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Dear all, I am booking some dates for MIKE COOPER and TALIBAM! MIKE COOPER (UK) Availability: Two first weeks of December Territory: Europe TALIBAM! (USA) Availability: Between 28th October and 5th November Territory: Europe MIKE COOPER For the past 40 years Mike Cooper has been an international musical explorer, performing and recording, solo and in a number of inspired groupings and a variety of genres. Initially a folk-blues guitarist and singer songwriter his work has diversified to include improvised and electronic music, live music for silent films, radio art and sound installations. He is also a music journalist, writing features for magazines, particularly on Pacific music and musicians, a visual artist, film and video maker, collector of Hawaiian shirts and appears on more than 60 records to date. TALIBAM! « Talibam! was conceived by synth player Matt Mottel and drummer Kevin Shea in 2003. They have been a hard working band with 25 album releases since ’05, 20 tours of Europe since ’06, and interdisciplinary collaborations with musicians Rhys Chatham, Alan Wilkinson, Daniel Carter, Jon Irabagon, and Cooper-Moore as well as working along side Karole Armitage’s Armitage Gone! Dance company. They have performed for the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s River to River Festival, at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, The Kitchen in NYC, Queen Elizabeth Hall in London and other world renown festivals and clubs.New York duo Talibam! might be remembered in a variety of ways: as a classic keys/drums free jazz duo, as obnoxious Dadaist provocateurs with an uncanny sense of musical history, as members of the D.I.Y. Brooklyn underground. Given their name and occasionally lo-fi surrealism, they might also be just as easily written off as goofballs, but keyboardist Matthew Mottel and drummer Kevin Shea could never be accused of slacking. Mottel, raised in Manhattan and present on the downtown jazz scene as a teenager, crossed paths with Shea, born in Pittsburgh, in Brooklyn, members of the first generation of the post-downtown jazz diaspora. Their earliest CD-Rs were packaged in cut-up Bruce Springsteen LP jackets and sounded, despite the attitude, like the groove-heavy organ trio Medeski, Martin & Wood. They toured and worked frequently, playing multiple times a week in New York in a way that was almost unthinkable in that era, moving between under-the-radar Brooklyn parties and the dwindling Manhattan jazz scene, including Tonic. Some releases came packaged in folded-up pages from Vice magazine, or blasted with spray paint, sometimes to the point of making the CD-Rs unplayable. Boogie in the Breeze Blocks Collaborations were frequent, including live work the Karole Armitage dance company, trumpet player and sometimes bandmember Ed Bear, free jazz saxophonist Daniel Carter (on 2009’s The New Nixon Tapes), and others. Their live show was a spastic attack of obscene improvised comedy, song fragments, and start-stop free jams. In 2009, the duo signed with the legendary New York avant-garde label ESP-Disk and recorded Boogie in the Breeze Blocks, which realized Mottel and Shea’s surreal vision with a rich palette of horns, vocalists, guitars, studio layerings, skits, and field recordings. Active by themselves as well, Mottel worked with the USA Is a Monster founder Colin Matthews in the CSC Funk Band, and Shea toured with bassist Moppa Elliott’s Mostly Other People Do the Killing. I look forward to hearing from you asap. Regards. Alain Some Noise C/O Alain Bolle PO BOX 43 1050 Brussels 5 Belgium



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I’m booking some dates for JEREMIAH CYMERMAN.




Availability: Between mid January and late January 2014

Territory: Europe






Jeremiah Cymerman is a New York City-based composer, clarinetist, producer and sound engineer.  Described as “an impenitent genre-breaker whose membership among today’s greats must be granted now” (Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes), whose music strikes “a compelling balance between hallucinatory sound sculpting and the immediacy of improvised music”

(Jason Bivins, Dusted Magazine) his work has been performed numerous times at venerable Downtown institutions Roulette, The Stone and Anthology Film Archives.  Frequently using the recording studio as a primary compositional tool, Cymerman’s work reflects a passionate interest in improvisation, electronic manipulation & production, traditional, studio & graphic composition as well as solo clarinet performance and ensemble performance.  Having worked with a broad range of contemporary artists including Toby Driver, John Zorn, Nate Wooley, Brian Chase, Mario Diaz de Leon, Jessica Pavone, Jandek, Anthony Coleman and Matthew Welch, Cymerman has toured internationally, received numerous commissions and published several articles on music and music production in publications such as Tape-Op magazine and the acclaimed Arcana book series, edited by John Zorn. He has released several recordings of his own music and his recorded output has been documented on the Tzadik and Porter record labels as well as his own, recently launched label, 5049 Records.  He also is the host of the weekly music show The 5049 Podcast.


I look forward to hearing from you asap.






