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Availability: 25th April
Territory: Belgium

SEC_  (Italy)
Availability: 4th and 5th June
Territories: France, Belgium, The Netherlands

Availability: October-November-December 2017
Territory: Europe

Availability:6th May
Territory: Belgium

SEC_ is the moniker of Mimmo Napolitano, electro-acoustic musician and composer from Naples, Italy.
His main instrument is the reel-to-reel tape recorder, that he uses to both warp sound materials, creating unpredictable and grotesque joints, and in connection with devices like no-input mixing board, synthesizer, pick-up, CRT TV, generating weird rhythmical interactions between devices and driving this way the musique concrète closer to power electronics and club culture. Continuously trespassing the borders between analog and digital, structured and improvised, narrative and abstract, SEC_ is rather interested in the relation between the physicality of sound (and of the generation of it) and what we can maybe still call “musicality”. Elements of this sound universe are cuts, bangs, twisted rhythms, sharp or animalistic sounds, deep drones, in which you can scent remains of industrial, techno, dub, metal, horror movies soundtracks…
Co-founder, in 2005, of the avant-rock band Weltraum, since 2008 he collaborates with Mario Gabola in the duo Aspec(t) and with musicians of different areas (electro-acoustic, noise, free-rock). With these formations and in solo he has played extensively around Europe, in many kind of venues and events, as well as in festival such as: L’Audible (Paris), All Ears (Oslo), Cable (Nantes), Flussi (Avellino), Akouphene (Geneve)…

Born in Cambridge and raised in the Fens, Richard Youngs began making music at the start of the seventies. His early work centred on the family piano. When this was sold in the late seventies, however, the classical guitar and cassette recorder became his instruments of choice, along with anything at hand that made a sound. From then on he has played any number of roles with bands such as Astral Social Club, Concrete Hedge, No Deserts, Jandek and Future Pilot A.K.A. Recent collaborative work with Andrew Paine, Heatsick, Kawabata Makoto and John Clyde-Evans also show him as a highly social musician.
His catalogue of releases wanders into all kinds of zones over a vast array of albums on various labels including his No Fans imprint: they include accapella, guitars, pipes or electronics and come out of solitude and in partnership with atmospheres that range from fragmental folk to all-out fuzz.

John Butcher is a saxophonist of rare grace and power, who has expanded the vocabulary of the saxophone far beyond the conventions of jazz and other musics, to encompass a staggering range of harmonics, multiphonics, overtones, percussive sounds, and electronic feedback. But his playing is far more than merely an array of special effects: it’s characterised by an intensity that propels it into strange new places that are both incredibly beautiful and deeply exhilarating.
Gino Robair is an American composer, improvisor, drummer, and percussionist. In his own work (as a soloist and in improvisation ensembles), he plays prepared/modified percussion, analog synthesizer, ebow and prepared piano, theremin, and bowed objects (polystyrene, customized/broken cymbals, faux daxophone, metal). Although Gino is often referred to as a jazz musician, he grew up playing both rock and concert music.

As a child, Toni Cutrone aka Mai Mai Mai followed his parents around Europe and the Near East, ending up in the south of Italy, assimilating different cultures, atmospheres and sonorities of the places he was involuntarily taken to. These sensations and sounds were intense enough to leave indelible traces in his music, but Roman noise omnivore Cutrone own decade-plus experience in the Italian underground has doubtless played a role as well.

Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
1030 Brussels


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