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Noise Addict playlist 25.04.2010

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1/ OOIOO: « Sol ». Armonico Heva. 2009 – Thrill Jockey. XO484O

2/ For a few (MORE) decibels I

3/ C. FENNESZ, DAFELFDECKER, BRANDELMAYR: »Till the old world’s blown up and a new one is created.  Same. 2008 – Mosz. XF261X

4/ For a few (MORE) decibels II

5/ DANIEL MENCHE: « Kataract ». Kataract. 2007-2009 Editiions Mego. XM441O.

6/ For a few (MORE) decibels III

7/ JIM HAYNES: « :: ». Sever. 2009 – Intransitive. XH316E.

8/ For a few (MORE) decibels IV

9/ RADIAN: « Chimera ». Chimeric. 2009 – Thrill Jockey. XR……

10/ SCOUT NIBLETT: « Kings ». The calcination Of Scout Niblett. 2010 – Drag City. XN….

11/ For a few (MORE) decibels V

12/ WOLF EYES: « Pretending alive ». Always wrong ». 2009 – HOS. XW828J



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I’m booking some dates for Cindy Talk. They are available from 11th October onwards.
Please find here a long text giving you a full description of the project.
Please also visit www.myspace/cindytalk

I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.


Cindytalk was formed in 1982 by Gordon Sharp (Vocals) and David Clancy (Guitar, Keyboards) from the ashes of Edinburgh based punk/new wave band The Freeze.The Freeze (1976-1982) released two 7inch singles,recorded two John Peel sessions and played extensively around the UK supporting many big name bands of the time. After re-locating to London in 1982,Cindytalk began to work towards their debut album Camouflage Heart,with a newer,darker and more fractured sound that drew much from post-punk and early european industrial music.In 1983 Sharp and Clancy were joined by John Byrne who proved to be a crucial component in Cindytalk’s deliberately disintegrating sound.Also in 1983 Sharp recorded a John Peel session with fellow Scots Cocteau Twins which led to a meeting with 4ad supremo Ivo Watts-Russell who invited him to appear on This Mortal Coil’s 1983 debut EP « 16 Days/Gathering Dust ».He was also one of 3 featured singers on the debut This Mortal Coil album « It’ll End In Tears » (1984), contributing vocals to Kangaroo (which was released as a single and became an instant indie hit), Fond Affections & A Single Wish. Simultaneous to that release,Camouflage Heart also appeared to some critical acclaim in the UK music press. Shortly after Camouflage Heart David Clancy left the band and was replaced by brother/sister team Alex and Debbie Wright.The collossal « In This World » was recorded over the next 3 years … two albums of the same name released simultaneously,featuring cover art by Kathy Patterson.The first of the albums,a broken and noisy affair,the second,an album of creaky ambience featuring Sharps improvised piano experiments.In This World also featured an uncredited collaboration with post-punk feminist writer Kathy Acker (Janey’s Love). During this period Cindytalk had begun working in tandem with performance artist and film maker Ivan Unwin,providing sound for some of his short pieces.This led Cindytalk to score Unwins’ « Eclipse:An Amateur Enthusiasts Guide to Virus Deployment »,the record of which was released on Midnight Music in 1990 under the title « The Wind Is Strong… »,the album,following on from the second of the « In This World » albums,was based on piano improvisations and abstract/concrete experiments.At the time Sharp described it as « Ambi-dustrial » fusing his love of the early ambient releases on the EG label with the above-mentioned European Industrial music.Sharp was joined on this release by Ivan Unwin and long standing co-producer/engineer David Ros who became a more active member of the band at this time.Matt Kinnison and drummer/percussionist extraordinaire,Paul Middleton also provided sounds and ideas to this mix. « Secrets and Falling »,a 4-track e.p. culled from the « Wappinschaw » sessions was released in 1991.At this point the band had become more of a collective,drawing on musicians from the current line-up as well as the past,John Byrne returned and was joined by Kevin Rich and Daryl Moore (Soul Static Sound).Midnight Music folded in 1992 and this prevented the recently completed album « Wappinschaw » from being released until early 1995 (on Sharp’s own label Touched,distributed through World