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Dear all,


I am booking some dates for Sharron Kraus and Rusalnia




Territory: Europe

Availability: Between mid September till mid November




Territory; Europe

Availability: October 2014





Sharron Kraus is a singer of traditional folk songs, a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. As well as drawing on the folk traditions of England and Appalachia, her music is influenced by gothic literature, surrealism, myth and magick. Her songs tell intricate tales of rootless souls, dark secrets and earthly joys, the lyrics plucked as sonorously as her acoustic guitar.

She has released five solo albums, the first of which, ¡®Beautiful Twisted¡¯, was named by Rolling Stone in their Critics¡¯ Top Albums of 2002. As well as her solo work, Sharron has recorded an album of traditional songs – ¡®Leaves From Off The Tree¡¯ ¨C with Meg Baird and Helena Espvall of Espers, written an album of songs to celebrate the seasons of the year ¨C ¡®Right Wantonly A-Mumming¡¯ ¨C which was recorded with some of England¡¯s finest traditional folk singers including Jon Boden, Fay Hield and Ian Giles ¨C as well as recording and performing as a duo ¨C Rusalnaia ¨C with Ex Reverie¡¯s Gillian Chadwick, with Tara Burke

(Fursaxa) as Tau Emerald and with Irish free-folk collective United Bible Studies.



I hope to hear from you asap.



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The two, coming from very different musical backgrounds, made journeys into each other¡¯s musical terrain until it was no longer clear what the boundaries were. In the collaborative process, they became as close as sisters and found their way to the shared musical aesthetic that is Rusalnaia.

Rusalnaia¡¯s eponymous first album was recorded at Hexham Head Studios in Philadelphia by Greg Weeks (Espers, The Valerie Project, Marissa Nadler).

Weeks helped capture the duo¡¯s organic and sometimes unusual instrumentation, from dulcimer and guitar to penny whistles and goat¡¯s nail shakers, and contributed his own accents to a few tracks: acid Les Paul leads and vintage 70¡äs synths





Some Noise

C/O Alain Bolle


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Dear all,






Availability: Between 25th October and 6th November

Territory: Belgium




Availability: from early October onwards

Territory: Europe



Availability: Between 25th and 28th September

Territory: Europe except but France





The album is neither rock, electronic or folk. It’s all three at the same time. It’s the culmination of influences and desires of its master, who disregards barriers and enjoys the freedom to elaborate.

An album like this one is clearly the result of a refusal to stay within the perimeters of any one style, thus allowing the listener too, to escape conventionalism. Finally, we find ourselves confronted with an album that is melancholic, untameable, hypnotic and intense which even after several listens, is still fresh, and that is its strength.

The release of Pensée Magique coincides with the return to stage of Les Marquises, supported by their tour manager/promoter La Route Du Rock Booking. Jean-Sébastien will be accompanied by his brother Julien on drums, Arnaud Lemoine on vocals and keyboards, and Souleymane Felicioli on trumpet, for performances that promise to be even more fierce and adventurous than the album.




The Membranes formed in 1978 in Blackpool out of punk and DIY culture and then went on their own path.

Recently reformed the band were a highly influential underground UK post punk band who preceded the late eighties noise bands like Big Black and Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine by several years.

They were championed by John Peel and the music press and had several front covers and top ten indie albums and singles. They were original and ahead of their times with their idiosyncratic music and brilliantly twisted lyrics.

They toured the world and were released by Homestead Records in the USA and were the first band that Steve Albini world with outside Big Black.

Dinosaur Jnr recorded the iconic video for Freak Scene in their back garden and they made several TV appearances of their own in the UK.

The band reformed a couple of years ago to play music on their own terms.

They are still inspired by punk rock but believe music has no boundaries.

The new music weaves noise, drones, found percussion, feedback, discord, melody, free jazz, dub, dark- dub, free punk, heavy rhythms, classical music, orchestras, percussion, near silence, death to trad rock noise and freedom into a unique whole of beauty and noise and enjoys all the contrasts.




DECOY feat Joe McPhee

Decoy are also unusual in that their line-up features a Hammond organ.

It’s not an instrument that’s easily led to new musical pastures, but the group’s Alexander Hawkins seems to have done it without too much force, and doesn’t really reference anyone who’s gone before him.

Bassist John Edwards and drummer Steve Noble are somewhat ubiquitous on the free jazz circuit, due to their ability to spontaneously construct and deconstruct grooves, producing sounds you’d be more likely to hear coming from a breaker’s yard than from bass and drums. They give Decoy’s music a rich, volatile undertow.

