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Booking offers

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To whom it may concern,

In this weeks’s newsletter I’m offering you three bands and artists.
Please get back to me if you want to set up a concert/performance for one of them.

Availability: between 25th March and 15th April 2018
Territory: Europe + UK


Availability: From mid April 2018 onwards
Territory: Europe + UK


Availability: 15th April
Territory: Belgium and The Netherlands

With a melodic cluster dripping into a pool of dark water, UkabazUmorezU’s arrival ripples as an apex in Sugai Ken’s continued construction of a deeply resonant, enveloping sound world. Upon contact, UkabazUmorezU gently and generously unfurls across aural alleys and streets mundanely but mystically detailed with recontextualized Japanese rituals and tradition.

Stijn Demeulenaere is a sound artist and field recordist from Belgium. Latitudes is a project where he brings sounds from North and South together. During several residencies he made recordings in the northern tundra climate of Iceland and the subtropical climate of South Africa. The recordings in Iceland were made during a Wildeye residency guided by Chris Watson and Jez Riley French in 2015. The sounds from South Africa were recorded during the 2013 Sonic Mmabolela
residency under curatorship of Francisco López.

Sannhet (Norwegian for « truth »[2]) is an American experimental metal band from Brooklyn, New York. The band formed in 2010 by John Refano, Christopher Todd, and AJ Annunziata. They have released two full-length albums as well as a variety of EPs and singles which were collected together and released in their 2016 compilation album Young Death. Sannhet has become known for their elaborate live shows which combine their « dense » sound with lights, projected visualizations and rhythm-synced strobes.[1] They are an instrumental band with a sound that combines black metal, sludge metal, and shoegaze with the structures and orders of post-rock and post-punk, though unlike other bands with similar influences, they tend to favor shorter song structures.

Thank you for reading.

I look forward to hearing from you.




Tonight at les Ateliers Claus….

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Noisy Crescendo (playlist)

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Playlist du programme Noisy Crescendo diffusé sur les ondes de Radio Campus le dimanche 5 novembre entre 22h30 et minuit

1/ Trost: PETER BRÖTZMANN/JIM O’ROURKE/KEIHI HAINO: « One fine day ». Two City Blues

2/ Mnoad: NATE WOLLEY: « Polychiral ». Polychiral.

3/ Thirty Tigers: TANYA TAGAQ: « Sulfu ». Retribution.

4/ Black Basset: LA JUNGLE: « Technically you’re dead ». Second Album.

5/ Strut: SUN RA: « I’m an instrument ». Singles.

6/ Grape Fruit: MORNING AFTER: « Trying to find my way back ». I’m a Freak, Baby……….

7/ Future Drops: TIM BUCKLEY: « Sixface ». Lady, Give Me Your Key

8/ Bear Family: ARTHUR ‘BIG BOY’ CRUDUP: « You did not mean a word ». A Music Man Like Nobody Ever Saw.

9/ Bureau B: MOEBIUS: « Mittler ». Musik For Metropolis.

10/ Secretly Canadian: JOHN LENNON? & YOKO ONO: « Side two ». Two Virgins.

11/ Rune Grammofon: SPUNK: « Spunk 20 ist set ». Still Eating Ginger For Breakfast.

12/ Wonder: DJ KHALAB/BABA SISSOKO: « Nana ». Khalab & Baba.

13/ Glass: ANDREW PAINE – Album: Sky Movers Must Fight On.

Booking offers…..

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Dear promoters,

Please find here under the musisians/bands/arttists I’m offering you this week.
Feel free to get back to me if you want to set up a gig/concert/performance for one of them.


