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Dear all,

I’m booking some selected dates for SO PERCUSSION.
Open dates are on 8th and 10th September.
Please find here a biography and some links to be clicked on:

Since 1999, So Percussion has been creating music that explores all the
extremes of emotion and musical possibility.  Called an “experimental
powerhouse” by the Village Voice, “astonishing and entrancing” by
Billboard Magazine, and “brilliant” by the New York Times, the
Brooklyn-based quartet’s innovative work with today’s most exciting
composers and their own original music has quickly helped them forge a
unique and diverse career.

Excitement about composers like John Cage, Steve Reich, and Iannis Xenakis
– as well as the sheer fun of playing together – inspired the members of
So to begin performing together while students at the Yale School of
Music. A blind call to David Lang, Pulitzer Prize-winning composer and
co-founder of New York’s Bang on a Can Festival, yielded their first
commissioned piece, the so-called laws of nature.  So’s recording of the
so-called laws of nature became the cornerstone of their self-titled debut
album on Cantaloupe Music (the record label from the founders of Bang on a
Can).  In subsequent years, this relationship would blossom into a growing
catalogue of exciting releases:  Steve Reich’s masterpiece Drumming; So
member Jason Treuting’s amid the noise; Treasure State, a collaboration
with the electronic duo Matmos; and Paul Lansky’s Threads.

So’s ongoing body of original work has resulted in exciting new projects
such as the site-specific Music For Trains in Southern Vermont and
Imaginary City, a fully-staged sonic meditation on urban soundscapes
commissioned by the Brooklyn Academy of Music for the Next Wave Festival
2009 in consortium with 5 other venues. So’s next theatrical project where
(we) live is slated to premiere in Fall of 2012.

So Percussion is increasingly involved in mentoring young artists.
Starting in the fall of 2011, its members will be Co-Directors of a new
percussion department at the Bard College-Conservatory of Music.  This
top-flight undergraduate program enrolls each student in a double-degree
(Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Arts) course in the Conservatory and
Bard College, and exposes them to both traditional western conservatory
training and a variety of world traditions.  The summer of 2009 saw the
creation of the annual So Percussion Summer Institute on the campus of
Princeton University. The Institute is an intensive two-week chamber music
seminar for college-age percussionists featuring the four members of So as
faculty in rehearsal, performance, and discussion of contemporary music
for students from around the world.

So Percussion has performed their unusual and exciting music all over the
United States, with concerts at the Lincoln Center Festival, Carnegie
Hall, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Stanford Lively Arts, the Cleveland
Museum of Art, and many others. In addition, recent tours to the United
Kingdom, Russia, Australia, Italy, Germany, Spain, and the Ukraine have
brought them international acclaim.

I hope to hear from you asap.





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Dear all,

I’m booking some dates for Bill Orcutt.
He’s available between 16th Oct and 21st October.

Please read this short biography and also click on those links.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=c7f90836e7ded8d&biw=802&bih=457

Best known as the guitarist of Miami noise-rockers Harry Pussy, Bill
Orcutt was already a significant name in experimental noise circles when
he released his solo debut. Long interested in cutting-edge art, Orcutt
had a Master’s in English and had made several experimental short films,
one of which sold to MTV in 1990. He also played in several local punk
bands, most notably the Trash Monkeys, before forming Harry Pussy in 1992
with his wife, drummer Adris Hoyos. They worked together for the next five
years, releasing a series of uncompromising and confrontational recordings
on small labels and gaining acclaim from the likes of Sonic Youth’s
Thurston Moore and Sebadoh’s Lou Barlow. Towards the tail end of Harry
Pussy’s existence in 1996, Orcutt completed his first solo recording,
titled simply Solo CD. It was issued by the New York-based Audible Hiss
label, and featured guest vocals from Hoyos as well as instrumental
contributions from drummer Danny Arad and saxman Joe Cohen, among others.

I hope to hear from you very soon.


Some Noise asbl
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5


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Hi, I’m arranging some dates for ESHA BANDYOPADHYAY. She’s available from 9th September onwards. Please read the biography that follows and also click on this link to hear how she sounds like: I would like to hear from you asap. Regards. Alain Profile:Esha Bandyopadhyay, based in Kolkata, India, has emerged as one of the well known performers of Indian Classical Vocal Music. Born and raised in a family noted for its contribution to the world of art, Esha, even as a child of nine, showed a natural inclination to Music. A creative family atmosphere and a melodious voice found Esha effortlessly assimilating initial lessons from her mother painter Maitreyi Banerji. Later, intensive training under reputed masters moulded Esha’s musical personality. Ms Krishna Dasgupta–the leading disciple of Sangeetacharya Tarapada Chakrabarty and Ustad Ameer Khan –grafted on her the subtle nuances of Khayal, Thumri and Bhajan. Esha’s musical pursuits are not merely confined to classical music. Training in Nazrulgeeti and Ragpradhan under Shri Biman Mukherjee has enriched her repertoire. Esha’s performances in the last 15 years for various organisations including Sutanuti Parishad, Salt Lake Music Conference, Bhowanipur Sangit Sammilani, Jhankar Music Circle, Sri Aurobindo Institute of Culture, Govt College of Fine Art & Crafts, ABC Academy, Varanasi, the ICCR, Calcutta, have been marked by serious music-lovers and critics. She has also performed for Calcutta Television. International Arena Teaching Music Offering to share her musical talent with aspiring students, she founded ‘SHAILI’–an academy of Music, Dance, Painting & Crafts. As principal and Vocal Music teacher, she has contributed significantlty to the growing reputation of SHAILI. Esha has also been teaching enthusiastic students abroad. Academic Qualifications Esha is a Master of Arts in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University, Kolkata Some Noise asbl C/O Alain Bolle PO BOX 43 1050 Brussels 5

Noise Addict (playlist du 22.05.2011)

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1/ For a few more decibels I

2/  KIM CASCONE: Anti-musical celestial forces. Anti-Musical Celestial Forces. 2009 – Störung.

