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Dear all,


Availability: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 7th September
Territory; Belgium

Availability: From mid November 2016 onwards
Territory: Europe

Availability: from early April 2017 onwards
Territory: Europe

Availability: September and October + on request
Territory: Europe

TVIVLER (Denmark)
Availabilities and territories:  7th November (Belgium, France (North) + 9th November (France, (East), Luxembourg)

Availability: Between mid October and mid November
Territory: Europe

Death in Vegas are a psychedelic rock and electronic rock band from London, England founded by Richard Fearless.[1] Influenced by a wide range of musical genres including psychedelic rock, electronica, krautrock, dub and industrial, the band’s sound is constantly changing, moving between live rock sounds, electronica and minimal techno. The band were formed in 1994 by Fearless and Steve Hellier and signed to Concrete Records under the name of « Dead Elvis ». Objections from the Elvis Presley estate forced them to change their name, and Dead Elvis became the title of their first album instead.

The Kriminal Hammond Inferno team sharpens its plan for global domination with Kriminal Dan (Vale Tudo Freefight drummer), Diabolix Sim (bankrupted steel industry magnat & organ addict) now joining forces with Doktor Konstantin Zoog (Hallucinated Fungi Farmer). They travel as an undercover band, mesmerizing audiences with subliminal brainwave parasite signals, hidden in pop tunes from the 17th century to 60’s & 70’s charts or obscure Italian Fumetti Soundtracks! EXPECT NO MERCY

A self-styled old white blues guy from Yorkshire and one of the most under-rated heroes of our time. Chapman’s uniquely English melancholic perspective and emotive guitar style first won him the admiration of John Peel and then more recently kindred spirits Jack Rose and No Neck Blues Band. He toured the UK in February 2013 playing solo and in duo with Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore.
The guitar and voice of Michael Chapman first became known on the Cornish Folk Circuit in 1967. Playing a blend of atmospheric and autobiographical material he established a reputation for intensity and innovation. Signed to EMI’s Harvest label he recorded a quartet of classic albums. LPs like ‘Rainmaker’ and ‘Wrecked Again’ defined the melancholic observer role Michael was to make his own, mixing intricate guitar instrumentals with a full band sound. The influential album ‘Fully Qualified Survivor’, featuring the guitar of Mick Ronson and Rick (Steeleye Span) Kemp’s bass, was John Peel’s favourite album of 1970. ‘Survivor’ featured the Chapman ‘hit’, « Postcards of Scarborough », a characteristically tenderly sour song recounting the feelings of nostalgia and regret.

Left Hand Cuts off the Right (Robbie Judkins) is an outlet for exploratory methods and composition. During live performances he plays with bent electronics, West African instrumentation, hand percussion, field recordings, loops and effects. The sounds are of otherworldliness, twinkling twitchings, habitual drones, crackling rhythms and oddities directing you, transfixed, through the wonderment.

Tvivler was formed in 2014, dwell in Copenhagen, own their own studio, and release their own records. Negativ Psykologi #2 picks up the pieces from Negativ Psykologi #1 (2015) and is composed of four songs, addressing a state of cultural and individual crisis and a near total collapse of meaning. It’s the record of a band that has evidently not matured at all since their last release.
A load of rubbish heap. That’s what you get when you pile way too much excess energy, references to obscure and obsolete rock, hardcore noise packs, jazz artists on coke, and a band of punks trying hard to keep it real. The outcome is destined to be dubious.

King Ayisoba is a young musician from Kalaga, in the Upper East Region of Ghana. He learnt how to play the kologo (a traditional two stringed guitar) from his grandfather, a traditional healer. He starting playing music at pito bars and festivals and soon became a child prodigy, known throughout the region. His musical career and fame grew from strength to strength.

Thanks for reading.

I would like to hear from you if ou want to set up a gig for one of them.

All the best.


Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
1030 Brussels


Noisy Crescendo (playlist)

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Voici la playlist du programme Noisy Cescendo qui fut diffusé sur les ondes de Radio Campus le dimanche 15 mai entre 22h30 et minuit.

1/ STAUBGOLD: « Dennis Young ». Big boom ». Real To Reel

2/ Ocora: JOHANNA AND ERNA WALLAND: « L’autre jou ». Various-Autriche: Une Mosaïques de Musiques.