Availability: 27th, 28th, 29th January 2018
Territory: Belgium

TONY BUCK (Australia)
Availability: from 2nd week of April onwards
Territory: Europe

GOLEM MECANIQUE (France) [2] [3]
Availability: From early February 2018 onwards
Territory: Europe

Availability; Between 12th and 15th March
Territories: Belgium + the Netherlands

Availability: 2018
Territory: Europe except but The Netherlands

WEDGE (Germany)

Availability: On request
Territory: Belgium

Musician, guitarist, composer, songwriter, artistic director, sonorosophe… He loves and rocks everything that makes sound. He practices free improvisation, prepared guitar. He plays with music as he likes to play it. New creative live music.
Still close to the punk spirit of his debuts or to the Oblique Strategies of Brian Eno & Peter Schmidt, he is at an in-between place, playing with notes, sounds, lines, but also preparing things, pre-arranging them.
For a long time guitarist of Albert Marcoeur, his electric guitar led him on stage with Julien Baillod, Frédéric Bargeon-Briet, Pierre Bastien, quatuor Béla, Han Bennink, Sébastien Boisseau, Noémi Boutin, Nicolas Courret, Denis Charolles, Denis Chouillet, Stéphane Fromentin, Etienne Grass, Haco, Sylvaine Helary, Oscar Jan Hoogland, Jean20 Huguenin, Dylan James, Erwan Keravec, Joëlle Léandre, Carl Ludwig Hübsch, Laurent Paris, Nicolas Pointard, Christophe Rocher, Camille Secheppet, Serge Teyssot-Gay, Ali Wagué, Etenesh Wassié, and others.
Eric THOMAS finds himself naturally in trans-genre projects, which make the link between music(s) and sound(s). But also between sound materials and other artistic fields. So he composes feature film musics, occurs to the theater, builds sound installations.

Tony Buck has been performing solo concerts for at least two decades. In the past, these performances have often incorporated live electronics and sampling, but, in the last 10 years or so, he has concentrated on creating live, improvised pieces using the drumkit, assorted small percussion instruments, guitar, video and other acoustic sound sources.

Golem Mecanique is a project designed around the manipulation of sound and voice, creating its first echoes in the personal synthesis of different myths and intimate landscapes, studied
and reorganized according to specific paths: manipulated recordings, drone, concrete sounds, singing voice, spoken voice, sound poetry, whispers, repetitive series

Lead by New York City heavy hitter Jim McHugh (Nymph, Dark Meat), Sunwatchers are nothing if not unusual. Relying heavily on saxophones, guitars and keys, this album mashes avant-jazz and punk tendencies where droning, repetition and improv sensibilities are simultaneously perplexing and engaging. Noisey, meticulous and beautifully chaotic, though there’s only 7 songs, it’s 40 minutes of inimitable psyche/punk/jazz/cosmic and vocal-less art.

Arto Lindsay does not need of presentations… guitarist [2], singer
[3], record producer [4] and experimental [5]composer [6]. He first
achieved recognition as part of New York no wave [7] group DNA [8] in
the late 1970s.

He has a distinctive soft voice and an often noisy, self-taught guitar
style consisting almost entirely of extended techniques [9], described
by Brian Olewnick « studiedly naïve … sounding like the bastard
child of Derek Bailey [10] ». His guitar work is contrasted frequently
with gentler, sensuous Brazilian music [11] themes.
ZS in the immediate aftermath of their critically acclaimed album
‘Xe’, is developing a new record of material and fostering a series of
exciting collaborations.
ZS’ new work is predicated on their ‘near telepathic’ group playing,
developed during years of hard touring.
New collaborations with Arto Lindsay, visual artist Tauba Auerbach,
and director Miles Joris-Peyrafitte in addition to continued
collaborations with in-house projectionist Laura Paris.
ZS is currently planning the roll out of a new record, and of all
these collaborations.

Since the release of their long sold out debut, WEDGE are
definitely an integral part of the European Rock scene. Over a short
time the group managed to establish a steadily growing fan base by
PLAYING NEARLY UP TO 200 SHOWS SINCE 2014 in numerous countries such
as Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Austria,
Switzerland, Luxembourg, Poland, Czech Republic, Belgium, England,
Greece, Israel and of course Germany.THIS INCLUDES FAMOUS FESTIVALS
such as Bukta Open Air, Desert Fest, Stoned from the Underground,
etc., and support gigs for bands such as Fu Manchu (US), Blues Pills
(SE), Orchid (US), The Flying Eyes (US), Lucifer (UK), Pontiac (US),
Simo (US), to name but a few.