3/ VIVENZA: »Prolétariat & industrie ». Réalité Servomécaniques. 2009 – Rotorelief. XV803A.

4/ ANDREW LILES: « Atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability » + « Midsummer nightmare ». XL747R

5/ MIA CLARKE & ANDY MOOR: « Guitargument, part 2. Guitargument. XC467A

6/ For a few more decibels II

7/ SUN CITY GIRLS: « Sev Acher » – GUM ARABIC (2010 – Annihaya Rec.) – XS 9271

8/ ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI: « Choppa ». Various-Noise: Various Artists. Mnoad – 2010. X 607K.

9/ JAZKAMER: « TheMonroe Doctrine ». The Monroe Doctrine. Pica Disk – 2010. XJ315F

10/ SOUMONCES: « L’air des champs ».  Various-Noise: Various Artists. Mnoad – 2010. X 607K.

11/ GORE: « Gore (live) ». Mean man’s dream. Southern Lord. 1986-1987/2009. XG605F.


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I’m booking two shows for two Scottish bands: SMACK WIZARDS and ETERNAL FAGS.

Open dates are 25th and 26th September.

Please read these words and also click on these links so that you can listen to what these two bands sound like.

Eternal Fags & Smack Wizards come from the Glasgow DIY music collective Winning Sperm Party” in Scotland. Both bands present loosely written, semi-improvised punk pop music. Smack Wizards are a bass/drums/guitar instrumental three-piece and Eternal Fags are a drums/guitar/tape delay/keyboard & vocal duo known for spontaneous collaborations.

The bands have been touring the UK’s DIY circuit for the last year including the 113 Dalston Lane House Party & Upset the Rhythm in London; Cry Parrot and Winning Sperm Party in Glasgow; Obscene Baby Auction and British Wildlife in Leeds; Fortissimo Records/Action Beat in Milton Keynes; and with Giant Hell in Manchester. Eternal Fags played in Murcia, Spain at the end of 2010 with the Suena Imposible Collective.

> Both bands have recently recorded at the Green

Door<>analogue recording studio in Glasgow and have records available for free download through winning sperm party.

Winning Sperm Party is a non-profit online record label that celebrates

local music without a mainstream agenda. All the records are available for free download through the website.

Some Noise asbl

C/O Alain Bolle


1050 Brussels 5


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In partnership with Laurent whose e-mail contact is I’m
booking some dates for K-Branding.

Please click on these links and also read this short biography.

Two years after the sonic boom created by its acclaimed first album,
Belgian trio K-BRANDING is back with a new sonic adventure. Born in
Brussels in early 2004, the band started as an experimentation on chaotic
rock music. Since its first concert in February 2005, the band has never
failed to impress, thanks to radical live performances. The trio has built
its musical identity through a unique combination of improvised music and
punk, noisy mood. Facial, its first official release, was a condensate of
their hypnotic side, alternating percussive passages, dark ambient and
sonic explosions. April 2011: the band is back with an astonishing second
album. Born of the desire to never repeat themselves, the three stooges
explore previously unexploited territories. Throughout the seven tracks
that compose Alliance, K-BRANDING reveals new musical influences including
industrial music and sonorities from the eighties. The sound is colder,
with sound textures are at the forefront and voice becoming increasingly
important in the composition of songs, while keeping the visceral energy
that created the group¡¯s reputation.

Members :

¨‹Schmit S¨¦bastien (percussions, electronics & vocals)

¨‹Duby Gr¨¦gory (guitar)

¨‹Stefanutti Vincent (reeds, synth, effects & vocals)

I hope to hear from you asap.



Some Noise asbl
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5


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I’m booking some dates for MATTHEW SHIPP.

He’s available on 9th + 11th + 13th September 2011.

Please find here a biography and watch some of his performances on Youtube:

I look forward to hearing from you very soon.


                           Matthew Shipp


Matthew Shipp was born December 7, 1960 in Wilmington, Delaware. He started piano at 5 years old with the regular piano lessons most kids have experienced. He fell in love with jazz at 12 years old. After moving to New York in 1984 he quickly became one of the leading lights in the New York jazz scene. He was a sideman in the David S. Ware quartet and also for Roscoe Mitchell’s Note Factory before making the decision to concentrate on his own music.

Mr Shipp has reached the holy grail of jazz in that he possesses a unique style on his instrument that is all of his own- and he’s one of the few in jazz that can say so. Mr. Shipp has recorded a lot of albums with many labels but his 2 most enduring relationships have been with two labels. In the 1990s he recorded a number of chamber jazz cds with Hatology, a group of cds that charted a new course for jazz that, to this day, the jazz world has not realized. In the 2000s Mr Shipp has been curator and director of the label Thirsty Ear’s “Blue Series” and has also recorded for them. In this collection of recordings he has generated a whole body of work that is visionary, far reaching and many faceted .

Matthew Shipp is truly one of the leading lights of a new generation of jazz giants.

Some Noise asbl

C/O Alain Bolle


1050 Brussels 5