3/ Tzadik: DEREK BAILEY: « Explanations & thanks ». Carpal Tunnel

4/ Drag City: SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE: « Wax chance ». Hexadisc?

5/ Asasi: UNKNOWN: « Thauleemu ». Various-Maldivian Traditional Music

6/ Pan: TENZIN NAMGYAL: « Dakse iomo ». Songs Of Tibet.

7/ Atlantic: LED ZEPPELIN: « Kashmir ». Physical Graffiti.

8/ On-U-Sounds: ADRIAN SHERWOOD & PINCH: « Wild birds ». Late Night Endless

9/ Tzadik: JOHN ZORN: « Ascent in the maelström ». Hermetic Organ, vol.2.

10/ Blast First Petite: MICHAEL CHAPMAN; « Flowers in the oven ». The Polar Bear.

11/ Tzadik: JOHN ZORN: « Bacchanalia ». Mysteries.

12/ Bureau B: CLUSTER: « Japan live « 4 ». Japan Live

13/ Monsere: ANNELIES MONSERE: ALBUM – Marit

Stéphane et Alain

Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
1030 Brussels

Booking offers (week 24): Slim Vic, Negative Scanner, The Telescopes, Eric Holm, Julian Sartorius, A Sagittariun, Kate Carr, Le Tre Sorella, Howlround, Chuck Johnson

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Dear all,

I’m back to you with some offers this week: Slim Vic, Negative Scanner, The Telescopes, Eric Holm, Julian Sartorius, A Sagittariun, Kate Carr, Le Tre Sorella, Howlround, Chuck Johnson

Please get in touch with me if you’re interested in booking a date for one of these bands/artists.

SLIM VIC (Sweden)
Availability: From early March 2017 onwards
Territory: Europe

Availability: Betweeb 10th and 26th November
Territory: Belgium

Availability: 7th, 8th November
Territory: Belgium

Availability: On request
Territory: Belgium

Availability: From mid November onwards
Territory: Europe

Availability: TBA
Territory: Belgium

Availability: TBA
Territory: Europe

Availability: 23rd, 25th, 26th, 27th November
Territory: Europe

Availabiliuty: From mid November onwards
Territory: Europe

Availability: 20th and 21st September
Territory: Belgium

SLIM VIC (Swedenà
Slim Vic is one of Swedens leading innovator of the DJ and turntable culture. With one foot in the urban club music and the other in arts music he combines the different worlds and constantly moving the boundaries of what is technically and musically possible with the traditional and proven context. He is also the person behind the label Lamour.

Negative Scanner have been destroying rooms in Chicago’s vibrant DIY since 2012, earning well-deserved accolades as one of the cities best live bands. Their electrifying debut album finds the band taking on all comers; guitarist/vocalist Rebecca Valeriano-Flores’ guttural howl and lyrics have gained confidence over the course of the band’s previous two singles in 2014. The band (guitarist Matt Revers, bassist Nick Beaudoin, and drummer Tom Cassling) have evolved into a lurching post-punk tornado furiously spinning into near-chaos but never leaving the band’s capable control. The album’s opener “Ivy League Asshole” sets the tone: feral and ragged guitars chug over the rhythm section; Valeriano-Flores’ manic yelp spits out lyrics borne out of confusion, aggression, domination, and submission to life, living, lovers, and beyond. (Trouble in Mind Records)

In the mid-to-late 1980s, Stephen Lawrie and his band The Telescopes, along with The Jesus and Mary Chain, Loop, and Spacemen 3, were at the vanguard of a new sound, which emphasized feedback-drenched guitars and melodic vocal melodies. Their songs “Kick the Wall,” “7th # Disaster,” “The Perfect Needle,” and debut LP, Taste, helped galvanize the nascent “shoegaze movement.” And bands like My Bloody Valentine, Lush, Slowdive, and Ride—just to name a few—are unimaginable without Lawrie and his fellow Telescopes.
The Telescopes went on to release their classic self-titled LP on Creation Records in 1992—and, in the process, Lawrie reinvented himself as a master of song craft and a musician whose creative restlessness wouldn’t allow him to settle on a single style. The Telescopes, in addition to soaring electric guitars, included acoustic guitars, pianos, delicate percussion, lush strings, and introspective and moody lyrics.