Serpent).Wappinschaw Features a collaboration with Scottish artist and writer Alasdair Gray,who reads from his acclaimed novel « Lanark » (Wheesht).By 1993 Cindytalk had gone through more changes and were preparing to play live for the first time.Sharp,Middleton and Ros were joined by Paul Jones,Andie Brown,Mark Stephenson and Simon Carmichael to record and release 1994’s Muster/Prince Of Lies 7inch (Touched/World Serpent).An electronic side-project,Bambule,was started in 1994 by Sharp and Carmicheal,inspired by underground techno parties such as Dead By Dawn and VFM.Carmichael left the band on the eve of Cindytalk’s extensive US tour (1996) and by the time the first Bambule record was ready Carmichael had taken control of the project and it’s connection to Cindytalk had receded – Carmichael took the name Cunning,leaving Bambule to Sharp.London’s Praxis label released the 8-track vinyl double-pack (originally titled « Songs From The Motherbomb » ) as Cunning Meets Bambule (Praxis 19).Bambule followed this up in 2000 with a 4-track 12inch called « Vertical Invasion » (Praxis 29) which featured Sharp alongside new Cindytalk cohort Richie Young,Tymothi Loving and Dale Lloyd & Stuart Arentzen from Seattle band Lucid (both Sharp and Young would also collaborate with Lucid’s alter-ego After The Flood on tracks for the ATF2 release).The Vertical Invasion 12inch also,included two remixes by Welsh electronic wizards Somatic Responses (as Photon Emissions). By this time Sharp had moved to the U.S. and had become involved with various techno collectives (Ele_mental in Columbus,Ohio and Candlelight – with dj Deadly Buda – in Los Angeles), whilst in LA Sharp co-founded the Darkmatter Soundsystem with dj/producers Monotek,Baseck,Diskore & others,helping to bring « extreme electronics and splintered beats » to California and beyond.Realising that his involvement in soundsystem culture took him away from Cindytalk,Sharp got down to recording new music which resulted in 2003’s 7″ release Transgender Warrior / Guts Of London which saw Cindytalk move into even more abstract areas,taking a closer look at the rhythms,tones and melodies of noise.Sharp relocated to Japan in 2004 and has been working on various projects,including the forthcoming Cindytalk album « The Crackle Of My Soul » a work of noise-poetry which attempts to put the experiment at the centre of the idea,leaving any melodies to be found shimmering around the edges.In the Summer of 2005 Cindytalk were invited to use tracks from « The Crackle Of My Soul » as musical score for the UK independent film « Madrigal » (Rabblewise Films).In summer 2006 and again based in London, Cindytalk started working on a new (band) album provisionally entitled « In A World Without Hope »,the line-up is : Cinder – voice and electronics ; Matt Kinnison – bass ; Paul Middleton – drums & percussion ; Shrill – electronics.Sharp’s label will be relaunched as touchedRAW soon with Cindytalk E.P. « The Chaos of Connection » and Matt Kinnison’s « Evenings Of Ordinary Sand » as it’s initial releases.UK independent label Isolation will release another Cindytalk album « FieryPlanetEyes » (2009).Indiana (U.S.) based label Bluesanct have now released a Cindytalk 10inch called « Silver Shoals Of Light » as part of their 10 year anniversary limited edition ART SINGLES club. »The Crackle Of My Soul » will be released by Vienna based label editions MEGO in November 2009 (catalogue number eMEGO 097.)******************************** FORTHCOMING : Split release : Cindytalk / Robert Hampson. A Side: Cindytalk  » Five Mountains Of Fire » B Side: Robert Hampson « Antarctica Ends Here » Editions Mego (eMEGO 105) March 2010 10″ Vinyl……………………………….. Two 9min 40s pieces. Although recorded separately at different times and in different environments, these pieces complement each other in many ways.A continuity that threads it’s path through the more visceral textures of Cindytalk’s « Five Mountains Of Fire », it’s influence taken from the Kyoto fire festivals, where huge Japanese Kanji symbols are literally burned on the mountains surrounding Kyoto, to Robert Hampson’s « Antarctica Ends Here », where frozen minimalist piano notes, are timestretched to become sinuous multi-layered drones against a backdrop of field recordings of wind and large Bamboo plants rustling in the breeze.