Despite his reputation as a high-energy player, McPhee is a restrained presence here. Opening with pocket trumpet, he peals off some joyous, Don Cherry-type squalls as an annunciation.

The music has space but soon hums with tension, McPhee sighing out melodies like a weary bugler over icy shimmers from the Hammond and the rhythm section’s opening salvos.

Joe McPhee (born November 3, 1939)[1] is an American jazz multi-instrumentalist born in Miami, Florida, a player of tenor, alto, and soprano saxophone, the trumpet, flugelhorn and valve trombone. McPhee grew up in Poughkeepsie, New York, and is most notable for his free jazz work done from the late 1960s to the present day.

McPhee was born in Miami, Florida. He began playing trumpet at age eight before learning other instruments. He played in various high school and then military bands before starting his recording career. His first recording came in 1967, when he appeared on the Clifford Thornton album titled Freedom and Unity. He taught himself saxophone at age 32 after experiencing the music of John Coltrane, Albert Ayler, and Ornette Coleman. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, McPhee lectured on jazz music at Vassar College.







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I look forward to hearing from you asap.


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Dear all, I am taking bookings for these artists: ROBEDOOR and SAM SHALABI ROBEDOOR (USA) Availability: Late October and early November 2014 Territory: Europe SAM SHALABI (Egypt) Availability: October/November/December Territory: Europe ROBEDOOR Robedoor is the duo of Alex: slime, knives and distortion, and Notnotfun label head honcho Britt on fire, howls and cloaks…
Hmmm… but what does all that mean, sonically? Well, precisely what you might imagine. A blackened drone drenched world of slime and knives and fire, dense clouds of distorted howls, a thick cloak of fuzz and buzz wrapped around the proceedings like a thick, well, cloak! Actually this is a lot prettier than you might imagine. That is, if your idea of pretty includes tons of low end and a world of slow motion doomdrone SAM SHALABI Guitarist Sam Shalabi is a longtime fixture on the Montreal free improv and experimental post-rock scenes, both as a solo artist and as the leader of the Shalabi Effect. Osama Shalabi (who was professionally known as Sam long before Osama bin Laden made his first name infamous) was born in Tripoli, Libya, in 1964 to Egyptian parents; his family emigrated to Canada’s Prince Edward Island when he was five. Shalabi’s Middle Eastern heritage is a major part of his work, from his regular use of the oud (the lute-like instrument that’s as important to most Middle Eastern music as the guitar is to rock & roll) to the themes of albums like 2003’s Osama, a fiercely political but entirely human response to the geopolitical turmoil following the September 9, 2001, terrorist attacks. Attracted to punk rock in his teens, Shalabi toiled on the lower rungs of Montreal’s punk scene, but began gravitating toward more experimental pursuits in the 1990s. In 1996, he and guitarist Anthony Seck formed the free improv duo the Shalabi Effect, which grew into a quartet in 2008 with the addition of bassist Alexandre St-Onge and percussionist Will Eizlini. Shalabi Effect Over the course of five albums — 1998’s Aural Florida, 2000’s Shalabi Effect (a double CD that includes a remixed version of the debut album), 2002’s The Trial of St. Orange, 2004’s Pink Abyss, and 2005’s Unfortunately — the Shalabi Effect fused the experimental post-rock of compatriots Godspeed You Black Emperor! and A Silver Mt. Zion with Middle Eastern influences (Shalabi primarily plays the oud in this project) and free improv. Shalabi began his solo career with 2000’s Luteness. This was followed by 2001’s On Hashish, which was inspired by the writings of 20th century philosopher Walter Benjamin. Released in 2003, Osama was followed in 2007 by Eid, an unexpected detour into contemporary Arabic pop featuring songs with ironic Western pop culture titles like « Jessica Simpson » and « Pitchfork. » Along with his solo career and the Shalabi Effect, Sam Shalabi is a member of several other Montreal-based bands, from the avant-garde Po and ‘Gypt Gore to the more accessible post-rock of Detention and the Godspeed You Black Emperor! spinoff Molasses. Thank you for reading. I hope to hear from you asap. All the best. Regards. Alain Some Noise C/O Alain Bolle PO BOX 43 1050 Brussels 5 Belgium


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Dear all,

I’m booking some dates for:  SPACE LADY, JOANA SA, ERIC CORDIER, ILILL

Availability: 15th September
Territory/ Belgium – preférably in Lièfe

Availability: from 31st October backwards and from 11th November onwards
Territory/ Europe

Availability: From early Septemner till 10th October
Territory; Europe

ILILL (Belgium)
Availability: On request
Territory: Europe

Susan Dietrich, who performs as The Space Lady, is an outsider musician.
Singing and playing a Casiotone keyboard and other instruments, Dietrich streetcorners in the Boston and San Francisco areas. She now lives in Colorado and as of 2012, has revived her live career playing at the Riverwalk and on Union Street in Pueblo, CO, and at the UFO Museum and Research Center in Roswell, New Mexico.