Today KALTBLUT is hosting an exclusive trailer for the upcoming release of Eric Holm’s ‘Barotrauma’. The source material for ‘Barotrauma’ was recorded in the Nordic fjords south of Oslo, an adjunct to Eric Holm’s training at the Norwegian School of Commercial diving (Norsk Yrkesdykkerskole). While he was training world oil prices collapsed, so left with an uncertain future Holm decided to record and film his dives, capturing the lonely calm of his isolation in the dark water. Like environments on land, the seabed is populated with machines, industry, and noise. Interference is everywhere. Engines, equipment, drilling: it is a mirror of on-land environmental exploitation. These six tracks were created over the last two years, using the sounds Holm collected from the sea floor and subsea equipment, which he then manipulated and processed, shaping a vision of his time in this underwater environment.

The beat has always driven momentum in the life of Julian Sartorius. Born 1981 in Thun (Switzerland), he began his first drum
lessons at the age of five. With his rhythms pushing the boundaries of new music, hip-hop and a unique form of abstract electronica,
Sartorius reveals the endless possibilities and range of his instruments. He often prepares his drums, works with unusual,
unprocessed acoustic sounds and develops beat by beat, a sound world previously unheard. He has collaborated with Matthew Herbert, Shahzad Ismaily, Sylvie Courvoisier, Merz, Dimlite, Fred Frith, Sophie Hunger, Rhys Chatham and many others

The music of Bristol’s A Sagittariun might evoke misty-eyed memories of the early ’90s UK dance scene, if you were there. And if you weren’t, then its relation to the era’s prime ambient and techno cuts, to monumental records by Aphex Twin, LFO or The Orb will make you wish you had been. But for all their rave era signifiers and sonic intertextuality, the way this mysterious artist’s tracks most relate to that epoch is in their non-conformity. A Sagittariun wishes to remain anonymous, wanting his tracks to speak for themselves.

Kate Carr has been investigating the intersections between sound, place, and emotionality both as an artist and a curator since 2010. Her work has taken her from the Arctic circle to the borderlands of South Africa, with stops in rural Thailand, fishing villages in Iceland, and rainforests in Mexico, along with extensive explorations of western Europe, Ireland and the British Isles.
She has been released by labels in the USA, Hungary, France, Australia and the United Kingdom, and included in gallery based installation shows in Sydney, New York, London and Washington State and her pieces have received radio play nationally in Australia via the ABC, the BBC in the UK as well as radio play throughout europe and North America. Recently she was included in sound retrospectives via London’s GV Arts Gallery and Artisphere in Arlington, Virginia.
She runs the Flaming Pines label and is based in London.

Our name is  « Le Tre Sorelle » (The three sisters), actually two cousins and a good friend sharing the same love for traditional music of South Italy.
We started playing for fun during parties and dinners in the family, getting more and more passionate to the folk genre. In 2012 we dicided to get serious and since then we have played on many stages and festivals in Italy and abroad.
Our trio’s speciality is singing polyphonic chants, a cappella or accompanied by traditional musical instruments, such as frame drums, diatonic and piano accordions, lyra, battente guitar, violin and minor percussions.
The music we play is the result of an ongoing study, made possible by the publications on the field, and mainly by the encounter with players and researchers we luckily get to meet on our journey.
What we really want to share with you is our love for this wonderful music genre, moving you with slow and heartfelt pieces, as well as making you dance to the rhythm of pizzica pizzica and tarantellas, letting you experience the same genuine passion we feel while playing.
Alessia Cravero: voice, piano accordion, diatonic accordion, battente guitar, calabrian lyra, violin, frame drums
Giulia Provenzano: voice, battente guitar, cane flutes, frame drums, percussions
Valeria Quarta: voice, battente guitar frame drums, percussions

Hello. My name is Robin The Fog and I am a sound artist and radio producer based in London. My work largely falls under the broad term ‘Radiophonics’ and includes Field recording, radiophonic composition and documentary – it being my belief that the best work for radio encompasses and blurs the boundaries between these things.
Over the past couple of years, my production work has included bespoke sound designs for several BBC Radio 4 dramas, numerous broadcast packages for Radio 4 and BBC World Service, as well as contributions to Radio 3’s Between The Ears, Deutsche Welle, ABC Australia, Monocle, Resonance FM and many more.

