Booking offers

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Booking offers (Week 8 – 2018)

TO: Promoters

Please find here under the artists I ma offering you this week.

Feel free to contact me if you want to set up a gig/concert/performance for one of them.

KIM KI O (Turkey) + ELMAPI (France) (Kim Ki O) (Elmapi)

Availability: from 19th May onwards
Territory: Europe + UK

AMUTE (Belgium)

Availability: On request
Territory: Europe + UK


Availability: On request
Territory: Europe


Availability; Between 9th nd 15th June
Territory: Benelux


Availability: On request
Territory: Europe (exceprt but Scandinavia and Benelux) + UK


Istanbul based bass and synth duo KIM KI O has been creating dark-pop
tunes since 2006. Their fourth record “ZAN” (meaning “Suspicion” in Turkish) brings together 10 songs. “ZAN” is themed around thinking about “failure” in an attempt to recognize it and come to terms with it in many ways.

“Elmapi » is a French composer, singer and drummer, hailing from the underground electronic music scene of Paris. Elmapi is also Elise Pierre, the founder and co-operator with Emmanuelle de Hericourt of the French label Lentonia Records, dedicated to the promotion of female singer/composers, largely of the electro-pop genre (EDH, Kim Ki O, Judith Juillerat, Perrine en Morceaux, Madmoizel, Cazzurillo, Alex June, etc). After releasing two albums, “Pop-in”(2005) and “Arcane Electronique” (2006, mastered by Andy Moor of The EX), Elmapi teamed up with the vampler Matterlink (sound/image video remixer) (US). As “Video Love » they released “Mon Ange” in 2012 on Lentonia Records. In 2015 she released a new Elmapi EP “Circé” . Lentonia Records will release her 3rd album “Desido” in 2017. Since 2014, Elmapi has been based in Washington D.C.

As an artist I’ve been playing all around the world over the last 10 years. Festivals such as Sonar (ES), Dour (BE), Les Nuits du Botanique (BE), Firebrooklyn (US), Suoni Per Il Popolo (CAN) and many different venues (more than a hundred in 15 countries) have welcomed my music with warmth.
My live shows are often different and can be produced with audio video content as well as a pure musical minimalistic approach. But the idea is not to sit behind a laptop and push play. My new album was mainly composed in my studio with real instruments and so are my live gigs : a lot of instruments are connected through my computer and there’s no way I’d play playback or anything like that. Depending on the availibility I might be joined by Thècle Joussaud on stage who is currently one of the best cello player in Belgium.

Jon Collin is a guitar player from Lancashire, UK, currently based in Sweden. On record he plays either improvised freeform abstract blues or through-composed minimalistic utilitarian drone music. His live shows are improvisations using a system of body, mind, breath, strings and electricity. His most recent LP is The Nature

Friends of the Goddamn Gallows, Jayke Orvis, Those Poor Bastards first time in Europe! Great punk/metal/blues/country band from USA Chris Webster (aka SAINT CHRIS) co-founded a band with his older brother almost 20yrs ago out in rural Nebraska that would become THE MOTHERFUCK’N SAINTS. In 2008, he found himself broke, divorced, and
homeless. That is when he started roaming America with is solo act. 9 yearrs later here he is: 3 full length albums, a full length book, A couple dozen cross country tours, an empty wallet, ruined health, and a broken home.
All done Independently. For the people, BY the people. His act is simply called SAINT CHRISTOPHER WEBSTER. There is no in between.

