Booking offer: Robert Coyne


Availability: From early December onwards + on request

Territory: Europe


Robert Coyne’s three albums with Can’s legendary drummer Jaki Liebezeit – ‘The Obscure Department’ (2013), ‘Golden Arc’ (2014) and the newly released ‘I Still Have This Dream’ – combine cyclical acoustic guitar and drums with Coyne’s melancholic lyrics and melodies; a stark but rich sound described by one reviewer as ‘a mixture of Krautrock repetition and pastoral English psychedelia.’ 
The son of singer, musician, artist and author Kevin Coyne, and a musician himself from the age of 14, Robert has played with the Scientists, Venus Ray, The Barracudas, Amy Rigby, Eric Burdon, Sky Saxon, Jon Langford and Chris Wilson, among many others. 
His solo work includes a film soundtrack to the Edinburgh-festival-winning ‘The Great Happiness Space’ in 2006, his first album ‘Death Is Not My Destiny’ in 2007 and the ‘Soft Tread Of The Future’ EP on Marty Thau’s revived Red Star label in 2012. His on-going association with Meyer Records began in 2010 with the intimate, darkly humorous acoustic LP ‘Woodland Conspiracy’ and has continued with the triple-album Jaki Liebezeit collaboration. 
Robert met drummer Werner Steinhauser – the longest serving member of any of Kevin Coyne’s bands – while playing with Kevin, and their musical partnership has continued to grow since then: in addition to co-producing Robert’s album with Jeremy Gluck (‘Memory Deluxe’, 2014), the pair have also produced a new album of Robert’s ‘electric’ material entitled ‘Last Lion’, which is due for release in August 2016.
I hope to hear from you if you want to set u^a gig for Robert Coyne.
All the best.






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