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Playlist. Noisy Crescendo 31.03.2013

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Playlist du programme Noisy Crescendo diffusé sur les ondes de Radio
Campus le dimanche 31.03.03 entre 22h30 et 00h30

1/ Defiance; HOT WATER MUSIC: "Manual". Forever and counting.

2/ Countinuity: CHARLES HAYWARD: "At times like these". One big atom

3/ Omni: PATRICE SCIORTINO: "Dieu Gange". Chronoradial.

4/ Culture & Resistance: ABDALLAH OUMBADOUGOU: "Alher". Zozolinga.

5/ Fie!: PETER HAMMILL: 'Time heals'. Pno Grt Vox Box.

6/ Blast First Petite: MICHAEL CHAPMAN: "Resurrection...". The resurection
of the Clayton peacock.

7/ Type: PORTER RICKS: "Nautical dub". Bioknetics.

8/ Its: FELIX KUBIN: "Reflection". Txrf.

9/ Outthere: MALIKAH feat. ZOOG: "Intikhabeit 2009". Various-Golden Beirut.

10/ Hyperdub: KIND MIDAS SOUND mixing LOST: "Flying lotus rework". Without

11/ Finderskeepers: GOOGOOSH: "Gol bi guldion". Various-Make do & mend / 08

12/ Ampereg: MOUTHUS: "????????????". Mouthus.

13/ Turbo: RENAISSANCE MAN: "Sense maker". Project

14/ Strut: 23 SKIDOO: "Coup". Various-Metal dance [industrial, post-punk,
ebm, classics & rarities.

15/ Aredge: WILF PLUM: "Fat Cat". Fat Cat

16/ Giggle: PAUL HUBWEBER & DJ NIFF: "No letter". No letter