Booking offers (week 36)

5th September 2016

Dear all,

Please disregard the email you received from me this morning.
I sent it to you accidentally. Sorry about that.

Please have a look at my offers this week.

Please get back to me if you want to set up a concert for one of the artists.

Availability: From early February 2017 onwards
Territory: Europe

Availability: From early February onwards
Territory: Europe except but France and Spain

Availability: From early December 2017 onwards
Territory/ Europe

AMUTE (Belgium)!emotional/c1t44
Availability: From early February 2017 onwards
Territory: Europe

SAAAD (France)
Availability: from early February 2017 onwards
Territory: Belgium

Availability: end of May/early June + between late August and Mid September 2017
Territory: Europe

Availability: Betwen 28th and 31st October
Territory: Germany, France, Belgium

Availability: 26th October
Territory: Belgium

Territory: The Netherlands + Belgium

Availability: On request
Territory: Belgium

MDME SPKR (England/Italy)
Availability: Between 5th and 10th November Denmark, Sweden
On 28th, 29th and 30th November in Hungaria, Austria, Czsch Republic

MONOSWEZI (Mozambique, Norway, Sweden, Zimbabwe)
Availability: April and May 2017
Territory: Europe

The traditional songs and tarantellas of Apulia (Gargano and Salento, in Italy) are the backbone of the repertoire of Malicanti, composed of young musicians and old masters. All the members of the group sing and perform on a variety of traditional instruments, giving rise to an enthralling show capable of setting feet tapping during most of the time.

Borja Flames lives in Paris (France), but he sings in his native language, spanish.
In the past, he has published several experimental music records in Spain with his band Belmonde. In 2006, he moved to France where he founded, with Marion Cousin, the kraut-folk duet June et Jim. They have been recording and touring in Europe for the past ten years. On 2016, Borja Flames has released his first solo record « Nacer Blanco”, and it has been highly acclaimed by public and media in France and Spain.

DJ Planet Mu is Thomas Quaye –  who has been repping Planet Mu as a DJ  for almost 10 years, playing at places such as Fabric, Bloc, Simple Things and Bangface, he’s been garnering a reputation as the secret weapon on Planet Mu’s DJ roster.
His collection is as eclectic as the label he plays for, and his sets change depending on mood and requirements – It can be anything from Grime, dubstep, jungle, footwork, industrial noise to breakcore, smudged in with Planet Mu’s upcoming and current releases, played in a creative and energetic fashion that gets crowds moving.

Jerome gave birth to aMute with the aim of releasing some tunes, playing out some and messing about with mates, and that’s exactly what he did but the project became serious in 2004 with the release of its first critticaly acclaimed album A Hundred Dry Trees. Often compared to the works of Christian Fennesz with a more pop approach, Deuson’s following album The Sea Horse Limbo offered Deuson’s the envy to play Amute as a band. What had to happen happened as in 2009 Infernal Heights For A Drama was born as a band album for which the now then quatuor performed Europe widely.

Descending from the Toulousian post-hardcore scene, Romain Barbot and Gregory Buffier have produced more than a dozen tormented ambient-drone records under the name Saåad, such as the remarkable Deep Float (Hands In The Dark, 2014). Upon invitation of the local Les Orgues festival, giving them access to the Puget organ located in the Church of Notre-Dame de la Dalbade, they composed an original creation that In Paradisum is proud to publish under the form of the album Verdaillon.
Through dynamics of elevation, suspension and tension, Saåad’s music reaches altered states. Consisting of thick patches of sound, it gathers powerful harmonies and buries them under samples of the world’s rustling sounds. The sources are rarely identifiable, which makes for the singularity to each record.

