Booking offers (week 18)

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To whom it may concern,

I’m proposing you these bands and artists this week.

Please tell me if you want to set up a concert for one of them.



September: available 11-14.
October: available 2-31.
December: available 18-23.

Territories: Europe


Availabilities: 9th, 10th, 12th November
Territory: Europe


Availability: From early November onwards
Territory: Europe


Francisco López is internationally recognized as one of the main figures on the stage of sound art and experimental music. His experience in the field of sound creation and work with environmental recordings covers a period of more than thirty five years, during which he has developed an impressive sound universe that is completely personal and iconoclastic and based on profound listening to the world.
Francisco López’s sound performances are something beyond a « normal » musiconcert. An intense and rich sonic immersive experience in the dark, with a surround multi-channel sound system and blindfolds provided for the audience. Virtual worlds of sound created out of a myriad of original sources collected all over the world -from rainforests and deserts to factories and buildings from multiple locations in the six continents- and mutated and evolved during years of studio work through the master compositional skills of López’s universe. » The space is reconfigured with a multi-channel surround system around the audience, which is placed in seats arranged in concentric circles facing the outside array of speakers. The performer operates from the center of the space (not on
stage), in order to be able to control live the sound as is heard by the audience.

Ashley Paul is an American performer/ composer currently based in London. Her intuitive process integrates free form song structures with a focused approach to sound and clatter. A complexity of instruments including saxophone, clarinet, voice, prepared strings, bells and percussion create a delicate palette, uniquely her own.

Adam Matschulat is a sound artist and composer from Sao Paulo, Brasil. Living in London since 2007 he produces experimental music with influences rooted in musique concrete, industrial noise and acousmatic music. His performances contrast with his studio work as it focuses on using the space and unfolds with improvised electronic processing.


Alain Bolle

Booking offers

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Dear all,

Please find here a selection of bands and artists I’m offering you this week: David First, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Pierre Berthet & Rie Nakajima, Midnight Mines

Feel free to contact me if you want to set up a concert for one of them.

Thanks for your time and reading.


Availability: October + November 2017
Territory: Europe


Availability: from late October onwards
Territories: The Benelux, France


Availability: 5th, 6th, 7th October
Territory: Germany + Benelux


Availability: Tbc
Territory: Tbc


David Firstʼs musical life is filled with opposites and extremes. At the age of twenty he played guitar with renowned avant-jazz pianist Cecil Taylor in a legendary Carnegie Hall concert. Two years after that he was creating electronic music at Princeton University (an LP of which was released in January 2014 on Dais Records) and leading a Mummerʼs String Band in Philadelphia parades. He has played in raucous drunken bar bands and in pin-drop quiet concert halls with classical ensembles. As a composer First has created everything from finely crafted pop songs to long, severely minimalist drone-works. His performances often find him sitting trance-like without seeming to move a muscle, unless he is playing with his recently re-formed psychedelic punk band, Notekillers.

This self-styled ‘spontaneous music ensemble’ eschew formal song-writing for laying down improvised bursts of music during their recording sessions. The resulting live jams are subsequently chopped, screwed and assembled into tracks, filtered through their love of obscure 60s garage no-hopers, outsider folk, The Fall, fried dub, early industrial and other esoteric concerns. Baron Saturday and Private Sorrow swap instruments and splice together tracks built out of old drum machines, feedback, 2-note riffs, atonal harmonies, transistor organs and repetitive mantras. They recently released their first LP ‘If You Can’t Find A Partner Use A Wooden Chair’ on their own Mystery Plane imprint, following 3 cassette compilations of basement experiments.

It’s a pretty perfect balance of obnoxiousness, ridiculousness, intensity and theatrics, and somewhere within that spectrum is where our music sits too. » reckons Matthew Baty, whose vein-popping onstage performances and cathartic bellow form a primary ingredient of the Newcastle five-piece’s devastating live shows. « We truly love the emotionally dark bands that we are in (Ommadon, Blown Out, Khunnt). Pigs however provided an opportunity to do something different, something that is fun with a different kind of intensity.