Master of finger pickingsolo guitar in the vein of John Fahey sound and CHUCK JOHNSON [1] find him self sharing the avant folk scene with artist like Steve Gunn, Daniel Bachman among others.
He recently released a new album on Trouble In Mind Records where he develops his sound for a FULL ELECTRIC LINE UP . Country and americana finger picking guitar mixes with kraut and psychedelic rock. Something really amazing!

I look forward to hearing from you asap.

All the best.


Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
1030 Brussels

Booking Offers: Coh, Deutsche Ashram, Adrian Sherwood + Pinch, Thomas Lehn and Tiziana Bertoncini, Mara Aranda, The Bug

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Dear all,

Here are my offers this week: Coh, Deutsche Ashram, Adrian Sherwood + Pinch, Thomas Lehn and Tiziana Bertoncini, Mara Aranda, The Bug

COH (Russia)
Availability: From mid November onwards
Territory: Europe

Availability: 3rd July
Territory: Belgium

Availability: On request for festivals and club shows
Territory: Belgium

Availability: 27th, 28th, 29th November
Territory: Europe

Availability: From 19th September onwards + on request
Territory: Europe

Availability: On request
Territory: Belgium

Ivan Pavlov’s newest release as CoH doesn’t seem to be minimal enough to inspire technological paranoia, but judging from the almost suspenseful sample track below, it’s clear that we at least have an album of introspection on our hands. MUSIC VOL. comes out April 1 on Editions Mego, and according to the label description, it would be missing the point to play each track on the road with the windows open. Instead, “it is these gentle, silent tones that force us to pay attention to the inner qualities of each sound, it’s colour and vibration, while simultaneously revealing its tactile and corporeal qualities.”

The band are two people: Merinde Verbeek (vocals) and Ajay Saggar (instruments). Having emerged from their isolation in the studio for several months with a new album brewing for the autumn of 2016, the duo have ventured out and started playing several live shows in Europe recently. The reaction to the live shows has been tremendous, with new fans such as J Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.) and Warren Ellis (Dirty 3 / Grinderman / Nick Cave + The Bad Seeds) singing their praises.
Their otherworldly sound created by the band couples Ajay’s shimmery, shivery guitar strum with Merinde’s beautiful elastic voice
And pop rarely sounds as transformative and as transfixing as this.

Late Night Endless is the first album by Sherwood & Pinch and the culmination of two years in the studio developing, re-dubbing and deconstructing tracks. It finds the highest common factor between the two’s techniques, making it impossible to see where one musical personality ends and the other starts. It touches on the urban swing of UK garage on ‘Music Killer (Dub)’ and ‘Gimme Some More (Tight Like That)’, on interstellar nineties ambient dub on ‘Wild Birds Sing’, on the mystical minimalism of Pinch’s first releases on ‘Africa 138’ – but none of these stylistic diversions are out of place; they all seem completely of a piece with the heavyweight, ancient-futurist dub pulse that runs under everything.

These last 25 years have seen Mara Aranda perform in venues spanning half a world. To mark this important milestone in her career, 2015 saw the release of Mare Vostrum, an album where inspiration, ethnic influence and emotion come together, just likethe waters that flow from the rivers into our shared Mediterranean Sea.
Mare Vostrum sees Mara’s regular group of musicians coming together: J Martinez on the citar, hurdy-gurdy and bouzuki, Abel Garcia on the lute, and hurdy-gurdy and Sacha Gotowstchikow on percussion.
They are artists who share common memories, stories and feelings. Their long journey together make this Mara’s most personalised album, and not just another mass-produced consumer product. Even so, this important marker will be another step along the way, as Mara continues to grow in quality and popularity, becoming ever more the personification of the depth of Tradition across this richest of seas, encompassing nations and kingdoms, fortunes and vanities.

Kevin Martin is a Berlin-based English musician, record producer and journalist, often known under his recording alias The Bug. He moved to London around 1990,[1] and he has been active for over two decades, in the genres of dub, jazzcore, industrial hip hop, dancehall, and dubstep.
His projects include GOD, Techno Animal, Ice, Curse of the Golden Vampire, Pressure, and most recently, King Midas Sound.[2] He has collaborated with such figures as Daddy Freddy, John Zorn,[3] Justin Broadrick, Experimental Audio Research,[4] El-P, Blixa Bargeld, Alec Empire, Dälek, Vast Aire, Warrior Queen, Anti-Pop Consortium, DJ Vadim, Cutty Ranks, Flow Dan, Mark Stewart and Keith Levene.