New York-based trio Zamler-Carhart/Rauh/Greenberg’s sound is at the confluence of contemporary experimental jazz, poetic declamation and medieval melody. The trio combines voice, electric guitar and glockenspiel to improvise on texts ranging from Byzantine Greek canticles to the poems of Mallarmé; and from medieval Occitan, French and Italian verse to contemporary Dutch, Spanish and Polish poetry. In addition to performing regularly in the US, the trio has been invited by the Festival Les Troubadours Chantent l’Art Roman in France as well as various engagements across Europe. Guitarist Charlie Rauh’s foundation in American folk music combined with his passion for the work of Hildegard von Bingen has led to composer residencies including the laustrid Foundation in Iceland and The Chen Dance Center in New York. His first solo album, Innocent Speller, is available from Composers Concordance Records/Naxos of America. Singer Sasha Zamler-Carhart taught medieval music at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague and is the artistic director of a medieval ensemble with which he has released two records. He is regularly in demand in New York as an opera singer and has written a number of operas and chamber music
pieces performed in the US, Europe and Japan. Glockenspiel player
Jesse Greenberg was trained as a classical pianist aspercussionist,he is the vibraphonist and co-founder of a contemporary hip-hop fusion ensemble, and has played in various reggae, funk, soul and hip-hop bands in New York. Zamler-Carhart/Rauh/Greenberg just finished recording their first album.

Hazy is the solo, baroque dreampop of KC Wei (Late Spring).  Her sound weaves together intimate songwriting, with most beloved covers, through the drone and crunch of guitar-noise.  hazy sounds naive, complex, vulnerable, mysterious, crushy, and crushing.   Her debut album, x.o. Virgo Ox, is out of Agonyklub Records.

Christophe Clébard is a new doom-disco-dance-punk project from former Brussels-based Cobra Jaune, recalling the punishing groove of Martin Rev and Suicide.  He puts the listener into a trance while his vocal assault is a sendoff into a dark psychic odyssey.   Relocating from Brussels to Vancouver in 2015, his new album, Suce Moi, is due out September 30 from Agonyklub Records.

Two years after « Minuit dans tes bras » Michel Cloup is back with another instalment of his personal history – this time in a duo with the drummer Julien Rufié. Eleven tracks with the title « Ici et là-bas » (« Here and Down There ») which leaves little doubt as to the album’s subject.
« I stayed in Rome twice in 2012 for a residency and for a concert at the Villa Medici. It was a year and a half after the death of my mother who was Italian. I was still totally in mourning and really pretty upset. A bunch of memories came back to the surface at a time when I had lost a lot of my bearings. I hadn’t finished writing « Minuit dans tes bras » but I knew I’d found the starting point for the record after that. »

Khaira Arby, was born in the village of Abaradjou in the Sahara Desert north of Timbuktu (Mali). The daughter of a Tuareg father and a Songhai mother, Khaira Arby started singing at the age of eleven in the Timbuktu troupe back in 1972.
Over the years, Khaira Arby’s popularity rose and she was increasingly in demand to sing at weddings, parties and circumcisions. After being given in marriage to a man who also refused to let her sing, like many of his contemporaries, she put her career on hold to focus on home life. The frustration proved too strong and she ended up divorcing, then joined Mali’s National Badema band before embarking on a solo career in the early 1990s. Armed with a strong will and independent nature, she was the first woman to release an album in her own name in the Timbuktu region.

Jesus is my son is a minimalistic approach of folk music. It is pure fingerpicking electric guitar
music. Songs are slow, full of stories, influenced by european folk music.
Jesus is my son has just released its last album on the label ini.itu. This release it the most
minimal album of Jesus is my son. This album will slow down your life.

Primitive and raw, there is a vitality to MDME SPKR’s « Humanoid » that is missing in much of music today. It’s a proper mental flossing that cleans your musical palate and lays waste to the sea of bland bands that litter the internet. Ego-destroying and powerful soul music in the true sense of the word

Monoswezi are a collective of musicians originally from Mozambique, Norway, Sweden and Zimbabwe based in Norway. With a common passion for traditional African music in general, and music from Zimbabwe and Mozambique in particular, Monoswezi seeks a musical expression, where respect for tradition is combined with different references and experiences from jazz and modern Western music. In addition to traditional music, Monoswezi performs music composed by the band members, with a strong improvisational approach.

Thank you very much for reading.



Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
1030 Brussels


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