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1/ Hospital Productions: KEVIN DRUMM:  « Imperial horizons ».  Imperial Horizons.

2/Upset! The Rythm:  THE STICKS: « On the sea ». The Sticks.

3/ Zeitkratzer: ZEITKRATZER: « Four ». John Cage.

4/ Kompakt: SCUBA mixes SIGHA: « Early morning lights ». Sub:Stance.

5/ Blue Chopsticks: DAVID GRUBBS: « Hybrid song box.4″. Hybrid Song Box.4

6/ Rush Hour: ANTHONY ‘SHAKE’ SHAKIR: ‘Electronic rider ». Fractional 1994.

7/ Brassland: ERIK FRIEDLANDER: « Here comes the mad ». Various-The Brassland Label.

8/ Conseil de la Musique: JAMES C.OBURN: « Cocheese ». Various-Musique à la Française.

9/ Hintzimmer: RHYS CHATHAM: ‘Is there life after guitar trio’. The Bern Trio.

10/ Mikroton: DAFELDECKER/KURZMANN/TILBURY/WISHART: « Wien 4 ». Untitled.

11/ Soleil Zeuhl: ESKATON: « La mort de Tristan ». Fiction.

12/ Alien Transistor:  3 SHADES: « Bombay can ». Thank God For Beatnik.

13/ Old Europa Cafe: BRUME: « The sun ». The Sun.

14/ Inrockuptibles: BOOGERS: « I lost my lungs ». Various-Un Printemps 2010, vol.2.

15/ Important: MERZBOW: « Burn down research facilities ». 13 Japanese Birds.

16/ Room40: MARINA ROSENFELD: « Formal arrangement ». Plastic Materials.

17/ Vidaloca: ?ALOS: « Autonno ». Ricordi Indelebili.

18/ Own: THE GREEN KINGDOM: « Maplecopter ».  The Green Kingdom.

19/ Important: MERZBOW: « Untitled’. 13 Japanese Birds.


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I’m booking one date for The Ex and Getatchew Mekuria.

The only open date is on 10th June 2010.

After their start in 1979, The Ex developed into a melting pot of divergent musical styles: noise, rock, jazz, improvisation, and ethnic music have been interwoven under one unique umbrella they call « Ex-music. » Discordant, highly rhythmic guitars and a rolling African drumming style give the music of The Ex its special character. In 27 years The Ex have played 1,250 concerts all over the world, and released over 20 albums. Never pigeonholed into one of pop music’s corny corners, The Ex is always open to new ideas and collaborations with musicians of all kinds. Their main principle remains: to make music with heart and soul, out of reach of commercial trends or expectations. Already well known from Ethiopiques volume 14, Gétatchèw Mèkurya is Ethiopia’s most revered jazz saxophonist.

