Booking offers (week 18)

Dear all,

Please find here my offers of the week: Girlie, Thomas Olbrechts and Zohastre

GIRLIE (Germany)
Streaming :
Video :
Availability: September 8, 9, 10th
Territory: Belgium

Availability: After the Summertime. On request.
Territory: Europe

Availability: 14th June
Territory: Belgium

Alto saxophonist & instant composer Thomas Olbrechts developed a strong individual musical discourse that plays off rigid saxophone techniques and composition systems against each other, constantly trying to find the most perfect balance between composition and improvisation, between preconceived structures and the lucidity of the moment which in his opinion can only be fully attained through an open-structured and attitude towards music.

Girlie might sound like a grumpy record store owner showing his bkindness after a short while. They allow songs to morph from post popxyz punk to a sprawling guitar mess back to tunefull conclusion. Girlie refuse to adhere to one specific genre, mixing elements of punk and indie rock with an infectious energy evident in their live show. Guitar, bass, drums and vocals is all it needs.

Somewhere between banging your head against a brick wall and holding your breath under water . A mess of genres covering noise, drone, sludge, post-hardcore, atmospheric metal, freak folk, ambient, experimental and all that other good stuff.

I hope to hear from you soon if you want to set up a gig for one of these bands/musicians.

All the best.


Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
1030 Brussels


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