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To whom it may concern,

Please find here some bands and artists I’m offerring you this week.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to set up a gig for one of them. Thanks for your time and reading.

PILOOT (Belgium)

Availanility: Between 7th and 29th Septembe, between 2nd and 15th October and from 11th December onwards
Territory: Europe + UK


Availability: From 8th November onwards
Territory: Europe + UK


Availability: Early October 2017
Territory: Europe


Availability: Between early September 2017 and December 2018
Territory: Europe + UK

BEGAYER (France)

Availability: From 8th November onwards
Territory: Europe + UK


Availability: Between 12th and 30th November
Territory: Belgium


Availability: Mid November + December 2017
Territory: Europe + UK


« This trio is probably the best possibility to experience the pinnacle of improv-free-rock-kraut-jazz that a combo like CAN sublimely offered its audience in the 70′ s. » – Rodolphe Coster.

PILOOT is an astral journey driven by pulsating improvisations leaving you swirling in kaleidoscopic, euphoric and soothing soundscapes.
The eponym debut album delivers 5 instant compositions, a Hypnotic Krautrock in search of a trance-like feeling through repetitive patterns, drones and ecstatic chaos. A leap into the void between impermanence and resurgence; a fine balance between the unexpected and the unforeseen.

Tom Pauwels (Bornem, Belgium, 1974) studied classical guitar in Brussels, Köln and Münster with Albert Sundermann, Hubert Käppel and Reinbert Evers respectively.
In 1995, during his studies at the Brussels Conservatory, he was involved in the founding of Black Jackets Company, a Brussels collective of composers and performers. Ever since these early experiments he has been active in the field of contemporary music, both on classical and electric guitar. From 1999 until 2001 he was a regular member of Champ D’Action, the Antwerp-based ensemble for experimental music. From 2002 to 2016 he has worked as a co-artistic leader for the new music ensemble ICTUS (Brussels). Project-wise, he performs with the Anglo-Belgian octet Plus-Minus, ‘Elastic 3’ and Letter Piece Company. He has recorded works by Craenen, Lachenmann, Shlomowitz, Van Eycken and for Cyprès (Ictus) works by Oehring, Harada, Romitelli and Aperghis.

Shit and Shine is an noise rock project based in London. Formed in 2004 by Texas-born bandleader Craig Clouse, its percussion-driven sound mixes noise rock with electronics.[1] Besides Clouse, who is the only consistent member, the band has an ever rotating line-up, usually consisting of multiple drummers.

Needle and the Pain Reaction is an energetic dark groovy sonic guitar grunge punk band. More then 15 years active in the underground scene, they’re known for their DIY approach, their strong live reputation, their legenday gureilla concerts and European and Canadian tours. Influenced by bands as The Jezus Lizard, Metz, Helmet, TAD, Smile…

French songs, noises, rumors of distant and early musics, short and cruel poems, handcrafted instruments inspired by African and Asian craftsmanship, Radio-amplifiers, circuit bending and other wasted electronic devices.
Bégayer is a trio from the south-east of France. In 2016, they signed on the parisian label « Le Saule », quickly releasing two short tapes. Their last record, « L’fsèr, calmé les oiseaux » has been released in past december.

Five times BBC Radio 2 Folk Award nominee Jim Causley is a singer/musician who is passionate about traditional song and particularly that of his native Westcountry. He became involved with traditional music from a young age via his family, the local folk scene and an historical tradition of wassailing in his home village of Whimple, East Devon. After studying Jazz & Popular Music at Exeter College he went on to study Traditional Music at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. During this time he became involved in the wider folk scene and gained interest as a solo performer in folk clubs and festivals throughout the country.

Worked at O.R.T.F. (French National Television), as a member of the Group of Musical Researches (G.R.M), under the leadership of Pierre Schaeffer (1963-70), contributed to Pierre Schaeffer’s book « Traité des Objets Musicaux » (1966), participated to the records realisation from « Solfège de l’Objet Sonore » by Pierre Schaeffer (1967). Since 1970 she is a free composer.. En 1975, Ferreyra is a member of the « Collège des Compositors » created by the G.M.E.B. Since 1967 she had commissions for concerts, festivals, film’s and TV music, theatre, video, write articles and gives seminaries and lectures, and had prizes till 1975. In 2014 she was elected as an Honour Member of the CIME/ICEM.


Alain Bolle


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