« Buda Records’ mind-expanding Ethiopiques series–23 discs strong and counting–is a treasure trove of strange and wonderful music, none more so than that contained on Negus of Ethiopian Sax, which is devoted to tenor saxophonist Gétatchèw Mèkurya and his shellela music. Unless you’ve already had the good fortune to encounter Ethiopiques, it’s probably safe to say you won’t have heard anything like it ever before. And almost as safe to predict you will be transfixed, transported and hooked. » — All About Jazz

« When The Ex formed in 1979, the band was more a name spray-painted on the walls of the Netherlands than an actual musical endeavor … The Ex made swift musical progress, though, and by the time they made their first recordings in 1980, four songs that comprised the self-released 7″ All Corpses Smell the Same, they were a sturdy, rhythmic unit with a good sense of dynamics. It was the start of a prolific run that’s now gone on for 27 years, putting them just behind The Fall for extended high achievement by a punk band. » — Pitchfork

« One of the most striking volumes of this great series–a special edition of Ethiopiques that focuses on the mad saxophone work of Gétatchèw Mèkurya … making for a sound that’s almost like some of Pat Patrick’s work for Sun Ra, but with a decidedly more ethnic feel.

Please get back to me and also visit


Noise Addict (playlist du 11.04.2010)

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1/ Keiki : « Lottie Johl »
Waltham Holy Cross
[2009-Cheap Satanism Records]

2/ For a Few (More) Decibels I

3/ The Skull Defekts : « Unholy Drums Are Singing »
Blood Spirits and Drums Are Singing (XS459W)
[2007-Conspiracy Records]

4/ For a Few (More) Decibels II

5/ Petit Vodo : « A Black Girl in My Heart »
[2006-Lollipop Records]

6/ Crash Normal : « Pom Pom Ass »
Heavy Listening
[2003-Byteburger Records]

7/ Talk Normal : « Hot Song »

8/ For a Few (More) Decibels III

9/ Kiiskinen : sans titre (plage 5)
Feelin' Strong

10/ Subhumans : « Parasites »
Demolition War / EP-LP
[1982/Spiderleg Records & Bluurg]

11/ For a Few (More) Decibels IV

12/ Anne-James Chaton & Andy Moor : « Le Journaliste »
Le Journaliste

13/ For a Few (More) Decibels V

14/ D. J. Hanegraaf : sans titre
RadioWorm # 120

15/ Derek Holzer : sans titre
RadioWorm # 120

16/ For a Few (More) Decibels VI

Alain Bolle & Stéphane Pastor


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I’m booking some dates for Chris Forsyth and Steve Gunn. They’re available on 1st, 2nd and 5th June. Please read the bios that follow and also visit some websites. I hope to hear from you asap.