Rie Nakajima and Pierre Berthet have been creating various ways to vibrate things so that their acoustic shadows dance around: invisible air volumes that reshape constantly, move in the space, enter in the most secret places and inside ourselves. A way to get closer to things inherent spirits is to listen to them. Eventually encouraging them to produce sounds and resonate by various means: to hit, caress, shake, beat, scrape, scratch, claw, boil, clap, rattle, rock, throw, move, magnetize, clamp, cook, pinch, galvanize, motorize, bow, blow, pluck, heath up, let flow, freeze, drop, drip, connect, roll, mix, extend, sing…


Alain Bolle

Noisy Crescendo: playlist

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Voici la playlist du programme Noisy Crescendo qui fut diffusé sur les ondes de radio Campus le dimanche 16 avril entre 22h30 et minuit

1/ Treehouse: KING SIZE SLIM: « Fire to the stone ». Chukka Chukka

2/ Naïve: BAPTISTE TROTIGNON/NICHOLAS ANGELICH: « Moteur ». Concerto Pour Piano

3/ Edie Editions: KATERINE: « Automobile ». Le Film.

4/ Bureau B: CLUSTER: « Proantipro ». Cluster 1971-1981.

5/ SubRosa: ULTRAPHALLUS: « Whitewasher ». The Art Of Spectres

6/ Playasound: UN TRAGUITO MAS: « Nostalgias ». Adonquiera [Latin Folk Songs]

7/ SubRosa: ROB[U]RANG: « Oogun efori ». Ofo.

8/ Stroboscopic Artefact: LUCY: « A millenia old anniversary ». Self Mithology.

9/ Herakles: JIMI TENOR – Album: Saxentric

Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
1030 Brussels

Noise Addict (playlist)

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Voici la playlist du programme Noise Addict diffusé sur les ondes de radio Campus le dimanche 2 avril entre 22h30 et minuit.

1/ Alligator: MARIA MCKEE: « Light hour light shine on me ». Various-God Don’t Never Change: The Songs Of Blind Willie Johnson

2/ Thrill Jockey: THE BODY: « Starving deserter ». No One Deserves Happiness.

3/ Soul Jazz: IGGY AND THE STOOGES: « I got a right ». Various-Punk 45. Chaos In The City Of Angels And Devils.

4/ Cherry Red: THE FALL: « Dedication ». Wise Ol’ Man

5/ Tonkori; MAREWREW: « Arian ». Cikapuni.

6/ Jnana: CHRIS CONNELLY & MICHAEL BEGG: « The house and the thrown rider ». New Town Nocturnes.

7/ Kongsberg Musikrad: JAN IBRO KHELIL: « Wella govend ranabe ». Lament For Syria

8/ Editions Mego: COH: « 132 ». Music Vol.

9/ Family Prod: SUE ALLEN & OSCAR BLACK: « Hold me baby ». Various-Groovin’ The Blues

10/ Blue House Music: MARTY O’REILLY & THE OLD SOUL ORCHESTRA: « Calmbium ». Pray For Rain

11/ Cherry Red: ALTERNATIVE TV: « Action time vision ». Viva La Rock ‘n’ Roll

12/ Intuition: MICHEL GODARD & LE MIROIR DU TEMPS; « L’école de procrastination ». A Serpent’s Dream.

13/ Pipeline: DENMAN MARONEY – Album Hyperpiano

Philippe & Alain

Booking offers (week 13 – 2017): Will Guthrie, Arabot, Damily, Von Stroheim, Greg Fox.

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Dear all,


Here are the bands/artists I’m proposing you this week so that maybe you can set up a concert for one of them:  Will Guthrie, Arabot, Damily, Von Stroheim, Greg Fox.


Please get back to me asap if you need more info.



I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible





WILL GUTHRIE (Australia)

Availability: Between 29th and 31st May 2017 Territory; Belgium


ARABROT (Norway)

Availability; Between 16th and 31st October

Territory: Belgium


DAMILY (Madagascar)

Availability: Jult, August and September 2017

Territory: Belgium



Availability: On request after the Summertime

Territory: Europe



Availability: September 2017

Territory: Belgium






Will Guthrie is an Australian drummer / percussionist living in France.

He works in many different settings of music: live performance, improvisation and studio composit

using various combinations of drums, percussion, objects, junk, amplification and electronics.




