Noisy Crescendo – playlist

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Voici la playlist du programme Noisy Crescendo qui fut diffusé sur les ondes de Radio Campus le dimanche 8 avril entre 22h30 et minuit.

1/ Toys Have Power; Ho99o9: « Sub-zero ». United States Of Horror.

2/ Harmonia Mindi: PHILIPPE CASSART: « Analys de l’oeuvre de Scubert. Notes Du Traducteur, vol.1

3/ Dust To Digital: ROBERT WALKER: ‘Lost Jimmie Whalen’. Various-Folksongs of Another America.

4/ Basta: RAYMOND SCOTT: « Portofino’. Three Willow Park.

5/ Smithsonian Folkways: ELLA PARKER: « Lord Barnett ». Various-Classic Scottish Ballads.

6/ Loop Music: EARL BRUTUS: « Earl Brutus display purchasing power ». Your Majesty…We Are Here.

7/ Stern Music: KANDIA KOUYATE; « Calara donfoli ». Renascence?

8/ Rare Noiser: THURSTON MOORE/MERZBOW/MATS GUSTAFSSON/BAKAZS PANDI: « Divided by steel » + « falling gracefully ». Cuts OF Guilt, Cuts Deeper

9/ Domino: BONNIE ‘Prince’ BILLY: « The odon on the bar ». Pond Scum/

10/ Domino: AVEY TARE: « Coral lords ». Eucalyptus.

11/ Sublime Frequencies: RAJLAKHI MUKERJEE: « Bengalese female song ». Various-Indian Talking Machine

12/ On-U-Sound: THE MOTHMEN: « Mothman ». Pay Attention.

13/ Automatic: TISIPHONE: Album Tisiphone


Booking offers

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Hello everybody,

Please find here two artists who will be on tour in the coming months.

Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to set up a gig/performance/concert for one of them.


Availability: December 2018 + Februray/March 2019
Territory/ Europe + UK


Availabiliy: On request
Territory: Europe + UK


Mitterer studied organ, composition and electroacoustics in Vienna and Stockholm. He is not only one of the Austrian specialists for electronics as well as being equally brilliant on the keyboard and on the organ, but is also one of the most innovative composers. His work oscillates between composition and open form. Apart from music for organ and orchestra and operas he has produced electronic pieces, conceptualized sound installations, and engaged in collective improvisation with diverse groups, developing a language of extremes, tension and complexity

Stijn is a sound artist from Brussels. He makes installations, soundscapes, does live performances, gigs and sound design for dance, theatre and film

All the best


All the best.

Booking offer

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Dear all,

I am offering you one artist only this week.

Please feel free to get back to me if you want set up a concert for her.

I will tell you then what her requirements are.


Availability: On request
Territory: Europe + UK

Since 2005, pianist, vocalist, improviser, composer and founder of the Wild Silence label, Delphine Dora has discreetly published recordings on imprints such as Siren Wire, Abaton Book Company, Was Ist Das?, Fort Evil Fruit, Okraïna, Bezirk and Feeding Tube.
Her iconoclastic music, which translates her personal world into sound, is based on an idea of composition as a spontaneous process, nourished by a variety of approaches: poems and texts by the likes of Walt Whitman, Sylvia Plath or Sarah Kane are set to music; songs at once both intimate and haunting are wrought from the aether (think about Sybille Baier or Maxine Funke); raw sketches melted into lost languages; free improvisations performed for piano and for various instruments; wild vocal experimentation explored… these provide the raw materials of Delphine’s unique compositions.
She has recently revisited along with Arlt singer Eloïse Decazes – and a good deal of exuberance – Luciano Berio’s Folk Songs, written for Cathy Berberian; plunged to the bottom Mocke’s liquid guitar through thirteen delicate musical conversations, and – during the same period – summoned a shower of organ, percussions, electronic sounds, trombone and weird voices with experimentalist Sophie Cooper.
She has shared stage with artists among Liam Singer, Lau Nau, Josephine Foster, Baby Dee, Julia Holter, Marisa Anderson, James Blackshaw, Ashley Paul and performed in numerous venues and places in Europe at Cafe OTO (London, UK), EACC – Espai d’art contemporani de Castelló (Castellón, Spain), Uebel & Gefahrlich (Hamburg, Germany), Brotfabrik (Frankfurt, Germany), MK Gallery (Milton Keynes, UK), 5e (Copenhagen, Denmark) and some festival appearances including Le Guess Who / invitation by Julia Holter (Netherlands), Fanø Free Folk Festival (DK), Supernormal Festival (UK), Copenhagen Jazz Festival (Denmark).
In 2018, she will publish Eudaimon on three:four records, which she considers that she considers as her first genuinely album and her most accomplished project to date.

