Booking offers (week 5 – 2017)

Hello everyone,

This week I’m booking some dates for the following bands and artists:

Availability: June and from September onwards
Territory: Europe

Availability: TBA
Territory: Europe

Availability: 9th and 11th June 2017
Territory: Benelux, France, Germany

Availability: August + September
Territory: Belgium

Availability: Late March 2017
Territory; Belgium

Availability: From early June onwards
Territory: Europe

Availability: On request
Territory: Europe

Availability: Around 15th April
Territory: Belgium

Availability: 26 avril
Territory: Belgium

The Odes’ is a continuing documentation of Ted Milton’s collaborations outside of Blurt for the last 25 years; a litany of recordings with The Back-To-Normal Orchestra, Steve Beresford, Sam Britton, Andreas Gerth, Loopspool, Herman Martin, Paddy Steers, Yam Yam and Seymour Milton to name but a few.
Individual tracks from these various collaborations have been re-purposed and re-interpreted by Ted Milton and Sam Britton into a performance scenario and toured extensively over the last few years.

It takes two to bring out the wonderful subtlety and expressive power of the cimbalom. Thus Kálmán Balogh and Miklós Lukács joined forces in 2009, to acquaint audiences with their art and the potential in this emblematic instrument. The result is novel and poignant; jazz meets folk under the flag of musical proficiency. At the initiative of the publisher the two virtuosos started experimenting in 2009, and the sessions soon turned into playful explorations accompanied by joking and ever new ways of beating the strings. The fascinating skill and confident versatility enthral listeners: as Balogh relaxes and Lukács leads, audiences marvel.

Hailing from Central Sudan and now based in London after fleeing the fundamentalist takeover in that region, the Scorpios are a septet that melds Arabic rhythms and guitar chops (and a kind of swooning cyclical ecstasy) with a raw Eastern funk feel, properly dismantling cultural barriers in pursuit of a unifying rhythmic bliss. Heavy bass, synths, horns and percussions drive through traditional Sudanese forms to create a sound that owes as much to Detroit as it do to Khartoum

Solar Motel Band leader Chris Forsyth strikes a near-perfect balance between ’70s rock tradition and present-day experimentation with his signature guitar tone.  The Philadelphia-based quartet, which the guitarist has led since 2013, draws its core inspiration from the more transcendent guitar music of the 1970s. Their largely instrumental music sounds at once meticulously composed and entirely spontaneous, the product of some miracle jam session with no bum notes or wasted moments.

David Firstʼs musical life is filled with opposites and extremes. At the age of twenty he played guitar with renowned avant-jazz pianist Cecil Taylor in a legendary Carnegie Hall concert. Two years after that he was creating electronic music at Princeton University (an LP of which was released in January 2014 on Dais Records) and leading a Mummerʼs String Band in Philadelphia parades. He has played in raucous drunken bar bands and in pin-drop quiet concert halls with classical ensembles. As a composer First has created everything from finely crafted pop songs to long, severely minimalist drone-works. His performances often find him sitting trance-like without seeming to move a muscle, unless he is playing with his recently re-formed psychedelic punk band, Notekillers.

Since 1991 British artist Vicki Bennett has been working across the field of audio-visual collage, and is recognised as an influential and pioneering figure in the still growing area of sampling, appropriation and cutting up of found footage and archives. Working under the name People Like Us, Vicki specialises in the manipulation and reworking of original sources from both the experimental and popular worlds of music, film and radio. People Like Us believe in open access to archives for creative use. In 2006 she was the first artist to be given unrestricted access to the entire BBC Archive. People Like Us have previously shown work at, amongst others, Tate Modern, Whitechapel Gallery, The Barbican, Centro de Cultura Digital, Maxxi and Sonar, and performed radio sessions for John Peel and Mixing It. She has an ongoing sound art radio show ‘DO or DIY’ on WFMU. The People Like Us back catalogue is available for free download hosted by UbuWeb. In 2015 Vicki completed a new A/V performance CITATION CITY, a project using techniques of Walter Benjamin’s Arcades Project in relation to London-based feature films. This premiered at transmediale Berlin, and Flatpack Film Festival Birmingham UK. Nothing Can Turn Into A Void – a documentary film about People Like Us has been screening in cinemas and festivals since Autumn 2015. Currently, Vicki is focussing on expanding both audio and moving image work for a multiscreen and multi-speakered environment with Recombinant Media Labs, and the new Expanded Radio commission Optimized! broadcast on WFMU in June 2016. Her most recent commission No One Is An Island, for WDR, broadcast on 9 April 2016.

QUASI UNA FANTASIA is a duo including La Diva Christina and Pierre-Jean Vranken influenced by the minimalism and by composers such as Feldman and Cage

With three albums and several smaller releases and splits, Undergang have since 2008 been playing a lot of shows both nationally and across Europe, North America, Japan, Australia, Russia and so forth.  2017 will also offer the release of Undergang’s 4th studio album to be released by Me Saco Un Ojo records (LP) and Dark Descent records (CD) in June.
A new death/ grindcore band from Finland. They recorded in 2015
« Horrid Tales of Death… » EP and 2016 « Rehearsal Tape ’16 ».

Legendary drummer Tony Buck will share stage with eclectic
experimental bass player Massimo Pupillo for a set of free jazz, experimental and noise.

Thank you for your time and for reading.

Please contact me if you want to set up a concert for one of the bands/artists.



Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
1030 Brussels


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