Born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greek folk guitar virtuoso Dimitris Mystakidis began playing professionally in 1986 at the age of 16. He worked extensively with the influential songwriter/producer Nikos Papazoglou and singer-songwriter Thanasis Papakonstantinou. He has also appeared on over 100 albums by an impressive panoply of leading Greek artists. During all this time he has pursued his personal quest investigating the roots and branches of rembetiko music. In 2006, he released his first solo album of rembetiko songs arranged for guitar and has since released a series of recordings focusing on different eras of rembetiko history and Laikí Kithára’s playing techniques, among them his highly acclaimed Esperanto album of 2015. His latest release, 2017’s Amerika, collects songs written in the early 20th century by Greek emigrants to the United States, who developed a finger-picking style called tsibiti, influenced by African-American blues musicians. Dimitris also teaches in the Department of Traditional Music, Epirus School of Arts and in the postgraduate program of the Department of Music Science and Art, University of Macedonia. He has published two books, for Greek Mainland Lute (Steryianó Laoúto) and for Greek Folk Guitar (Laikí Kithára).

Thanks for your time and reading.

I look forward to hearing from you.




Noisy Crescendo (playlist)

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Playlist du programme Noisy Crescendo diffusé sur les ondes de Radio Campus le dimanche 14 janvier entre 22h30 et minuit.

1/ Trikont: BAKA BEYOND: « Firefly yell ». Various-Last Yodeln

2/ Jvc: AKIKAZU NAKAMURA: « Tsuro no sugomori ». The World Of Komuso Shakuhachi

3/ Fika: STANLEY BRINKS AND THE OLD TIME KANIKS: « Please don’t take my love ». Vieilels Caniques Et Nouvelles Caniques.

4/ Erased Tapes: DANIEL BRANDT: « The white of the eye ». Eternal Something.

5/ Tradisom: MARIA ALICE: « Tango da morte ». A Voz Do Povo.

6/ Harmonia Mundi: ARMAND AMAR: « La vallée de la solitude ». Leyme Et Majnun.

7/ Tradisom: ERCILIA COSTA: « O filho ceguinho ». A Santa Do Fado.

8/ Sun Ark: SUN ARAW: « A golden boot ». The Saddle Of The Increate

9/ The Shee: THE SHEE: « Jute mill song / song for Mary. Continuum.

10/ Caroline: THURSTON MOORE: « V. aphrodite ». Rock n Roll Consciousness

11/ Coco Musica: YUU TAKASHI: « Asobi shongane bushi ». Yuu.

12/ Tradisom: FERNANDO FARINHA: « Vidas trocadas ». Memoris Do Fado.

13/ Contour: ANDREA BORGHI – Album: Sainitter

Booking offers

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Dear promoters,

Please find some artists I’m offering you this week. Please feel free to
contact me if you want to set up a gig/concert/performance for one of them.

PHIL MAGGI (Belgium)
Availability: from mid April onwards
Territory: Europe + UK


Availability: Between 4th and 6th June
Territory: Europe + UK


Availability: 19th and 20th May
Territory: Europe + UK


Availability: Beween 14th and 19th May
Territory: France + Belgim


Availability: On request in 2018
Territory: Europe


Availability: 16th, 17th, 18th, 20th April 2018
Territory: Belgium

Availability: 26th + 31st October
Territory: Belgium

Availability: From mid June 2018 onwards
Territory: Europe + UK

Phil Maggi is a composer, a vocalist and a film maker from Belgium.
Known as the lead singer of heavy-rock combo Ultraphallus, Phil Maggi develops an extensive body of work as a solo musician for several years.
Maggi has shared the bill with many artists including musicians like Keith Rowe, Philippe Petit, Eugene Robinson, KK Null, Tuxedomoon, Jerusalem In My Heart and Phill Niblock.. »

Evan Parker > sax
Matt Wright > electronics
Toma Gouband > drums, litho
SLIDESHOW Trance Map is part of an ongoing body of work on Psi that includes past releases by Joel Ryan and DJ Sniff, which each used Evan Parker’s music as source material to be manipulated to create new works. Whereas Parker was not an active participant in those recordings, for this album he has worked collaboratively with Matthew Wright to create Trance Map, to the extent that each is credited with “co-composition.”