I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.


All the best.


Booking offers

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Booking offers (Week 19 – 2018)

Dear promoters,

Please find here some artists who will be touring soon.

Feel free to contact me if you want to set up a concert for one of them.


Availability: From 7th November onwards
Territory: Europe


Availability: Between September and December 2018
Territory: Europe + UK


Availability: Between 2nd and 10th November
Territory: Europe + UK


Availability: TBA
Territory: Europe


Availability: Between 8th and 11th November
Territories: Belgium + France


Availability: Between 3rd and 7th November
Territory: Belgium


Charles Hayward (born 1951) is an English drummer and was a founding member of the experimental rock group This Heat. He also played with Mal Dean’s Amazing Band, Radar Favourites, Dolphin Logic, and gigged and recorded with old schoolfriend and « Pooh and the Ostrich Feather » member Phil Manzanera in the group Quiet Sun project as well as a short stint with Gong. On one occasion he also played drums for the anarchist punk band Crass.

Raw and heavy hardcore punk one-man band playing cello and a set of two kick drums!

Based in Texas, Craig Clouse makes a lot of music, and he has fun doing it. How else do you explain record titles like Cunts with Roses, Toilet Door Tits, You’re Lucky to Have Friends Like Us and, perhaps best of all, Find Out What Happens When People Start Being Polite For A Fucking Change?
For over 10 years, Clouse and the various other musicians who’ve been in and out of Shine and Shine – the group’s press material regularly refers to performing live with 10 drummers at a time – have been gutting post-punk, krautrock, electro and more for parts, combining the grubbiest aspects of all those sounds into something that’s somewhere between Big Black and Big Beat.

Sitting somewhere between James Ferraro’s post Far Side Virtual output and the Endless/Bala Club axis (Endgame, Lexxi, Kamixlo and co), Organ Tapes debut is a gorgeous, uncanny valley take on dancehall and afrobeat. Written between Shanghai and London, a sense of rootlessness is conveyed through the drifting autotuned vocals. The mixtape is far from aimless though, with lush, R Plus 7 style synths and a solid rhythmic backbone keeping everything on course: a truly special statement of intent from a producer that is definitely worth watching out for.

Aoki Tomoyuki is mostly known with as the guitarist & vocalist of Up-Tight (Alchemy records, 8mm) and for more than 2 decades he has been behind some albums which mix plaintive echo-drenched imprecations, love of bitter-sweet folk and blissfully nihilistic guitar noise reminiscent of Les Rallizes Denudes and Mizutani’s velvetian ballads.
Harutaka Mochizuki is a multi-instrumentalist, mostly known his saxophone improvisations recalling like the same other lonely satellites and solo thinkers like Masayoshi Urabe, Arthur Doyle, Anthony Braxton and Kaoru Abe.
Aoki and Harutaka have been recording together for a couple of years and this is their first new collaboration after a remarkable self-released CD that saw the light in 2014. Terribly human, passionate and intense, their association is just one of the most inspiring and burning free unit since the apex of the P.S.F era. The last real psychedelic band from Tokyo.
Established in 2008, out of ashes of the former band, Rinji Fukuoka’s Overhang Party with its 17 years of history.
Up to present released 6 albums and released coupling album with Los Doroncos and Joined compilation Tokyo Flashback 8.
On 2015 released their newest album « The Night Before ». « The Night Before » received high commendation from WIRE magazine, Brain washed etc.
Its musicality depicts such tranquil singing to a massive hard sound while nourishing the extreme vibrational amplitude of drone and improvisation, and keep realizing the Eternal Rock’n Roll Theatre. It is a bottom of Rock or a conservative reaction that repels the categorization based only on commercialism.
Each members are doing so many activity under total concept of Pataphysique Records which Rinji Fukuoka running. Especially Rinji and Louis are member of new unit pro et contra and Keizo Miyanshi’s The Hundred Devils.
Let us connect you to the last and newest 21st century psychedelic rock.