CHRIS FORSYTH: Chris Forsyth is known for hypnotic compositions and solo performances on 6- and 12-string guitars that assimilate minimalism and psychedelia with art rock, folk, and blues influences. He is a founding member (with Jaime Fennelly and Fritz Welch) of post- everything gothic junk folk expressionists Peeesseye, who have produced 14 releases and over 160 concerts in Europe and the US since forming in 2002, and a member of the elusive experimental group Phantom Limb & Bison. Other notable collaborators have included guitarist Tetuzi Akiyama, trumpeter Nate Wooley, and choreographers Miguel Gutierrez and RoseAnne Spradlin. He released his most recent LP, Dreams, in September 2009 on Evolving Ear. Other recent and upcoming releases include the Dirty Pool LP, with Farfisa organist Shawn Edward Hansen, on Ultramarine, the Chris Forsyth + Nate Wooley CDR The Duchess is Dead, Long Live the Duchess on Chocolate Monk, and a long list of Peeesseye projects, including the Peeesseye + Talibam! collab record on CD (Invada) and 2XLP (Smeraldina-Rima), as well as their forthcoming studio LP Pestilence & Joy on Evolving Ear. He is the caretaker of Evolving Ear and lives in the City of Philadelpha, USA. « It’s enough to signal Forsyth’s arrival as an erudite and farsighted guitar stylist, mapping a path that’s hip and scholarly in equal measure. » – Daniel Spicer, The Wire Magazine « A destructible charm teetering on violence and elegance » – Eric Weddle (Family Vineyard), Signal to Noise Magazine « …a style as mesmerizing and transcendent as any of his forebears. » – Bob Bannister, TimeOutNY « Killer on every level. » – Foxy Digitalis STEVE GUNN: Native Philadelphian, Steve Gunn has been a stalwart of the American experimental scene for close to a decade. Gunn has slowly cultivated his own solo work alongside his other involvements with other projects and musicians. Over the course of numerous excellent releases, it became clear that Gunn was a real force in experimental music. Once his solo music started being unearthed, there was no turning back. Steve has been performing a mix of improvisational blues based guitar works, and songs from his latest album ‘Boerum Palace’ on Three Lobed Recordings. palace-three-lobed/ « Steve Gunn’s prodigous talent for fusing traditional american song structures with a raga influence is almost criminally unheralded. gunn’s songcraft is so strong and his playing style so effortlessly beautiful that folks should be shouting his name from every tall building and mountaintop. it is with such high esteem for the man’s work that three lobed recordings is humbled by the association and thrilled to announce the release of boerum palace by steve gunn. without any doubt, boerum palace is a staggering accomplishment and is certainly gunn’s most assured and confident work to date. » — Three Lobed Recordings « As major labels continue to exist behind the times, artists and labels with little capital and lesser reputations are producing some of the most innovative, interesting, and inspiring music. Whether it’s creating a new niche in digital technology or looking to once obsolete formats, Agitated Atmosphere hopes to pull back the curtain on a wealth of sights and sound such as Steve Gunn. Steve Gunn is best known for his blistering contributions to the trio, GHQ, but within the walls of Boerum Palace, Gunn steps onto the royal stage for a solo album of penetrating psych and twang that shakes the foundation of the album’s namesake. The album, released at the end of 2009 by Three Lobed, is a stunner to any GHQ follower or Gunn enthusiast. Gunn doesn’t so much as turn his back on his past guitar explorations; rather he reinvents them into a hefty combination of heartfelt southern pangs and acid-laced bends.  » — KEPX Seatlle ————————————————-

Noisy Crescendo playlist 04.04.2010

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 1/ Stones Throw Records : Martin Dupont : « Just Because ». Minimal Wave
Volume One.

2/ Touch Tone : Oren Ambarchi : « A Final Kiss on Poisoned Cheeks »
Intermission 2000-2008.

3/ Klangbad : Cluster : « So Ney ». Qua.

4/ Cuneiform Records : Univers Zéro : « Earth Scream ». Clivages.

5/ ATP/R : Fursaxa : « Sunhead Bowed ». Mycorrhizae Realm.

6/ 4AD : Tune-Yards : « Jumping Jack ». Bird-Brains.

7/ Hellos Quarecordings : Mia Clarke & Andy Moor : « Guitargument part 2 »
(extrait). Guitargument.

8/ Small Planet Records : Louis & Bebe Barron : « Battle with Invisible
Monster ».
Forbidden Planet. YF 7010.

9/ Bronzerat Records : Solex vs. Cristina Martinez + Jon Spencer : « Dog
Hit ».
Amsterdam Throwdown King Street Showdown !

10/ Inrockuptibles, un printemps 2010 : The Strange Boys : « Night Might
». Be Brave.

11/ Mute Records : The Liars : « The Overachievers ». Sisterworld. XL430W.

12/ Stones Throw Records : Turquoise Days : « Blurred ». Minimal Wave
Tapes, Volume

13/ Audiobulb Records : Hans van Eck : « Chaotische Slinger ». Bass Box.

14/ BMI : Neal Morgan : « Longingly ». To the Breathing World.

15/ Baskaru : Laura Gibson and Ethan Rose : « Tall Grass, Dark Star ».
Bridge Carols.

16/ Warp Records : Autechre : « Stepreo ». Oversteps.

17/ Stones Throw Records : Das Ding : « Reassurance Ritual ». Minimal Wave
Volume One.

18/ Zeitkratzer Records : Zeitkratzer : « Koan : Having Never Written a
Note for
Percussion ». James Tenney.

19/ Warp Records : Gonjasufi : ?. A Sufi and a Killer.