An intense, meditative journey through the sound of stone. One continuous piece of more than three quarters of an hour during which the normal rules of time and flow are suspended by this master of lithophones. »

Dirty Raw Blues, Bluegrass, Boogie sounds coupled with soul, rhythm and blues and swing vibes.
Born under the bad sign of the dirty blues wind, Belly Hole Freak is a one man band mostly influenced by the Delta Blues, the Bluegrass and Boogie sounds, coupled with soul, rhythm and blues and swing vibes, he plays his tunes with a visceral energy and gritty rock’n’roll attitude. Inspired by giants as Howlin’ Wolf, Captain Beefheart, Robert Johnson, Tom Waits to nam a few.

Gareth Sager, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and the founding member of The Pop Group, Rip Rig & Panic and Head announces the release of his first solo piano album. The self-produced album, comprised of fourteen melodic classical improvisations was recorded in one miraculous session at arguably the world’s most distinguished recording space; Studio One, Abbey Road.

The Blow is Melissa Dyne and Khaela Maricich. A shape-shifting entity, The Blow has taken various forms over time and manifests in an array of media, employing popular music as a vehicle for broader explorations. After several years in the studio developing new sounds and new instruments for playing them, The Blow have a new album of experimental pop music, “Brand New Abyss.” In live performances the duo performs with the same rig that they use to produce and record, a towering mothership of patched-together modular synths ancient samplers and other analog gear. Dyne comes from a background in installation centered on the physics of sound and light, and Maricich has worked extensively in the context of performance art; their live performances build on these foundations. Their self-titled album The Blow, released in 2013, was listed among the top-ten songs of 2013 by New York Times, and was NPR music editor Bob Boilen’s #1 album of that year. Since 2014 they have been curating, an archive of female music producers, engineers and sonic innovators. Their performances have been presented at art centers and in traditional music venues internationally. Together Dyne and Maricich curate WOMANPRODUCER, a generative archive of female, trans and non-binary producers and sonic innovators. They live and work in New York City.

FISTULA was forged in 1998 by musical partners-in-crime Corey Bing and Bahb Branca. Over the years, FISTULA has released a seemingly endless barrage of studio albums and split EPs through numerous lineup changes featuring the creative talents of bands such as Sloth, Hemdale, The Disease Concept, Accept Death, and so many others. FISTULA is a band that is impossible to categorize, combining elements of remedial sludge, hardcore and a proverbial “bad case of the Mondays.” Nearing two decades of ear bleeding, FISTULA remains the the miserable kings of sludgecore.

Grime starts its mission in Trieste, Italy in summer 2010.
Their only goal is bringing destruction to a town near yours.
Their sound is rooted into rotten burial ground and their songs are the sound of a decaying swamp filled with trash.
Their slow and heavy groove is filthy and vicious, guitar riffs are sharp and covered with rust, drums and bass hit with the unstoppable pow.

Sk Kakraba was born in Saru, a small farming community in the northern region of Ghana, an area known for its many great xylophone players. He undertook traditional training in xylophone from a young age. When he was very young he was always listening to xylophonists play and he would grab the beaters and start to learn what he heard them play, especially when his family members were performing. When SK played something incorrectly, he was shown the right way. Most of his family are also gyil players, in addition to his uncle Kakraba Lobi, one of the first gyil players to tour, lecture and record internationally. Over time, he learned a large repertoire and became a working master of the instrument.

Thank you for your time and reading.



Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
1030 Brussels

Booking offers

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Dear all,

Please find here under some artists I am offering you this week.

Feel free to tell me if you want to set up a gig/concert/performance for one of them.