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Dear all, I’m booking some dates for PAUL METZGER / STANIER BLACK-FIVE & ZEUG GEZEUGT. PAUL METZGER (usa) Availability: tba announced in October (last minute dates!!!) Territory: Europe STANIER BLACK-FIVE & ZEUG GEZEUGT (New Zeeland/Australia) Availability: 14th September Territory: Belgium. They can play for a meal and some peanuts if available PAUL METZGER New solo recordings and quartet records out in 2013. The high and lonesome cosmic hobo from the USA. Since way back when Paul Metzger has been experimenting, playing his art-guitar complete with a crash cymbal mounted to its bottom and his distinct heavily modified 23 string banjo. In 2003 he went public playing out sets of his own music, part old time strung out blues and raga’s and part deep listening compositions that wind their way through you inner ear. This is not however the limit..what he can do with his instruments live also includes clangorous, rapidly punctuated percussive workouts that blow audiences away. He pulls the listener inwards and then takes them out the backdoor to experience the other. STANIER BLACK-FIVE & ZEUG GEZEUGT Australasian sound artists, Stanier Black-Five (New Zealand) and Zeug Gezeugt (Australia) are touring Europe this September to celebrate the release of their collaborative Body Waves album on the Entr’acte label ( The album is the product of an initial series of live performances in which Stanier Black-Five built soundscapes from recordings she made at the epicentre of the 2011 Christchurch earthquake, which were transformed by Zeug Gezeugt to accentuate the lower frequency harmonics. On their 2013 European tour, they are proposing to make the final live performances of Body Waves, creating a vibroacoustic environment in which the audience is immersed in a visceral music that goes beyond the auditory system to be felt in the body. Body Waves has already attracted considerable interest both in Australasia and internationally. It was covered in the January edition of The Wire magazine and was the subject of a report on one New Zealand’s major television channels: Stanier Black-Five and Zeug Gezeugt are happy to play on a bill with other artists, possibly others on the Entr’acte label, or present a full programme in which each would also perform solo. Artist biographies Stanier Black-Five, aka Jo Burzynska, is a sound artist and writer based in Christchurch, New Zealand, who for the last 15 years has been actively involved with experimental music and sound art in the UK, Europe and New Zealand. Her audio work is largely based on the manipulation of her own environmental recordings, as well as found sounds, which she uses to create dense soundscapes that use sources such as the pounding rhythms of trains, and more recently the sounds of the earthquakes that have shaken her home city. Stanier Black-Five regularly performs her visceral musique concrete both in New Zealand and internationally, appearing on bills alongside the likes of Chris Watson, Jessica Rylan and Daniel Menche. Recent recording projects include the wine and sound installation, Oenosthesia created for Interferenze’s FARM2012 festival in Italy; a work exploring the natural reverb of disused cement silos for the UK’s Touch Radio and the musique concrete album, Avast! to be released on the Entr’acte label later this year. Zeug Gezeugt, aka Dr Malcolm Riddoch, has a background in science, communications and philosophy and has been actively involved in electroacoustic music performance for the last two decades. He currently lectures in Composition and Music Technology at WAAPA, Edith Cowan University where his music research interest is experimental electroacoustic improvisation and phenomenological method: An investigation of acousmatic listening and electronic transformation of soundscapes; notions of indeterminacy in composition and performance; the use of whole acoustic spaces in music performance; and electroacoustic improvisation as an embodied, intentional, temporalizing process. His medium is non-tonal, timbrally focused, musically organised sound and thematic dissolution is his musical theme. I look forward to hearing from you asap. Enjoy your week-end. Alain


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Dear all, I am booking one date only for ZA! + SCHNAAK. ZA! (Spain) Availability: 11th December 2013 Territory: Belgium SCHNAAK (Germany) Availability: 11th December 2013 Territory: Belgium SCHNAAK Two tip-toe sounds from afar in the dark, the two that call themselves SchnAAk. They make fire from amplifiers. They know how to do that, cause they are smart… and they cook human flesh over it, nicely. SchnAAk has lived up and loves weird hip-hop beats, electronic mind-expansion and stylish African rhythms, though still working deep down in a factory of cosmic noise. But adjusting their machines nicely to sing along. ZA! ZA! are two multi-instrumentalist polymaths from Catalonia. This crazy supersonic-orchestra combines African beats, noise, math rock, vocal-loops, free jazz, analogue electronics, sounds from the shepherds of Tuva, Balinese polyrhythms, Mauritanian trip hop, Dadaism, distortion, dance and drones – “Post Worldmusic” may be the name of this danceable hybrid. I hope to hear from you asap. Regards. Alain

Booking Offers: IGNATZ / HACKACOMB

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Dear all,


I’m booking some dates for IGNATZ and HACKACOMB



IGNATZ (Belgium)

Territory: Europe

Availability: From mid November onwards + on request


HACKACOMB (Switzerland)

Territory: The Netherlands + Belgium

Availability: Between 25th and 27th November




He can perform either solo or as a trio feat. De Stervende Honden.