Thanks for reading.



Noise Addict playlist

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Voici la playlist du programme Noise Addict qui fut diffusé sur les ondes de Radio Campus le dimanche 28 octobre entre 22h30 et minuit

1/ LE TON MITE: « La danse carrée ». Passe Composé Futur Conditionnel. Made To Measure. 2017

2/ LAIBACH: « Ein Verkündiger ». Also Sprach Zarathustra. Mute. 2017.

3/ FREDERIC LE JUNTER: « Chemin des limites ». CCAM. 2017.

4/ ADULT: « This situation ». Detroit House Guest. Mute. 2017.

5/ LUSTMORD/DREAD: « A New Dark Dub ». Abt-Zen. 2017

6/ TONY CONRAD: « Ten years alive on the infinite planet ». Superior Viaduct. 1972.

7/ GNOD: « People ». Just Say No To The Psycho Right-Wing Fascist Industrial Death. Rocket. 2017.

8/ VEDA: « Here ». Prefacd ep. Auto Production. 2017

9/ THY ART IS MURDER: « Death dealer ». Dear Solution. Nuclear Blast. 2017

10/ LENTO: « A matter of urgency ». Fourth. Consouling Sounds. 2017

Philippe et Alain

Booking offers

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Dear promoters,

Please find here under the artists I’m offering you this week.
Feel free to get back to me if you feel like setting up a
gig/performance/concert for one of them.


Availability: January, February and April 2018
Territory: Europe + UK


Availability: Between 18th April and 1st May
Territory: Europe + UK


Avalabilities and territories:
Jan 21-24 – Amsterdam / Prague / Belgium / Sweden / Northern Germany
Jan 29 – Amsterdam / Bruxelles / or Germany (Wetzlar / Bonn /
January 31 – Darmstadt / Frankfurt / Offenbach / Mainz / Wiesbaden /
Kaiserslautern / Stug-gart
Feb 4, 5, 6 – Switzerland / West Austria
Feb 9 – Southeast Germany / Northwest Austria


Availability: From late March onwards
Territories: Europe + UK (except but Belgium)


Availability; 1st June 2018
Territory: Belgium


Availability: From early February 2018 onwards
Territory: Europe



Born in Bamako (Mali), Baba Sissoko is the undisputed master of
tamani (the original talking drum), that he started to play since he
was a child (thanks to the teaching of his grand-father Djeli Baba
Sissoko and Djeli Maka Sissoko and Djatourou Sissoko) and from which
he is able to extract all the notes simply with a one, natural
Baba Sissoko plays also ngoni, kamalengoni, guitar, balaphon,
calebasse, Hang and… he sings!
He is from a great and ancient dynasty of griots from Mali: in the
Malian tradition, griots are deputed to calm down hearts and souls,
by means of music. Baba Sissoko has been the first one to introduce
the sound of tamani in the modern music of Mali.
In the Baba compositions there is a great influence of Amadran, that
is a repetitive and hypnotic musical structure typical from Mali by
which, according to many researchers, blues was born/


Percussionist, self-taught musician, Florian Tositti focuses on
audible phenomena and possible capture of any event that can be
replicated and represented acoustically. Mixing these practices work
in articulating the sound architecture and social space, he seeks to
build performances and installations by site, implementing a
conceptual approach that is both playful and improvised related to
sound art and poetic experience. This trend reflects a willingness
to discover rather than invent. Solo or in group, he have played
with Seijiro Murayama, Jason Kahn, Burkhard Beins, Z’ev, Julien
Ottavi and share the stage with Yann Gourdon, Antez, Aymeric
Hainaux, Morihide Sawada, Chris Corsano, Hong Chulki among others.


