Dear all,

Here are my booking offers this week.

Feel free to contact me if you want to set up a gig for one of these bands/artists.

I always answer within 24 hours.


Availability: Between 5th and 21st December 2016 + April/May 2017
Territory: Europe

Availability: 17th October
Territory: Belgium

Availability: 11th and 13th December
Territory: Belgium

Availability: 21, 22, 23 and 25 November
Territory: Belgium

Availability: 15th November
Territory: Belgium

Availability: From April 2017 till early May
Territory: Belgium

Availability: 25th and 26th November
Territory: Belgium

YAN JUN (China) +  LO WIE (Korea)
Availability: from mid February 2017 onwards
Territory: Europe

Availability: from mid February 2017 onwards
Territory: Europe

Availability: 16th and 17th November
Territory: Germany

Dan Barbenel is a multifaceted singer-songwriter from Scotland.
After a soviet-style musical education in Glasgow, he started
writing songs at 15. Since then he has evolved in an eclectic
musical world, between classical, pop, tango and theatre,
developing a whimsical, dark, but always limpid musical universe.
After several lives as mr Diagonal/ Black Light Orchestra/ Red
Rabbit, in 2016 he adopted his original name to venture into a
new, more intimate repertoire, uniting the hyper-romantic and the
quizzical, always with a lightness of touch and a vein of deliciously
black humour.

Kill Rock Stars is excited to announce the latest addition to their roster: Portland’s own Summer Cannibals. The brilliant rock band is set to release their third full­length album Full Of It in May 2016.
Led by guitarist/vocalist Jessica Boudreaux, the Cannibals initially cut their teeth on the local circuit, sharing the stage and receiving encouragement from peers such as The Thermals. Along the way, they released a pair of fantastic full­ lengths ­­ 2013’s No Makeup and 2015’s Show Us Your Mind — on their own label, New Moss Records. Show Us Your Mind was recorded by legendary NW engineer Larry Crane and was recently named one of the best of 2015 by Sound Opinions co­host Jim DeRogatis. The band has since spent an unhealthy amount of time on the road, earning accolades and adding plenty of fresh converts to their highly­charged, no frills attack.

Born in Vevey in 1980, Antoine Chessex is a composer and sound artist whose works assume a wideiversity of forms spanning compositions for ensembles, solo performances, sound installations and transdisciplinary projects.
His compositions are characterized by textural density and microtonal tensions often resulting in sound-masses exploring the physical dimensions of spaces. The works of Antoine Chessex have over the years crossed the boundaries between noise, modern composition, improvisation and electronic music. His background as a saxophone player saw him performing extensively in different experimental music contexts over the past decades.

COMET CONTROL from Canada are coming back to Europe Psych rock for fans of Dead Meadow,  Black Mountain,  Swervedriver.
Flooded with swirling synths, ghostly vocals and fuzz-bomb guitars that burst into flames ielectrifyingly airborne ways, Center Of The Maze effortlessly merges the ethereal and the terrestrial. Like watching a rocket take off at close range, the sound of COMET CONTROL is both exhilarating and mesmerizing, propelled into orbit by unwavering melody and unhinged creativity.

Horse Lords are an experimental rock quartet from Baltimoconsisting of Andrew Bernstein (saxophone, percussion), Max Eilbacher (bass, modular synthesizers), Owen Gardner (guitar), and Sam Haberman (drums). Inspired by composer La Monte Young, the group plays in just intonation, modifying their instruments and playing unconventional tunings in order to create a unique sound. The group’s lengthy, hypnotic, polyrhythmic compositions draw from Krautrock, Afrobeat, and Appalachian folk traditions, and are surprisingly accessible for such experimental music.

Those Poor Bastards play miserable and primitive old-time gothic country music. Lonesome Wyatt (guitar, vocals) and The Minister (banjo, bass, etc.) are both legally certified holiness preachers.
hose Poor Bastards are the best Gothic Country I have heard yet to this day. The depressing gloomy vocals coming out of this drifter named Lonesome Wyatt has hints of Marilyn Manson to Nick Cave, Throwrag and maybe even a hint of a demented Adam Ant with a shot of a Pilled Up Johnny Cash… And the Minister is backing up Lonesome Wyatt with a style that is a cross between erie strung out folk music with a creepy blend of The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Dengue Dengue Dengue! is an audiovisual duo from Lima, Perú. Behind the masks are Felipe Salmon and Rafael Pereira, two producers, dj’s and graphic designers. Their work focuses in exploring native rhythms from Peru and other parts of the world, recreating them in an electronic form, mixing the old with the new, analog and digital, to create their own unique sound and visuals. Their musical explorations go from Psychedelic Cumbia to Dub, from Salsa to Footwork, from Tribal to Techno, the sound and visual palette keeps growing and adding more and more flavours to the mix.

Yan Jun is musician and poet based in beijing. currently lives in berlin for artist residency (daad). He is working on improvised music, experimental music, field recording, organizing and writing. alongside of at venues, he goes to audience’s home to play with the environment and what else available in the room (Living Room Tour project) also amplifying body movements or other performative elements in a simple manner.
He is member of FEN, Tea Rockers Quintet and Impro Committee. and founder of the guerrilla label Sub Jam.
Lo Wie is Beckett’s Typist (2011) and a member of A.Typist (2011~ ), and currently organizing a music composition concert series, namsan.

Elías Merino (Madrid 1985) is a sonic practitioner and composer based in the UK. Currently he is working in the exploration of computer-generated sound after some years involved in acousmatic and electroacoustic music. Merino is interested in different approaches related with sound and digital arts such the exploration of time, the distance between subject and the objecthood, the Sublime,or specific and plural sound artifacts in multi-monofocal spaces. Elías presents his work in sound compositions and installations, which are exhibited, released, performed and diffused in different countries.

Vitas Guerulaitis are a Belgian trio bearing the misspelled name of a dead Argentine tennis legend. Their music is impossible to classify.
After a debut album whose hidden title tested all but the most playful listeners, the band returns with Le Tigre (The Tiger). It is the title – not hidden this time – of their new album recorded by Etienne Foyer (Dragibus, The Ex, Deerhoof, Anthony Pateras, etc.)  at Les Ateliers Claus studios in Brussels. It is available on CD and in digital version from Cheap Satanism Records and on vinyl record by a bunch of friend labels: Cheap Satanism Records, Aredje, Attila Tralala, Do It Youssef, S.K, Tandori Records, Whosbrain Records, Rock n’ Roll Masturbation.

I hope to hear from you sson.

All the best.


Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
1030 Brussels


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