“This album feels more fleshed out than its predecessors – less like a haunted house, more like a couple of animatronic polar bears playing the blues in a really good zoo.” (…) “an intriguing cloud-stew of sounds” (…) “There are also vibrational similarities to players such as Jack Rose, Brother JT, Ben Chasny and Matt Valentine [..] but there’s something very specific about the lo-fi approach. The crackedness of the surface here is not exactly like the crackedness of any other music I can name. This is a trick not many can manage these days, so next time you run into Ignatz give him a small whisky and a hot doughnut. He has earned it.




HACKACOMB uses miniature instruments and odd items taken from daily life, to play music which appears miniature as well. The sounds are amplified, often to the extreme, revealing their surprising nature, their existence itself and their vasteness. The intention is then to swamp the audience in a swell of unidentified sounds screamed through loud speakers.

After specialising in acoustic concerts, in apartment and even bathrooms, for small audiences, under the name of Homeson 24, Hackacomb explores new and high degrees of sound amplification like the potential power of a piece of cardboard or toy piano.



Thanks for reading and hopefully listening.


I hope to hear from you asap.










Some Noise

C/O Alain Bolle


1050 Brussels 5






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Dear all,

I'm booking some dates for LUSTMORD and CINEMA SOLORIENS feat. MARSHALL ALLEN

Territory: Europe
Availability: From 1st December 2013 onwards

Territory: Europe
Availabilities: 13th, 14th, 17th November

Since beginning this ambitious project 18 years ago with Marshall Allen,
leader of The Sun Ra Arkestra, filmmaker/musician James Harrar sees Cinema
Soloriens as a constantly evolving creative and spiritual learning center.
Cinema Soloriens is a multi-media performance consisting of James Harrar’s
experimental and highly personal film and video images with a live musical
rendering of soundtracks for each film. The musical concepts are created,
directed and performed by Harrar (tenor sax, flute, bulbul tarang, reeds,
voice and effects) with Marshall Allen (alto sax, flute, keyboards, EVI
and effects), Daevid Allen (guitar, effects and voice) and Rogier Smal
(percussion and electronics) plus a stellar changing line-up of gifted
The project places attention on Artist collaboration, exploring the moving
image with live performance and when combined, an attempt to reveal deeper
levels of interpretation within Harrar’s visceral film poems. These
presentations also celebrate the early beginnings of cinema, providing
live music to support and elevate the silent movie experience.
Any musical incarnation of Cinema Soloriens reveals a group possessing a
penchant for psychedelic rock, outre ethnological improvisations and
Marshall Allen approved jazzy stomps of which these performances deliver
in equal measure.

Brian Williams is a British industrial musician often credited for
creating the dark ambient genre with albums recorded under the name
Williams started recording as Lustmord in 1980 before joining SPK in 1982.
Lustmord has extracted field recordings made in crypts, caves, and
slaughterhouses, and combined it with occasional ritualistic incantations
and Tibetan horns. His treatments of acoustic phenomena encased in
digitally expanded bass rumbles have a dark ambient quality. Some of
Lustmord's most notable collaborations include Robert Rich on the
critically acclaimed[4] Stalker, Jarboe, John Balance of Coil, Monte
Cazazza, Clock DVA, Chris & Cosey, Paul Haslinger, and experimental sludge
group The Melvins on Pigs of the Roman Empire.

I hope to hear from you asap.



Some Noise
C/O Alain Bolle
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Noisy Crescendo – playlist du 7 juillet 2013

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Voici la playlist du programme Noisy Crescendo diffus& sur les ondes de
Radio Campus le dimanche 7 juillet entre 22h30 et 00h30.

1/ Mca: PHARAOH SANDERS: "Black unity". Black unity.

2/ Touch: CHRIS WATSON: "Ol-olool-o". Weather report.

3/ Susan Lawly: CUT HANDS: "Nzambi la Lufua". Cut Hands.

4/ Bonsai Music: RODOPLHE BURGER: 'The gift'. This is a Velvet Underground
song that I'd like to sing.

5/ Monotype: IF BWANA, DAN WARBURTON: "I'm sitting in Phill Niblock's

6/ Dead Océans: A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS: "Alone". Worship.

7/ Sony: ORNETTE COLEMAN: "Law years". Science fiction.

8/ Harmonia Mundi: WOLFGANG RIHM: "Sieben passions". Astralis, choral works.

Some Noise
C/O Alain Bolle
1050 Brussels 5