YUP will be making his yearly round of Europe this Winter (Jan/Feb
2018) with his new album « High Diver » on Blang Records UK, this time
with a few different options. There will be 5 different sets which
promoters can choose from for the performances:
A collaboratively written song with the audience which getsrecorded
at the show, creating an album over the course of the tour
Loops – hip-hop freak-folk with improvisational variance (
Seth Sings Soft Songs – all quiet set (Best That I can [2])
Loops with Painting – Improvised loops while simultaneously painting
Dufus and newer high intensity songs performed solo with acoustic
guitar (Rubberband
Local musicians capable of reading music perform some of Seth’s
written works.
Each concert will have its own playbill with set lists and other
info about the music, a special keepsake for audience members.
Ideally, there will be three short sets, each one with their own
mood and experience. The idea is that people will know what is going
to happen at these concerts and have a unique experience.


After the 18 people big band Book of Air ‘vvolk’, Book of Air
presents ‘Fieldtone’ a bundle of compositions performed by a
five-piece ensemble.
Inspired by the invisible groove and variable silence of different
natural locations. The attention to this « fieldtone » or Room Tone
intensifies the perception of the sounds being played and the
experience of the space in which one is located.
Currently they are playing with a slow-art movie concert by Book of
Air fieldtone quintet & videast Wim van Egmond.
The performance presents a mesmerizing gathering of the slow-growing
micro worlds of Wim van Egmond and the silent invisible grooves of
Book of Air fieldtone.
Photographer and Videast and Prize winner Wim van Egmond maneuvers
between art and science. Egmond is fascinated by the world of
monocots and other little creatures, only visible with the
microscope. His images are purely realistic in nature, but visually
unknown images to us.
A lagged world in terms of time and space, rest and acoustic sounds;
between jazz, minimalism, electronic art and organic postrock.
A sow downed moment in time of image and sound.


Toke was born in the swamps of North Carolina in early 2014. Since
day one, they have been touring, putting out albums and getting the
world stoned on our strain of heavy blues music!
They have released two albums; our first album ‘Purple’ released in
2015 and most recent ‘Orange’, which we’re both received well.
They’ve played doomed & stones fest, Shadow woods music fest, Psycho
Las Vegas and now have they will come to Europe for the first time
in 2018!


Golem Mecanique is a project designed around the manipulation of
sound and voice, creating its first echoes in the personal synthesis
of different myths and intimate landscapes, studied
and reorganized according to specific paths: manipulated recordings,
drone, concrete sounds, singing voice, spoken voice, sound poetry,
whispers, repetitive series

Thanks for your time and reading.

All the best.


Noise Addict playlist

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Voici la playlist du programme Noise Addict diffusé sur les ondes de Radio Campus le dimanche 15 octobre entre 22h30 et minuit

1/ Jean Delouvroy: JEAN DELOUVROY: ‘Reufelsbertg’. 2015. Jean Delouvroy

2/ FM EINHEIT + MASSIMO PUPILLO « Evol ». [Youtube]

3/ SUPERSILENT: « 13.7 ». Supersilent 13. 2016. Smalltown Supersound

4/ VALGEIR SIGURDSSON: « Dissonance ». Dissonance. 2017. Bedroom Community.

5/ AXEL DÖRNER (Youtube)

6/ MAX LODERBAUER & JACEK SENKIEWICZ: « Sir ». 2017. Recognition.

7/ DAVID TOOP: « Entities inertias faint beings ». (Youtube)

8/ PUBLIC SERVICE BROADCASTING: « All out ». Every Valley. 2017; Test Card.

9/ ANTHONY MOORE: « Muna h-uile ». (Youtube)

10/ RUSSELL HASWELL: « Rave splurge noise fm ». As Sure As Night. 2016. Diagonal.

11/ NINA (Soundcloud)

12/ ADRIAN SHERWOOD + ROBERT ELLIS : « Gun Law » – Man vs. Sofa – 2017. On-U-Sound.

13/ DÄLEK: « The Son of Immigrants » – Endangered Philosophies – 2017 – Ipecac.

14/ THE DWARFS OF EAST AZOUGA: « Bes » (Youtube)

15/ UNSANE: « We’re Fucked » – Sterilize – 2017 – Southern Lord.

16/ FULL OF HELL: « Digital Prison » – ? – 2017. Profound Lore.

Philippe & Alain