Tiziana Bertoncini and Thomas Lehn have been collaborating since 2002.
The special feature of the duo is the alchemy created by the meeting of the classical and the electronic instrument. The different nature of sound, the characteristics and histories of violin and analogue synthesizer could recall a friction. Actually, what happens is a sort of mirror game, in which the roles of the instruments are continuously exchanged. Bertoncini and Lehn move in an abstract territory, their approach to sound is contemporary. Nevertheless their consideration to music is quite classical insofar as based principally on tension/release, rupture, intensity and expressivity in all its facets.

I hope to hear from you as soon as possible.



Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
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Noise Addict – playlist de 05 juin 2016

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Noise Addict – playlist de 05 juin 2016. Programme diffusé sur les ondes de Radio Campus entre 22h30 et minuit


2/ LUCINDA WILLIAMS: « The ghosts of highway 20 ». Th Ghosts Of Highway 20. Twenty Tigers. 2016

3/ LUKE HAINES: « This is the BBC » + British nuclear » + »Camden borough ». British Nuclear Bunkers.

Cherry Red. 2016

4/JLIN: »Abnormal restriction ».  Dark energy ». Knives. 2015

5/  QUASI UNA FANTASIA; « At l’Impasse Temps ».

6/ THROBBING GRISTLE: « Catholic sex ».  Journey through a body. Mute. 1981.

7/ MILADY RENOIR:’Scène de la vie quotidienne ».  Youtube.

8/ MOE: »Gravilo princup ».  Oslo Janus. Conrad Sound. 2016.

9/  DESOLATE SHRINE: « We Dawn Anew » – The Heart of the Netherworld – 2015 Darkdecentrecords

10/ WITH THE DEAD: « Screams from myvown Grave » – ? – 2015  – Rise Above Rec.


Philippe et Alain


Noisy Crescendo (playlist)

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Voici la playlist du programme Noisy Crescendo diffusé sur les ondes de radio Campus le dimanche 01/05/2016 entre 22h30 et minuit.

1/ Baskaru: RUTGER ZIYDERVELT: « Stay tuned ». Stay Tuned.

2/ Gramoclub: NIHONBASHI + MARUKO: « Coroque ». Various-Old japan Entertainment District.

3/ Tycn: CHIN-DONG: « Takesu ». Various-Tokyp No Oto.

4/ No Masters: COOPE, BOYES & SIMPSON: « Soldier soldier ». In Flanders Fields.

5/ Northern Spy: THURSTON MOORE, JOHN MOLONEY: « Reverse funeral ». Full Bleed.

6/ Maemaiplein: CHARIN NUNTANAKORN: « Savai prae ». Surn Ruk Ruk Scorn

7/ Honest Jon’s: OGOYA NENGO AND THE DODO WOMEN’S GROUP RANGALA: « Amunya ». New Recordings From Siaya County, Kenya

8/ Cypress: JEAN-PAUL DESSY: « Oclock ». O Clock Musiques Nouvelles.

9/ Des/Pot: HANS KOCH; « Everyone ». Erfolg.

10/ Antifrost: MOHAMMAD: « Grabe ». Zo Rel Do.

11/ Improvising Beings: LINDA SHARROCK: « No is no ». No Is No.

12/ Taranta: A. MASTROPIERRO: « Canti sul cupe cupe ». Various-Organetto & Tarentelle

13/ Still: VARIOUS (Album – Illysm)

Stéphane et Alain

Alain Bolle / Some Noise
84, Rue des Pâquerettes
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A voir et à entendre au Cinéma Nova

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DU 9 au 12 juin : week-end festif, en la présence unique à Bruxelles des cinéastes Werner Penzel, Nicolas Humbert et Simone Fürbringer.

L’occasion de (re)voir les films emblématiques de leur société de production commune, Ciné Nomad, de découvrir les derniers longs métrages de Nicolas (Wild Plants) et Werner (Zen for nothing), de partager un moment musical avec le duo belge Huur Is Duur, ou encore d’échanger sur la collaboration de Nicolas et de Simone (comme monteuse ou réalisatrice) lors d’une leçon de cinéma.

JEUDI  09.06

> 19:30 « Huur is duur »

Huur Is Duur est un projet musical étonnant. Duo formé par Wietske van Gils et Christophe Piette, ils improvisent à partir de petits instruments ou d’objets trouvés. / Huur Is Duur is een verrassend muziekproject. Wietske van Gils en Christophe Piette improviseren met kleine instrumenten en gevonden voorwerpen.

