Dear all,

I am booking these artists this week: Asher Levitas, Toma Gouband, Manu Louis

Availability: from early December onwards
Territory: Europe

Availability: 24th, 26th, 29th September + 3rd October
Territory: Europe

MANU LOUIS (Belgium)
Availability: Second half of November 2016
Territory: Europe

Asher Levitas is a London-based electronic musician who co-founded the mysterious experimental duo Old Apparatus during the early 2010s. The pair initially appeared in 2011 with two singles on Deep Medi Musik, the label run by dubstep pioneer Mala, but their sound was hard to label, ranging from dark ambient drone to suspenseful abstract beats. In 2012, Old Apparatus appeared on Honest Jon’s Records’ Shangaan Shake collection (a remix album of the Shangaan Electro compilation), and cassette label The Tapeworm released the duo’s tape 15:24-15:46. Also that year, the pair released four 12″ EPs on their own Sullen Tone, collecting most of the tracks on the 2013 CD Compendium. After the compilation’s release, the duo issued a digital EP titled Epirtsder. Also in 2013, Levitas formed a duo called Saa with vocalist Linn Carin Dirdal (of Marble Arch). Significantly more pop-influenced than Old Apparatus, but just as eerie and experimental, Saa’s debut EP was released by Left Blank in 2013, followed by the 2014 cassette Walking Waters on Overshare Records. Also in 2014, Levitas contributed a remix of the song « Halo Heart » to Glass Body, the debut EP by Berlin-based darkwave pop group Soft as Snow, released by Houndstooth. Levitas signed to Mike Paradinas’ Planet Mu label for the release of his solo debut, Lit Harness, which arrived in June of 2016.

Toma Gouband is a percussionist whose materials include lithophones – rocks, stones, pieces of flint that are struck together to produce sound. Like Le Quan Ninh, he works from a horizontal bass drum used as resonator and table for a host of small instruments. Courants des Vents is a single improvisation, 45 minutes in length. It begins in isolated sounds, struck rocks resonating in the room. Gradually rhythmic figures appear, repeat, and mutate. Bass drum sounds occur, their echoes another measure of the space, and the work becomes increasingly complex, a dance of distances, pitches and durations. What may have initially seemed a simple set of materials assumes new dimension, perhaps in relation to the degree to which such resources might have been underestimated. Gouband emerges as cryptogeologist, an explorer of the mysteries and consciousness of the material world, opening himself and his listeners to a universe of reverberant matter that whispers secrets of acoustics. Listening closely to Gouband’s work, one shares in a fresh relationship (imaginative and imaginary) to the natural world. The stones are alright.

Following once again the good old rule of associating two extremes instead of choosing the middle path, Manu Louis collides the exotic and glamorous Pop Music of his youth with the naff sounds of the native Western Europe folk trash he always did his best to ignore (brass bands, Euro-Dance, Industrial Trance and old-one-man-synth-wedding entertainers…)
In October, he released a first single (7′ vinyl) under the berlin label New Pangea (premiering on of his up-coming album described by Felix Kubin as «really fun(k)y and clever and playful music and I’d be happy to hear it in the aquarium of the deep sea club anytime. »
Kermesse Machine is a mountain of plastic glasses in the streets the morning after, a tropical digital marching band, a guy giving all he’s got at Karaoke because there’s nowhere left to sing, a gypsy virtuoso playing synth with a trumpet sound.
Since 2015, he performed solo more than 100 times everywhere in  Europe and Asia accompanied by a crowd of electronic instruments and video projections.
Manu also composes for Chamber Orchestra, Fanfare, Films and regularly performs his music with the 30 piece Orchestra : Orchestra Vivo. Among his past project feature : Funk Sinatra and The Music for Garden.

Please get back to mùe if you are interested in setting up a gig for one of them.

I hope to hear from you soon.

All the best.


Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
1030 Brussels


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