SHH006 // JOANA SÁ // In Praise of Disorder

There is something of a skeptical respect between the arts; a respect for the work of another over matter one does not master. Composers tend to see and read the world as if they were listening. In Through This Looking Glass (2010), Joana Sá had us reading some of the texts that belong to her world of sounds and to a performance Daniel Costa Neves translated into images – texts and images that baptize the exploration of an enormous musical freedom . Always in search of the liberation, the energy and the surprise of a gesture in sound, In Praise of Disorder is more rigid in form, doing away with image and giving voice to texts by Gonçalo M. Tavares. The speech organizes the thoughts that filter the multiple, disorderly, eccentric, voluble mind. The music is the Praise of Disorder that goes on in our heads, fit to give us back (awkwardly, at times painfully) not only the multiplicity of ideas, images, sounds and even voids, but mostly their simultaneity. That is why Joana Sá, through techniques that once belonged solely to studio settings in concert, uses the recording to put th

As an improviser, he plays a singular instrument : hurdy-gurdy in connexion with
electronic processors. His way of playing hurdy-gurdy is only in free improvisation,
which doesn’t mean that he plays what is called “improvised music” but rather
free-rock and drone-folk. He is less an improviser than the member of several bands,
interested in long time collaboration in very specific ways :Enkidu (with Seiichi
Yamamoto (Boredoms) & Chie Mukai (Taj-Mahal Travellers)), Phéromone (with JL
Guionnet & Pascal Battus), Suture (with Seijiro Murayama), Tore (with JL Guionnet),

He has made 2 tours (2009-2011) with legendary guitarist  Keiji Haino
He has sometimes play with Andrew Sharpley, Tetuzi Akiyama, Yann Gourdon, ErikM,
Gilles Aubry, Antoine Chessex, Doravideo, Eric Brochard, Kazuhisa Uchihashi, Umeda,
Bertrand Gauget, Sharif Sehnaoui, Michel Vogel…
He has been invited in festivals Free Music (Antverpen), AVE (Mijmegen &
Maastricht), Laerm Struktur Festival (Stuttgart), NPAI (Parthenay), Densités
(Fresnes-en-Woevre), Fruits de (Mhere), Interstices (Caen); theatre TNT (Bordeaux),
Lieu Unique & Pannonica (Nantes), Aéronef & Crime (Lille), CCAM (Nancy), 102
(Grenoble), Instants Chavirés & New Morning in Paris…

duo formed in 2012 and based in brussels,
ilill plays a primitive but sophisticate music, in which simplicity is
associated to experience and radicalism. This approach, of a rather
basic rock instrumental combination has been described by the word
Postpunk. This could be found in the repetitive structure of the songs
as in the vocal expressiveness of Mariette Michaud.
Voice, guitar, bass tom, big synth, cymbals and fury.
Mariette Michaud is also experimental filmmaker and sings French songs
mainly from the 1930s repertoire in Demi-Brides.
Jean-Philippe Saulou has been seen and heard in / with u.n.d.o, Bülanz
Tendance King Kong or the Anti Rubber Brain Factory.

I hope to hear from you asap.


Alain …

Some Noise
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5


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Dear all,


I am booking some dates for ROGER TURNER, NOVI_SAD.




Availability: Some availabilities after the Summertime + January/February

Territory: Europe



NOVI_SAD (Greece)

Availability: Between 18th and 22nd September

Territory: Europe






grew up amongst the canterbury musical life of the 1960’s with a strong jazz foundation.

since 1974 work has been concentrated on exploring a more personal percussion language through the processes of improvisation.

solo work, collaborations with experimental rock musics & open – form song, extensive work with dance, film and visual art, involvements in numerous jazz-based ensembles, & workshop residencies have formed part of that development.

mostly, however, the pleasures & discoveries have been in music-making with many of the finest european & international musicians in ad-hoc & group improvising collaborations including alan silva, cecil taylor, henry grimes, derek bailey, evan parker, keith rowe, toshinori kondo, irene schweitzer, joelle leandre…

tours & concerts have been throughout europe, australia, canada, u.s.a., mexico, china and japan, and have included such remote places as the arctic.

working currently in konk pack ( with tim hodgkinson & thomas lehn), duo w/ annette peacock, the josef nadj dance project, the recedents ( with lol coxhill & mike cooper),the phil minton quartet, the trio with michel doneda and john russell, the duos with john russell, phil minton…

numerous recordings…


He can perform solo as well


He might also be touring with:



and also with

Kazuhisa Uchihashi


Always as duos.