Availability: End of June + from 17th September onwards
Territory: Europe + UK

LEAN LEFT (Scotland/Netherlands/USA/Norway)

Availability: 25th and 27th May
Territory: Belgium


Availability: September 2018
Territory: Europe + UK

CAMILA FUCHS (Germany/Mexico)

Availability: Between lare June and late September
Territory: Belgium, France, The Netherlands


Availability: Between 10th and 12th May
Territory: Europe + UK

Lionel Marchetti is one of a handful of artists who in the mid-to-late 1990s took electroacoustic music out of academic studios and into the free improvisation ring. A scholar who worked at the CFMI (Lyon) and GRM (Paris) studios and published a book on acousmatic composer Michel Chion, Marchetti developed a set-up of microphones and loudspeakers he uses on stage along with tape recorders, prepared CDs, motors and radios. He often refers to his « instruments » as an « electroacoustic contraption. » His live work with Jérôme Noetinger found echoes in the approach of Swiss and Austrian abstractionists like Voice Crack, Günter Müller, and Werner Dafeldecker, but Marchetti is mostly active in France, performing regularly at the club Les Instants Chavirés and at the festival Musique Action. His studio work encompasses sound collage (Knud Un Nom de Serpent) and academic electroacoustics (Sirrus, Portrait d’un Glacier), although the level of poetry and refusal of genre boundaries in his music puts him closer to Kristoff K.Roll and Luc Ferrari than Pierre Henry or Bernard Parmegiani.

Lean Left throws together two explosive duos – the sax/drums collision course of Ken Vandermark and Paal Nilsson-Love with the piledriving guitarists from The Ex – to make up a positively apocalyptic quartet: an elemental musical force featuring Grade A international players zoning in and scrambling together rock, jazz, noise and blistering free improv into a highly-charged onstage assault, each member taking their sounds and bodies to the edge and often snapping out of the wilds and into glorious passages of regular rhythm.

Judy Dunaway is an avant-garde composer, free improvisor, conceptual sound artist, transmission artist and creator of sound installations
who is primarily known for her sound works for latex balloons. Since 1990 she has created over forty works for balloons as sound conduits
and has also made this her main instrument for improvisation.

Camila de Laborde (Mexico) and Daniel Hermann-Collini (Germany) make up Camila Fuchs. They met in London four years ago, and began making music with a mutual desire to explore their different influences. Their first album is due to come out this September. It can be described as introverted, contemplative, dark, emotional, ethereal and ghostly, yet having a danceable side – a wide-open confession fed by the influence of surrealists’ landscapes, and a desire to create something sincere, contemplative and visceral all at once.

Nina Garcia is Paris based Guitarist, known for her solo project Mariachi and the band Mamiedaragon both out on the label No Lagos and in trio with Qonicho B, Blanche Lafuente, Morgane Carnet.
Maria Bertel trombone player based in Denmark. She is known from the outfit Selvhenter, her solo perfomances as Ymers Pizza, and the noise outlet Bad Asthma.
The two musicians met in Paris in 2015 and have performed together on a number of occasions, like Sonic Protest, Copenhagen Jazzfestival All Ears (NO) etc. Their musical output lies a place between impro and noisy feedback, drones, overtones, squeeks, with concentrated energy in focus.

Thank you.



Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
1030 Brussels

Noise Addict: Playlist

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Playlist du programme Noise Addict diffusé sur les ondes de Radio Campus le dimanche 7 janvier entre 22h30 et minuit

1/ DOWNTOWN BOYS: ‘A wall”. Cost Of Living. Sub Pop. 2017

2/ SHANNON WRIGHT: “Seemingly”. Division. Vicious Circle. 2017

3/ MARK KOZELEK WITH BEN BOYE AND JIM WHITE: “Los margaritos”. Marl Kozelel With Ben Boye and Jim White. Rough Trade 2017.

4/ HO99O9: “U.S.H.” + “War Is Hell”. United States Of Horror. Toys Have Power. 2017.

5/ THE BODY & FULL OF HELL: “Didn’t the night end?”. Ascending a Mountain Of Heavy
LightL. Thrill Jockey. 2017

6/ ENDLESS BOOGIE: “Back in ’74”. Vibe Killer. No Quarter. 2017

7/WILD BILLY CHILDISH & CTMF: “Are you better than me”. Brand New Cage. Damaged Goods. 2017.