Formed in 2008 and features Terry Edwards (Madness, Spiritualized,Siouxsie, Robyn Hitchcock) James Johnston (Nick Cave and The Bad
Seeds 2003‐2008, Faust) and Ian White (Barry Adamson), collectively known as Gallon Drunk, and the uncompromising Lydia Lunch who has
collaborated with an encyclopedia of musical originators including Sonic Youth, Nick Cave, Henry Rollins Einsturzende Neubauten and most
recently Alan Vega and Omar Rodriguez Lopez of Mars Volta. BIG SEXY NOISE creates primal, hard‐hitting, hip shaking intensely
addictive, hard rock music with roots that straddle blues, raw funk and late night jazz noir.
Fronted by the notorious Lydia Lunch, BIG SEXY NOISE not only transcends the underground ghetto from which they originated but herald a return to music that is provocative, exciting and once more truly dangerous

Thank you



Booking offers

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Dear promoters,

Please here under some bands and artists I am offering you this week.

Please check their avails.

Get back to me if you want to set up concert for one of them.


Availability: From early September 2018 til December 2019
Territory: Europe + UK


Availability: 30th September + 2nd October
Territory: Belgium


Availability; From mid July onwards
Territory: Europe + UK


Availability and territories (3rd August North of France), 15th August Spain North East), 29th, 30th and 31st July (France, Spain, Italy; Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany


Dominique Lawalree was born in Brussels on October, 18, 1954 and has been an active composer since 1976. Since this time, Lawalree has written over 450 works, recorded more than twenty albums, and has performed countless tours throughout Europe. Throughout his music the listener finds the sounds of piano, synthesizers, percussion, fender rhodes, organ, and voice, all performed by Lawalree. Using these tools Dominique creates miniature themes that gallop across the speakers in slow motion, stretching our normal sense of dynamics and color, effortlessly widening the stereo plane. Childlike in its playfulness and surreal to the bone, the music spins like a carrousel placed inside the Rothko Chapel.

Welsh 5-piece Chain of Flowers has been hailed as one of the finest young acts to emerge from the UK in quite some time, drawing favorable comparisons to The Smiths, Joy Division, Eagulls, Iceage and The Cure.
The band’s members–Joshua Smith (vocals), Ross Jones (guitar), Rich Clarke (drums), Daniel Anderson (bass) and Matthew Clements (synths)–came together in 2012 and since then have performed with like-minded acts such as The Fall, The Chameleons, A Place To Bury Strangers, Jesus & Mary Chain, Nothing and Eagulls. Their debut full length _’Cadwyn O Flodau’ _was released 16 October 2015 on Alter in the UK to rave reviews out of the gate, and received strong airplay both in the UK and overseas, including strong support from influential American station KEXP in Seattle. Since then, the band has toured N. America twice, with performances at SXSW, Treefort Music Festival and Savannah Stopover, and has toured the UK and Europe several times as well, to great acclaim.

Les Graciés (2012-ongoing) is the conjunction of Eric Douglas Porter (Afrikan Sciences) and Gaël Segalen (IhearU), a French – American tandem of sister & brother in sound, an evident and karmic encounter of free spirit music makers, searchers of spectrum and rhythm for distinction in sound, in full sympathy with the unknown.

Based in Niger’s capital Niamey, Studio Shap Shap comprises Oumarou Adamou (Niger), Boubacar Siddo Diallo (Niger), Seyni Halidou (Niger), Haruna Abdou (Niger), Christian Koulnodji (Chad) and Laetitia Cecile (Reunion Island).
The six-piece ensemble is known for fusing traditional and contemporary beats.
Their music mixes nature and city, traditional and electro, speech and singing. The piano, the bass, the loops are here to magnify the traditional instruments. They’re using ancient knowledge to fulfil and go beyond modernity.

