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Noisy Crescendo playlist

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Voici la playlist du programme Noisy Crescendo qui fut diffusés sur les ondes de Radio Campus le dimanche 9/07 entre 22h30 et minuit.

1/ Nordic Notes: ANNE-MARI KIVIMÄKI: ‘Suistamio soundscape ». Kyla.

2/ Sterns Music: VIEUX KANTE: « Saradia ». The Young Man’s Harp.

3/ Trikont: MARIONAO SADOVSKA: « A recruit’s song ». Various-Borsch Division. Future Sound Of Ukraine.

4/ Itm: DAMIR IMAMOVIC: « Hvalila se sarica kaduna ». Svrzina Kuca.

5/ Rough Guides: THE BUDOS BAND: « Heywete ». Various-The Rough Guide To Ethiopian Jazz.

6/ Real World: 9BACH: « Anian ». In Your Voice

7/ Esoteric: VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR: « Room 1210 ». Do Not Disturb.

8/ Glitterbeat: UNKNOWN: « Have mercy on my mother ». Various-Khmer Survivors.

9/ Goner: SPRAY PAINT: « Shovelling ». Feel The Clamps.

10/ Greentrax: DONALD SINCLAIR: « Diarmaid & grainne ». Various-Scottish Tradition 27. Tradition Of Tiree.

11/ Interscope: MIA: « Jump in ». Aim.

12/ Az: BLUE MONDAY PEOPLE: « The fisher king ». Empire Of Matches.

13/ Rivertones: DARREN HAYMAN: Album-Thankful Villages, vol.1


Noisy Crescendo (playlist)

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Voici la playslist du programme Noisy Crescendo qui fut diffusé sur les ondes de Radio Campus le dimanche 2 juillet entre 22h30 et minuit.

1/ Paradise of Bachalors: NATHAN BOWLES: « Words spoken ahead ». Whole & Clown

2/ Kobalt label: NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS: « Anthrocene ». Skeleton Tree.

3/ Sargent House: BORIS: « Blackout ». Pink.

4/ Sub Pop: STRANGE WILDS: « Paredolia ». Subjective Concepts.

5/ Sacred Bones: EXPLODED VIEW: « Disco glove ». Exploded View.

6/ Chicken Coop: SILVER APPELS: « Colors ». Clinging To A Dream.

7/ Eighr Thirty: DANNY BARNES: « Got myself together ». Got Myself Together

8/ Ernest Jenning: WILLIAM S. BURROUGHS: « Manhattan serenade ». Let Me hang You.

9/ Onze Heures: OCTURN: « Dhyana mudra ». Tantric College.

10/ Beast: HEAD ON: « Black as sackcloth ». Woman On A Wall.

11/ Fremeaux & Asociés: ORCHESTRE LEARDEE DU BAL BLOMET: « Mademoiselle Molina ». Biguine.

12/ Castle Face: SYNTHETIC ID: « Blind spots ». Impulses.

13/ Ferric Mordant: CATH & PHIL TYLER – Album – The Song Of Crowned King

Stéphane & Alain


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To whom it may concern

Here are the bands I’m offering you this week: RHAPSOLDYA, NIGHT VIPER, THE TELESCOPES

Please feel free to contact me if you want to set up a concert for one of them.

I hope to hear from you asap.


Availability: From mid December onwards
Territory: Europe + UK


Availability: 10th December
Territory: Benelux


Availability: 21st, 22nd, 23rd November
Territory: Belgium

They have failed trying uproot us… »
This phrase, the title of their first album, sums up the band’s identity. Calling things into question, thumbing their noses to the standardization of the world around us. The five musicians have a groovy rock sound bearing undeniably modern lyrics in the Breton language. The furious energetic flow demonstrates the engagement and rebelliousness of their revolutionary writing. Rhapsoldya is in full force with their most powerful weapon : their music !

Night Viper are a hot rockin’ heavy metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden
featuring past and present members of Church Of Misery, Horisont,
Miasmal and Lethal Steele. Combining the classic metal spirit of Judas
Priest with the riff intensity of Metallica, along with a big handful
of rock ‘n’ roll attitude, they’ve proven to be the breath of fresh
air heavy metal have been waiting for. Since their first show in 2014,
they’ve released a single and their first full length album both
through Svart Records, and have toured Europe three times and played
highlight sets at festivals like Roadburn, Muskelrock, and Heavy Days
In Doom Town, and played two sold-out nights in a row supporting
Graveyard in their home town. They are about record a new single and
are working on material for their second album.

The Telescopes are an English noise, space rock, dream pop and psychedelic band, formed in 1987 by Stephen Lawrie, and drawing influence from artists such as Suicide, The Velvet Underground and The 13th Floor Elevators.[2] They have a total of six released albums since their debut, Taste, released in 1989.

All the best.


Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
1030 Brussels