Cult Norwegian noise rock act Årabrot haven’t had it easy in recent times. The band’s leader Kjetil Nernes was diagnosed with malignant throat cancer when on tour in 2014. The treatment was, he affirmed in an interview with The Quietus, ‘as close to real physical and psychological hell as you can ever go’. Remarkably Nernes was back in action with Årabrot a mere six weeks after completing treatment (doctors has originally suggested a recuperation period of up to six months). Last year the band released the short, sharp mini-album You Bunch of Idiots and now they are back with a full-length in the shape of the comprehensively titled The Gospel.



Who would have thought that in the midst of music from East Africa, South Africa and also Rock’n’Roll, in the South-West of Madagascar, there existed the music of the invincible? There, in Tuléar, a whole region has been living for the last 25 years to the sound of saturated electric guitars and to the energized rhythm of the bass drums of zebu skin.

In a land of music divided into tradition, evangelisation and mainstream pop, the Tsapiky is the enfant terrible: untameable and as furious as it is exhilarated, it took shape on the fringes, inspired in the repertory of local “traditional” music that it intensified with an ultra fast arrangement between the bass-drums-guitar, in which the high melodies and vocals weave together. A drastic remedy to the ambient misery, Tsapiky is everywhere: when people get married, buy a new car, circumcise their son, get depressed, bury their ancestors or exhume them to make merry together…there’s a party! And it is Tsapiky that leads them all into the trance.

Damily and his musicians fell in love with Tsapiky when teenagers, and Tsapiky has rewarded them well: together they have travelled through kilometres of bush with their sound system of fortune, playing for hours, for days and for nights, cut off from the world for over a decade. The group began travelling to Europe in 2006, and avoiding the usual circuits of musical production and formatting, they found a place both in underground parties and on the stages of international festivals, where they are hailed as ambassadors.

Damily, guitars, vocals / Gany-gany, vocals, percussion / Naivo,  Drums / Rakapo, bass / Kolody, vocals




von Stroheim is a cinematic doom band fronted by a female singer with a haunted voice. Their performances are powerful yet refined, their words darkly poetic and inspired by film noir. The trio’s compositions are enriched with film samples, as well as synths and theremin which give their work a truly cinematographic feel. In black and white… with an abundance of black.

We are also available for a live soundtrack on Charles Dekeukeleire’s avant-garde film Impatience (1928).



Greg Fox is a New York City born and bred drummer, multidisciplinary artist, and teacher. He has played on and released over 50 releases since 2008, including his work with Liturgy, Ben Frost, Skeletons, Hieroglyphic Being, Man Forever, as a soloist, and with his projects GDFX and Guardian Alien. Fox has studied drumming with Thurman Barker, Marvin “Bugalu” Smith, Guy Licata, and Milford Graves, has toured worldwide with various groups and collaborations, held multiple international music residencies, and was awarded “Best Drummer in NYC”

by the Village Voice. 2017 will see the release of a few new records (TBA), some touring in Europe and Japan as a solo performer and with Zs, Colin Stetson, Ex Eye, and Guardian Alien, as well as the continuation and expansion of his private and group teaching practice



All the best.









Alain Bolle / Some Noise

84, Rue des Pâquerettes

1030 Brussels


Noisy Crescendo playlist

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Voici la playlist du programme Noisy Crescendo qui fut diffusé sur les ondes de Radio Campus le dimanche 19 mars 2017 entre 22h30 et minuit

1/ Thrill Jockey: JAN ST WERNER: « The abstarct pit ». Felder

2/ Protasis Art: KATERINA TSIRIDOU: « Krasopino ». A Tribute To Panayiotis Toundas.

3/ Cnm: JOANA AMENDOEIRA: « Teu lindo nome ». Muito Depois.

4/ Makkum: ZEA: « On going home ». The Swimming City.

5/ Fremeaux & Associes: MOUNE DE RIVEL: « Introduction » + « Kiembelo ». L’Intégrale Chronologie 1949-1962.

6/ Specula: TEHO TEARDO + BLIXA BARGELD: « Ulgae ». Neressimo.

7/ Teenage Menopause: HEIMAT: ‘So traurig ». Heimat.

8/ Carpe Diem: HILDEGAARD VON BINGEN: « Antiphona karitas habundat ». Vox Cosmica.

9/ Chandos: HECTOR BERLIOZ: « Lelio, ou le retour à la vie, pp. 14bis. Lelio, Ou Le Retour A La Vie

10/ Topic: MARTIN BYRNES: « Reels st Ruth’s bush ». Various It Was Mighty.