8/ DES DEMONAS: “The South will never rise again « . Des Demonas. In the Red. 2017

9/ UT : « Confidential ». Confidential. Out. 2017

10/ THE DREAM SYNDICATE : « 80 West ». How Did I Find Myself Here ? Anti-. 2017

11/ PETER HAMMIL ‘Charm alone ». From The Trees. Fie !. 2017

12/ GODFLESH : « Preself ». Post Self. Avalanche. 2017

13/ DOWNTOWN BOYS: ‘A Tonda”. Cost Of Living. Sub Pop. 2017

14/ DES DEMONAS: “There are no vampires in Africa « . Des Demonas. In the Red. 2017

15/ UT : ‘Sam shack’. Ep. Out. 2017.

Booking offers

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Dear all,

Please find here some artists I am offering you.

Please feel free to get in touch with me if you want to set up a gig/performance/concert for one of them.


Availability: 7th and 11th March
Territory: Belgium

Availability: Late June + September and October
Territory; Europe + UK

Availability: From 30th June backwards
Territory: Belgium

HACO (Japan) + TARNOVSKI (Czech Republic)

Availability: 8th and 9th March
Territory: Belgium

This vibrant reinvention also sees Mamuthones transcending their roots in Italian prog and soundtrack work, as a steady diet of krautrock and disco has succeeded in shifting their modus operandi firmly in the direction of a distinctly New York-based headspace – a realm of mirrorballs and black-clad basements both. Manifesting an anything-goes sphere of influence whilst tightening up their songwriting from the jam-based explorations of yore, the band have thus created a kaleidoscopic collision of groove-based intrigue and cerebral invention – as adept with infectious hooks as incendiary wig-outs.

Francisco López is internationally recognized as one of the main figures on the stage of sound art and experimental music. His experience in the field of sound creation and work with environmental recordings covers a period of more than thirty five years, during which he has developed an impressive sound universe that is completely personal and iconoclastic and based on profound listening to the world.
Francisco López’s sound performances are something beyond a “normal” musiconcert. An intense and rich sonic immersive experience in the dark, with a surround multi-channel sound system and blindfolds provided for the audience. Virtual worlds of sound created out of a myriad of original sources collected all over the world -from rainforests and deserts to factories and buildings from multiple locations in the six continents- and mutated and evolved during years of studio work through the master compositional skills of López’s universe.” The space is reconfigured with a multi-channel surround system around the audience, which is placed in seats arranged in concentric circles facing the outside array of speakers. The performer operates from the center of the space (not on
stage), in order to be able to control live the sound as is heard by the audience.

There’s no need for long presentations of Tony Buck (The Necks,…) and Massimo Pupillo (ZU,…) After years of knowledge and mutual
appreciation, Tony and Massimo set up a meeting in Berlin atEinsturzende Neubauten’s Andere Baustelle Studio in early 2017 with their sound engineer Boris Wildorf.
The result of these sessions went beyond any expectation, bringing the two musicians out of their comfort zones into unknown territories.
Music here really knows no boundaries and genres, stemming from long improvised pieces that feel at the same time rooted in a natural
environment and otherworldly. Free improvised music where the « free » word is meaningful once again, free from any improvised music cliches,
this music roams and drifts between micro pointillistic colorful patterns and long layers of sound that is almost impossible to trace back as coming from a drumkit and an electric bass. Everything that drones is like a forest that seems static from a distance but it’s
full of microscopic and animal life.

Tarnovski is a musician, composer, improviser, and producer, one of the founding members of experimental pop band Miou Miou and the Czech post-everything quartet Gurun Gurun. Hailed as a key figure in Czech experimental-electro music.
Haco: A composer, vocalist, electroacoustic performer, sound artist, and a founding member of After Dinner (1981-1991) and Hoahio. Haco has created numerous recordings both as producer and sound designer. As a musician, she has given performances throughout Japan and the world. With her unique sensibility, Haco has developed a practice based on principles of post-punk, electroacoustics, the avant-garde, improvisation, post-rock, environmental sound, and technology.