Thanks for reading.



Noisy Crescendo playlist

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Voici la playlist du programme Noisy Crescendo qui fut diffusé sue les ondes d Radio Campus le dimanche 25 mars 2018 entre 22h30 et minuit (00h00)

1/ Country & Eastern: ZIA MOHIUDDIN + PANDIT TARANATH: « Gat in chowtal ». Live In Stockholm 1949.

2/ Cherry Red: STUMP: « Buffalo ». Does The Fish Have Chips?

3/ Maison Des Cultures: THANH NGA & ENSEMBLE DE LONG AN: « Vong co ». Don Ca Tai Tu

4/ Empty Tape: GET YOUR GUN: « Staying for a while ». The Worrying Kind.

5/ Disques Du Crepuscule: DEUX FILLES: « Mandy’s playroom ». Space & Time.

6/ Algha Marghen: GHEDALIA TAZARTES: « Une voix s’en va ». Diasporas.

7/ Arc Music: INSINGIZI; « Vuma ». African Harmonies.

8/ Buda Musiques: UKANDANZ: « Orla gela ». Awo.

9/ Drag City: TY SEGALL: « Emotional mugger ». No Man Is Good Three Times

10/ Domino: JOHN CALZ: « Sanctus [Sanities mix. Music For A New Society.

11/ Usatrène; TAKU MORISHIMA & AMAMI TATEGUTO: « Yasugi bushi ». Amamatategoto.

12/ Institut Du Monde Arabe: CHOEUR DE L’INSTITUT COPTE DU CAIRE: « A pennchoys isos pi ekhristos ». Hymne De L’Eglise Copte Orthodoxe.

13/ Supreme Husbabay: GV’s JUNKBAND. Album – To Fuck Love.

Booking offers

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Dear all,

Please find here under some bands and artists that are available for gigs/concerts/performances.

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in setting up an event.


Availability: On request
Territory: Europe + UK

TROUM (Germany)

Availability: 15th June in Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Germany + on request later in the year (Europe + UK)


Availability: 16th June
Territory: Belgium


Availability: On request
Territory: Europe + UK

Hassan K is a mystical one man band from Persia. DIY artist, Keyvane (his real name) mixes folklore and technologies, occident and orient, surf music and bellydance, swing and heavy metal… in crazy live acts, not too far from transe. With an electric setar, a keyboard and a few sensors, he travels from the west kingdom to the Turan, spreading the words of his illuminated ancestors…

TROUM is a duo located in Bremen, Germany, established in early 1997. The two members « Glit(s)cH » and « Baraka[H] » were active before in the influential post industrial group MAEROR TRI (from 1988 to 1996). TROUM is the old German word for « DREAM ». The dream seen as a central manifestation of the UNconscious symbolizes the aim of TROUM to lead the listener into a hypnotizing dream-state of mind, a pre-verbal and primal consciousness sphere. TROUM uses music as the direct path to the Unconscious, pointing to the archaic « essence » of the humans inner psyche. TROUM tries to create music that works like a dire transformation of unconscious ‘matter’. TROUMs compositions are influenced by post-industrial, dark ambient and minimal /drone-music. Both members use guitar, bass, voice, accordion, balalaika, flutes, pipes, mouth-organ, melodica, gongs, field recordings, loops, pre-recorded-tapes and a diversity of sound-objects to build a kind of multi-layered and highly atmospheric dreaming-muzak

The duo of writer, poet and artist Anne-James Chaton and The Ex’s Andy Moor produce a sound where poetry and guitar combine in explorations of thematic axes. With their project ‘Heretics’, they revive obscure, violent, erotic passions; summoning the great figures of their personal mythologies. In the company of Caravaggio, Marquis de Sade, William Burroughs and figures such as Jose Mujica, the duo immerses the listener in another world history peopled by radical thinkers.

Davide Tidoni is a researcher in the field of sound and listening. He’s interested in the relational dimension of listening and the usesof sound in everyday life. With a particular emphasis on observation, action and participation, he realizes a variety of works that include site-specific interventions, live performances, listening workshops and audio projects.

Thanks for your time and reading.

I hope to hear from you soon.

All the best.