11/ Rocket: GNOD: « Learn to forgive ». Mirror

12/ Afro 7: THE SCORPIOS – album The Scorpios

Stéphane et Alain

Booking offers (week 12 – 2017): Mdou Moctar, Mohammad, Marconi Union, Sadism, Pristine, Glorias Navales

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Please find here the bands and artists I’m proposing you this week:  Mdou Moctar, Mohammad, Marconi Union, Sadism, Pristine, Glorias Navales

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you want to set up a concert for one of them. I can give you any info you might ne willing to get.

All the best.


Availability: From late September onwards
Territory: Europe

Availabilities and territories: 10th and 11th April (North England), 14th April (North Of France), 18th or 25th April (North of Germany)

Availabilities: 31st May + 2nd June 2017
Territory: Belgium

SADISM (Chile)
Availability: 23rd June
Territory: Belgium

Availability: September 2017
Territory: Belgium

Availability: June 2017
Territory: Belgium


Founder members Richard Talbot and Jamie Crossley with Duncan Meadows who joined in 2012 – are thought to be “amongst today’s most talented musicians” (The Sunday Times). They have continually steadily developed and refined a unique musical identity, evoking emotions from gracefully blending elements of dub, jazz, ambience and electronica within their richly melodic compositions.
Their music is perfection: measured and solemn on occasion, misty and dreamy on others, discordant and grating as well, but always underpinned with a hint of experimentation that pushes boundaries, setting out to challenge as well as to entertain. They are never afraid to accept the challenge of making new music rather than just repeating their earlier work.
Marconi Union are probably best known internationally for ‘Weightless’, (“One of the most popular ambient tracks of all time” Yahoo), claimed to be the most relaxing track in the world with its tens of millions of streams and YouTube views, even earning the accolade of being named as one of the ‘Best Inventions Of The Year’ by Time Magazine).
The group have previously played at a variety of festivals and events, notably Big Chill festival, Punkt! festival in Norway at the invitation of Brian Eno, and most recently the Deershed Festival in the UK.

Delighted to host Chile’s Glorias Navales as part of their very first European tour. The group get together regularly in a private space in Santiago to jam out a type of late night campfire trance music, bridging the gap aesthetically and stylistically between Chilean folk music (ala Violeta Parra) and ramshackle post-Velvets psychedelia. Their sound – crafted on acoustic guitars, violin and stomp box – have resulted in stunning releases; ‘Carta a Maureen Tucker’ ETCS and ‘Cofradia Nautical’ on Graham Lambkin’s KYE label

In the somewhat crowded scene of Tuareg guitarists, Mdou stands apart from his peers. One of the few original singer/songwriters willing to experiment and push the boundaries of the genre, his unconventional styles have won him accolades both in Niger and abroad.
Mdou Moctar hails from Abalak, in the Azawagh desert of Niger. He taught himself the guitar at a young age on a homemade instrument. Inspired by returning Ishumar, Mdou traveled the road to Libya where he traveled and worked odd jobs. As chance had, he would meet some of the now famous guitarists and further his musical studies. He returned home with a guitar and a dream.

Sadism was formed in 1988. the main idea was to play the most brutal music for those days ( death – metal ) , but a few musicians were capacited to do that. at the beginning the founder members ( j.p. donoso and r. roberts ) started under the name of ‘’black vomit ‘’, being replaced to ‘’ sadist ‘’ and finally as ‘’ sadism ‘’. months later they find the people that the band needed, at last sadism was completed.

PRISTINE means unaltered, impeccable, pure, unspoiled. Four attributes that give a perfect description for the Norwegian band and its musicians. The band is led by singer and songwriter Heidi Solheim, and with one solid foot in the seventies rock genre they forge on with power and passion.

Leaving behind their folk based trilogy, Mohammad return to their own original material. Heavy and concentrated, majestic and dark, ethereal and subtle, Pèkisyon Funebri marks a new era in Mohammad’s existence, unfolding earthly murmurs and ghostly chants over their distinctive seismic diapasons. An exhilarating procession through highly charged sonic plateaus, from the burning core to the silent skies.

Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
1030 Brussels

Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
1030 Brussels