Booking offers (week 48)

Dear all,

Here are musicians, bands etc…I’m offering you this week.

Please get back to me if you want to know mote about fees, tech and hospitality riders, avails etc…

Territory: Belgium

Availability; 4th, 5th and 10th March
Perritory: Belgium

Availability: tba
Territory: Belgium

Availability: Between 3rd and 5th April
Territory: Belgium

BONGA (Angola)
Availability: Spring, Summer and Autumn 2017
Territory: Belgium

Availability: Tba in April
Territory: Belgium

Availability: 28th March
Territories: Belgium, The Netherlands

On his new album Recados de Fora (Messages from Elsewhere), Bonga – who just celebrated his 74th birthday – tells the tale of a fascinating journey across different times and continents. The Atlantic Ocean forms an ever-present connecting thread.
The singer-songwriter looks back pell-mell over his youth, his increasing awareness of Portuguese colonization, how his fisherman and accordionist father introduced him to music, and his love of semba, the symbol of Angolan national identity (kizomba, a favorite genre for younger generations, is a modernized version of semba). In fact, as one of the last great names in postcolonial African music, Bonga embodies semba today. Bonga is semba! – a fact clearly reflected in Tonokenu, a song in the purest tradition of his roots.

Kiki Hitomi is a Japanese singer, songwriter and sonic alchemist as one third of the bass explorers King Midas Sound (Ninja Tune) with poet/singer Roger Robinson and producer Kevin Martin (aka The Bug), and was a founding member of the Japanese Dubstep noise punk duo Dokkebi Q. King Midas Sound on Ninjatune

Zig Zags aren’t breaking boundaries. The band’s music can best be summed up as the Venn diagram connecting Black Sabbath, Black Flag and Motörhead. But hell, those are three of the finest rock bands of all time, so anything that combines that trio can’t be wrong… can it?
As it happens, Zig Zags pull off this act of hero worship with no small degree of style and grace. ‘Brainded Warrior’ is a salute to those delinquents whose IQ gurgles at their feet, while ‘Magic’ manages to extinguish the ego in a puff of sweat, guts and fuzzed up riffing.

As Dummy Mag wrote about his debut Severant album, “utilizing rhythm patterns inspired by ultra-modern electronic styles like juke, footwork, and trap rap (long before the “real trap shit” explosion) as jet fuel for his futurist soundscapes and synth experiments. Kuedo’s ‘Severant’ was bold, boundary-pushing, and unique, yet listening to it was as easy and as satisfying as hearing a really good pop record”.

Colchester-based instrumental sludge/post-metal band TELEPATHY are one of the underground’s brightest hopes of recent times. With their demo EP « Fracture » and 2014 debut album « 12 Areas » (Devouter Records/Tartarus Records) receiving rave reviews across blogs and print magazines throughout Europe, the band are continuing a momentum that has seen them grow from strength to strength. « 12 Areas » has been heralded by fans of post-metal, hardcore, sludge and progressive music alike, speaking volumes for the bands inventive, nuanced and emotionally punishing take on instrumental metal.

Zaum is a passage toward the dark realizations of the old world; a monolithic doomy mantra based meditative experience forged by bass and drums interwoven with sitar, woodwind, string and synth textures. Based in New Brunswick, Canada – observers experience a calming process of reality whereby the astral and physical planes can co-exist and be understood from a natural perspective.

Part Chimp aren’t the first band to use volume as their calling card, but they’re definitely one of the finest. Sure, The Who were the loudest, but they’ve been phoning it in for years. My Bloody Valentine? The Swans? Perhaps it best to limit this discussion to bands that are actually still in existence.

Spectres are a noise rock band from Bristol. Slowly gathering acclaim with their uncompromising sound, they won Artrocker Magazines ‘Unsigned Act Of The Year’ in 2012, the magazine describing their live show as ‘a tornado tearing through a nail factory; a bracing experience indeed, and teetering on the brink of beauty’.

Thank you for reading.

I hope to hear from you very soon.



Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
1030 Brussels


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