Novi_sad is the guise for Thanasis Kaproulias (b. 1980) who holds a degree from the Economic University of Piraues.

He lives and works in Athens, Greece. Influenced by the pioneers of audio assault, he began generating sounds in 2005. No studies, no academic education, no scholarships, just pure learning by doing.

Amplified environmental recordings, drone manipulations, structured ambient soundscapes, microtones vs overtones, all come together in a hyper structure of iconoclastic form. Novi_sad’s artistic output displays a high level of technical ability, as well as a sensitivity to the nuances of location.

The strength of his soundscapes works in the same elaborateness for the whole creation process, starting from a basis of very strong conceptualism, the intense examinationof field recordings over the actual composition work, to the point of performing back the result onto location.

Every sound that occurs is treated with a sculptural integrity and his sonic power operates on a level in which the audience participates as transcendental listeners.



I hope to hear from you asap.



All the best.
























Some Noise

C/O Alain Bolle


1050 Brussels 5



Noise Addict – Radio Campus – 11.05.2014

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1/ ACTION BEAT: « Drum Heads ». Beatings. Truth Cult


2/ PAK YAN LU: « Solo prepared piano ». Youtube.


3/ ADAM ASNAN: « 10’09 ». Inconsistent images. Entracte. 2013.


4/ JASON VAN GULICK: « Entelechy samples ». [Soundcloud ».


5/ JAAP BLONK: « Untitled ». Polytong. Kontrans. 2013.


6/ SLEAFORD MODS: « From rags to Richards ».


7/ NICOFFEINE: « Easy metal ». Au revoir golden air. Alive. 2013.


8/ MOTÖRHEAD: « Tear yo down »


9/ AF URSIN: « Live at (h)ear – Audioscoop ». Youtube.


10/ DAUNIK LAZRO + JOËLLE LEANDRE: « Hasparren III » – Hasparren – 2013/No Business Records


11/ PETER BRÖTZMANN + PAAL NILSEN-LOVE: « A Fish stinks from the head » – Id. – 2013/Brö-F


12/ ARNOLD DREYBLATT & MEGAFAUN: « Recurrence Plot » – Appalachian Excitation – 2013/NSPY


13/ ACTION BEAT: « Solguns ». Beatings. 2010/ Truth Cult



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Dear all,








Availability: From end of October onwards. Week ends only!!!

Territory: Europe




Availability; Between September and December 2014






Availability: 19th, 23rd, 24th November

Territory: Belgium





Having previously released offerings for labels such as Punch Drunk, Mordant Music and Perc Trax, prolific album artist Ekoplekz (Nick Edwards), working closely with Planet Mu’s enigmatic figurehead Mike Paradinas offers up an experimental take on Techno, that is perfectly at home on the revered UK label.

Opening number “Trace Elements” sets the tone of what is to follow, and that is surprisingly, although extremely welcome, a return to the Experimental Techno and IDM vibes that first brought the Aphex Twin’s friend and collaborator’s label to the attention of Britian’s experimental music scenes. Despite the fact this is an Ekoplekz release, Mike Paradinas’ stamp is all over this record – Muziq/Richard D James style melodics combining with rigid sequenced synth and drum machine workouts alongside IDM effectuations that harkens back to a time when a Venetian Snares record would sell 20,000 copies, maybe 3 or 4 times a year.

Although it feels very, very similar, we eventually discover, its also very, very different as well.




He is a guitar player working in the fields of minimalims and long sounds.

Originally from riga, latvia he is currently libving in the Netherlands whre he is a student at the institute of sonology.




Ryan McRyhew’s footing as a creative lynchpin in the Denver DIY electronic music scene shuffled to the other world and beat of the South side of Chicago in 2011. McRyhew’s new home allowed him secluded time and space to create in-depth and unconditional music as Thug Entrancer. The move also provided McRyhew direct access to Chicago’s dance music history and the groundbreaking works being crafted in bedrooms and blasted on speakers throughout his neighborhood.

A summation of varied approaches to electronic music, Thug Entrancer’s multiverse is not dissimilar to other Software artists (Slava and Huerco S., for example). McRyhew draws influence from pioneering electronic and experimental composers who placed an emphasis on extended development and technique, alongside early analog dance producers who went all-out and all-in with little more than a TR-808 in their arsenal.



Thanks for reading.



Please get back to me if you’re interested.



All the best.















Some Noise

C/O Alain Bolle


1050 Brussels 5