Thanks for reading.



Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
1030 Brussels

Booking offers

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Dear all,

Please find here some artists and bands I am offering you this week.

Feel free to get back to me if you want to set up a gig/performance/concert for one of them.

MOLTO (Germany)

Availability: From 22nd June 2018 onwards
Territory: Europe + UK

Availability: Between 13th and 22nd April 2018
Territory: Europe + UK


Availability: 11th April
Territory: Belgium

RAFAEL TORAL (Poartugal)

Availability: 25th March
Territories: Belgium


Availability: 30th May
Territory: Belgium

Lorenz Lindner’s first recordings as Molto were made for the radio. These commissioned pieces lead to the idea to produce highly atmospheric music one can most appropriately describe as library music. Molto focusses on sound aesthetics, abstract rhythms and narrativeimprovisations.In 2017 Lindner started performing Molto live on stage which put the project on a new level. When Molto is improvising with custom built percussion, found objects, and mini synths theperformance takes on the character of a sound installation.
In 2016 the LP « Versatile International Service » was released on Kassem Mosse’s Ominira label with 18 miniatures ranging from 1 to 10 minutes. The album was recorded between 2010 and 2015 in various places in France and Germany.

Guitarists Lukas Simonis and Misha Feigin are seasoned improvisers coming together across the punk-hippie generational divide.
Simonis and Feigin explore a musical space that cannot be rigidly defined and includes a multiplicity of styles. Their musical interaction is based on sensitivity and the support of ideas offered for improvisation. Dark humor – both musical and textual – is also is an important part of their collaboration. The sounds they make together are unique to their duo.

Father Murphy is the sound of the Catholic sense of Guilt.
A downward spiral aiming at the bottom of the hollow, and then digging even deeper.
Father Murphy has become one of the most mysterious and enigmatic musical entities coming out of Italy, part of that community that Simon Reynolds started to call the new « Italian Occult Psychedelia » and well known for their really intense live shows, something in between a rite and an artistic performance.
The duo furiously performed all over Europe, playing all the most important festivals (Le guess who?, Liverpool Psych fest, Incubate, Supernormal, …), toured North America with bands like Deerhoof, Dirty Beaches, Iceage and Xiu Xiu and recently joined Jarboe on stage for a tour to promote their collaborative EP.
They have been praised by the Archdruid Julian Cope, Michael Gira, Geoff Barrow, among lots of others.

I will be performing on portable, hand-held custom electronic instruments and with an approach that is a heir of post-free jazz culture (Bill Dixon is a great inspiration but also Brotzmann, although any such inspiration is very abstract because the electronics have an experimental nature).

Takahashi has a lengthy history in the Japanese rock underground,
dating back to his involvement with no-wavers Akebonoizu during the
late seventies and early eighties. Since then he has been the
drummer of choice for virtually everyone who’s anyone on the scene.
High Rise, Fushitsusha, Tamio Shiraishi, Kosokuya, Che-SHIZU, Maher
Shalal Hash Baz, and Nagisa Ni Te amongst others have all benefited
from his propulsive, dynamic mastery of space. Solo, duo and more
expansive projects under a variety of names including Aura
Nihilitica, Lamones Young, and Of Dogstarman have revealed a
hitherto unsuspected facility for environment-altering improvised
drone and electronic drift. (Alan Cummings).
guitars, lapsteel & amp. from noise to abstract blues. member of noise unit dust breeders, mile of string & o death jug. regular partner to junko (hijokaïdan), rinji fukuoka (majustsu no niwa) & kumiko karino. played with tetuzi akiyama, aqui avec gabriel, shinichi isohata, masayoshi urabe, chie mukai, jojo hiroshige, ito atsuhiro, mattin, nihilist spasm band.

All the best.

Alain Bolle

Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
1030 Brussels