Booking offers (week 46)

Dear all,

Please find here some artists are available in the (near) future.

Please get back to me if you want to set up a gig for one of them.

All the best.



Availability: 6th, 7th, 9th, 10th September
Territory: Europe

Availability: 18th, 19th, 21st January
Territories: Between Amsterdam and Paris

Availability: 8th, 9th and 10th September
Territory: Europe

DANS LES ARBRES (Norway/France)
Availabilities: Between 28th March and 9th April + between 9th and 14th May 2017.

2010: the year they make contact. FM Einheit contributed to invent the very same notion of industrial music, starting from his crucial role in Einsturzende Neubauten up till now, always moving towards directions unknown, following unpredictable paths; Massimo Pupillo has moulded a basic, brutally impressive and basically one-of-a-kind sounding out of the four strings of his indestructible electric bass. Together them two have generated EVOL/VE, one radical improvisational project that brings industrial music itself to the next level. Obtained mostly out of raw live sessions, later remixed and reprocessed, the eponymous album, out on Offset Records, is in fact a measure of capacity of these two individuals captured in a state of grace. By the way, you have to see them perform live to get the whole experience. In times when almost every possible continuum has been torn down by new technologies and many of the prophecies once told by unhopeful cyberpunk novelists have come true, after having witnessed the substantial moldering of music itself into billions of cold files to be stored into hard-disks that could crash anytime, the moment has come to raise the tools of the trade again, to start making new noise, with new means and new motivations. New buildings keep on collapsing.

Andy Moor and Anne-James Chaton first began performing together in 2004 when Chaton joined the Ex onstage to perform one of their songs. They later started to collaborate as a duo, building the music and text for one of Chaton’s portrait series; the journalist which later resulted in their first CD “Le Journaliste”. Since then Moor and Chaton have toured widely in Europe, Canada and Japan, always building, reconstructing and adjusting their set and performance using improvisation as a creative source. In more recent months they have included video projections to the performances. They combine guitar riffs and loops, abstact noise, live sampling, dark beats and the unmistakable voice of Chaton, very present and rhythmic.

George Hadow is an English drummer primarily working in the fields of improvisation, jazz and experimental rock. Since he made the move to Amsterdam from the county of Devon in June 2012 he has immersed himself in the improvised scene playing in bands such as: Blue Lines , Molino, Galm Quartet, and Aya ba yaya. George performs often in the Netherlands and has also performed extensively in Europe.

German trumpeter Axel Dörner has a unique style of playing based on unusual, often self-invented techniques that make use of breath and microscopic sounds as much as conventional note-playing – but that didn’t stop him winning the prestigious SWR Jazz Prize in 2006.One Final Note has described him as “one of the most interesting improvisers in the world, an instrumentalist of prodigious technique, deep sensitivity, and a creativity that continues to grow with each release.”

«Dans les arbres – the unique improvising quartet comprising three Norwegians and a Frenchman – continues to fine-tune its artistic concept, patiently traversing its luminous planes of sound with a rare sense of accord, and shared responsibilities. The combination of its unorthodox sound sources, including Charles’s clarinet harmonics, Wallumrød’s prepared piano, Grydeland’s bowed banjo, and Zach’s differentiated gran casa playing has led to free playing and spontaneous group-composing in a class of its own.

Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
1030 Brussels

Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
1030 Brussels







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