything but typical of the music of this country. According to Richard Marcus, it is raw and both extraordinary and thrilling to the ear.

I would like to hear from you asap.




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