> 20:00 « Wild Plants »  2016, 108′

Nicolas Humbert part à la rencontre d’hommes et de femmes qui puisent dans leur rapport à la terre de nouvelles façons d’être au monde. Première au Festival Visions du Réel 2016. / Nicolas Humbert filmt mannen en vrouwen die een nieuwe bestaanswijze putten uit hun sterke band met de natuur. Première op het Festival Visions du Réel 2016.

+ rencontre avec / ontmoeting met Nicolas Humbert


> 20:00 « Vagabonding Images » 1998, 43′

Une histoire de cinéma inspirée du surréalisme français et du haïku japonais. Mention spéciale au Festival Visions du Réel 1998. / Een droom-film over film met het Franse surrealisme en de Japanse Haiku als inspiratiebron. Mention spéciale op Festival Visions du Réel 1998.

+ Masterclass avec N.Humbert et S.Fürbringer sur leur façon de travailler ensemble, comme réalisateurs (ici) ou dans un rapport de cinéaste et monteur (Wild Plants et Brother Yusef notamment) / + Masterclass met N.Himbert und S.Fürbringer.

> 22:00 « Step across the border »  1990, 90′

Par delà toutes les frontières, suivre le musicien Fred Frith, héros rock de l’avant garde 90’s. Attention film culte, multi récompensé en festival. / Twee jaar lang filmden Humbert & Penzel de rockheld en avant-garde componist Fred Frith. Opgelet, meermaals bekroonde cultfilm!

+ rencontre avec / ontmoeting met Nicolas Humbert

SAMEDI 11.06

> 19:00 « Why should I Buy a Bed When All that I Want Is Sleep »  1998, 53′

Le film relate la rencontre artistique et philosophique entre deux jeunes cinéastes et un poète minimaliste américain, plus âgé, Robert Lax (1915-2000), dont l’écriture vise à l’épure. / Relaas van de kunstzinnige en filosofische ontmoeting tussen twee jonge cineasten en de oudere Amerikaanse minimalistische dichter, Robert Lax (1915-2000).

+ rencontre avec / ontmoeting met Nicolas Humbert & Werner Penzel

> 21:00 « Brother Yusef »  2005, 52′

Portrait du saxophoniste génial qui vit dans une maison loin des hommes et près des arbres. Le temps d’une visite, Humbert et Penzel effleurent l’âme de ce musicien sublime. / Het regisseursduo legt de ziel bloot van deze geniale saxofonist die ver van de mensen en dicht tussen de bomen leeft.

+ « Nulle sonne no point » 1997, 35′

Chronique de la préparation d’un concert du Art Ensemble of Chicago. Des répétitions magiques où le processus créatif transparait dans la joie sur tous les visages. / Kroniek van de voorbereidingen voor een concert van Art Ensemble of Chicago. Tijdens de magische repetities spat de creativiteit van de gelukkige gezichten van de muzikanten.

> 23:00 DJ Set Mathieu Delvaux


> 20:00 « Middle of the Moment » 1995, 76′

Aventure nomade en compagnie d’une tribu Touaregs, d’artistes de cirque, d’un poète et de la musique de Fred Frith. Prix du Public au Festival Documentaire de Marseille. / Nomadenavontuur in gezelschap van Toearegs, circusartiesten, een dichter en de muziek van Fred Frith. Publieksprijs op het Festival Documentaire de Marseille.

+ rencontre avec / ontmoeting met Nicolas Humbert & Werner Penzel

> 22:00 « Zen for Nothing » 2016, 100′

Le dernier film, inédit, de Werner Penzel, tourné au Japon où il vit désormais. Sa caméra se pose dans un temple bouddhiste et suit la joyeuse découverte de la pratique zazen par une jeune femme. Werner Penzel draaide zijn jongste film in Japan waar hij tegenwoordig woont. In een boeddhistische tempel volgt zijn camera de vreugdevolle initiatie van een jonge vrouw in de zazen-meditatie.

+ rencontre avec / ontmoeting met Werner Penzel

Vous trouverez plus d’information concernant la sélection en cliquant sur les liens en bleu.
Et ici pour en savoir davantage concernant le P’tit Ciné en tant que tel :